Ankit Gera eliminated from Bigg Boss 9

Ankit Gera Bio
Ankit Gera Bio

Ankit Gera got eliminated from the house of Bigg Boss 9. It may confused you according to the theme double trouble it was expected to eliminate contestants in pair but Salman Khan announced the twist in the show according to which only one contestant have to get out from the house.

Ankit Gera eliminated from Bigg Boss 9 says game is still on

Ankit Gera Bio

The most controversial show on the Indian television Bigg Boss 9 double trouble completed its one week successfully on the television most importantly without any big controversy . Although, the fighting scenes, misunderstanding, love, romance kind of emotions had started in the house with double trouble theme.

First week nominations took place with weird reason and that is snoring in the house Arvind Vegda and Vikas Bhalla nominated with their partners because of their snoring habit but the audience thinks in different way with the lack of votes Ankit Gera got “Beghar” by eliminated from the bigg boss 9 house. It was expected that according to theme of the show contestants eliminate in the pairs but Salman Khan give a twist and eliminated only one contestant got eliminated.

After, Ankit Gera eliminated from Bigg Boss 9 he faced the media person and answered their questions the reason behind his elimination in the first week.

It would be interesting to see with whom Arvind Vegda will pair up or he got the chance to stay free in the house till next week? What twist and turns Bigg boss announced to bring lots of entertainment.


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