Badho Bahu

Prince Narula In Bado Bahu
Prince Narula In Bado Bahu

Badho Bahu 20 sep episode

In the 20 Oct episode of Badho Bahu, Vardaan beats the goons , somehow he manage to call Raghubir but Vikram throws his phone before he can say anything. On the other hand, Marjorie and Lucky sit in the same car. She asks Lucky Why are you so quiet? Please say something , tonight I am going and will never return. Lucky still keep quiet and both of them start looking at each other. On the other hand, Raghubir is worried for Vardaan as his phone is out of reach.

Badho Bahu 19 sep episode

In the 19 oct episode of Badho Bahu serial Komal get emotional after seeing her father’s photo and ho hold it in her hand and said  I am going to marry and my  baraat is going to come. Meanwhile, Pragya enters the room of Komal and started teasing her. On the other hand, servant keeps the luggage of  Marjorie in Lucky’s car. Lucky and  Marjorie sit in the car and song plays  Ye Dooriyan….

Badho Bahu 13 sep episode

In the 13 October episode of Badho Bahu , all Boys and girls dance on Mehendi Laga ke Rakhna song. Kamla Ji asks ladies to play dholak and sing a song of weddings than she pulls Payal for a dance. Payal  dances on the song Ye Galiyan Ye Chaubara than Komal and her family get emotional and Jamuna Ji hugs Payal. Rana imagines himself dancing with Pinki on the romantic Tumhe jo Maine Dekha. His friend shouted at him because he was about to kiss him. All the members of a family are very happy and celebrating all the functions of a wedding.

Badho Bahu 30 sep episode

In the Badho Bahu serial Viren went to Badho’s house with his family and  Payal welcomes them candidly. Viren mother is surprised after  seeing the sudden change in Payal behavior.  Jamuna thanks Raghuveer for arranging Komal and Viren marriage in short duration. After a while, Margaery, who has escort Raghuveer Singh, realizes that there is no camera in her bag. Jamuna tells his wife to serve lunch for Viren family and ask Viren why  wants to marry Komal. He gets shocked after listening to his answer.

Badho Bahu 28 sep episode

In the latest episode of Badho Bahu, Pyar scolds a man because he is using some abusive words for Badho , she tells him that Badho is a very intelligent girl and nothing less than from any other girl. Her weight can not decide her capability. Meanwhile , Veren and family of fat’s man reach in Raghubir’s house. Viren scolds fat man there and tell him not to sat these type of words in front oh him again. Sarita Bhua tells every thing to Raghubir and he assures her that he will find the best match for Komal.

Badho Bahu 23 sep episode

In the last episode of bado bahu Lucky try his useless activities to impress Margaery. On another hand Bado who completely get disappointed because of her broken relationship she looses all hopes for her future meanwhile on they heard radio which tells that if someone sees his/ her love tonight they will definitely get tied up. Badho Bahu taking the impressive turn, it will be interesting  to watch how Lucky and Komal will be tied up in the knot.

Badho Bahu 22 sep episode

Badho Bahu and TV serial running successfully on the Indian television people liking the concept of the show. Where Komal who known as Bado because of her body structure always dream for her marriage but because of  fatness, no one is ready to marry her. In today’s episode of bado bahu a fat boy who comes to see Badho for marriage denied to get married and insulted her badly. Komal mother gets angry on that boy to throw him out of the house. Badho again got disappointed because of this incidence her mother try to console her. On other hand, Lucky tries to impress his Margaery but get failed every time.

Badho Bahu And TV

Badho Bahu Wiki

Badho Bahu is an upcoming serial of Indian television which will be aired in & Tv channel and produced by Deepti Kalwani under her production house Sunny Side Up.This serial is all about bulky women known as Badho Bahu who is very strong and do every difficult task.

Badho Bahu Cast

Reality show fame Prince Narula will play the male lead in And tv upcoming show Badho bahu and newbie Ritasha Rathor will play the female lead in Badho bahu opposite Prince Narula. Arhan Khan will play a negative role in badho bahu.

Prince Narula In Badho Bahu – Haryanavi Wrestler
Ritasha Rathor in Badho Bahu – Badho Female Lead
Arhan Khan in badho Bahu – Negative role
Prateeksha Lonkar in Badho Bahu – Badho mother
Jaya Ojha In Badho Bahu –  Prince Narula Mother
Suzanne Bernert

Badho Bahu And TV Promo

Badho Bahu And TV upcoming serial come up with all new story where girl is the strongest can do anything she can push the tractor alone can defeats 10 girls in a single time. Everyone call her Badho because of her big physic that make her different from other girl. She is dreaming of her marriage it will interesting to watch how she will get married with someone.

Watch Badho Bahu And TV Promo

Badho Bahu Serial Story

The popular channel &TV is all set to present its new serial Badho Bahu having a totally different story line of a hugely built girl and her struggles in life. According to the source, “Prince will play the hero while the female lead is a newbie. The drama will tell the story of an overweight girl who overcomes her life’s battles with aplomb.” Badho Bahu story some what related to Ayushman Khurana’s movie Dum Maro Dum this will be a new concept of Indian television genres and interesting to watch.

Prince Narula in Badho Bahu

The hunk Prince Narula who was last seen in MTV Roadies season 9 is all set for his debut in fiction serial. Yes, it is confirmed that Prince has signed &TV’s upcoming serial Bado Bahu. After attracting huge fan followings, in reality, shows now Prince Narula ready to make his debut in fiction And TV serial Badho Bahu where he is playing a wrestler. Prince is very much excited for his role and taking inspirations from Salman Khan in Sultan movie. It is interesting to watch how a Punjabi guy speaks Haryanvi in Badho Bahu Serial.

Latest News Of Badho Bahu

Sultan movie fame Actor Sumeet Samnani, who was last in Sultan movie with  Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is ready to appear in Badho Bahu serial. He will  play the role of a fat person  as Jagan. He is a very arrogant man , who has a pride in himself and his money. He is a very fat man and wanted slim and beautiful girls in his life. Sumeet said that his role in totally different from Sultan movie and he is very excited for her television debut.

Badho bahu serial 19 Sep Episode

In the 19 sept episode on Badho bahu serial Payal is very upset and tells his MIL that her mother does not care about you and how did she find a boy for Badho. Badho’s mother asks him about the family of a boy and his job. Payal asks her what if he is in CID. Payal said that they will come at 1 pm and  tell Badho to look good. Badho incline. She is very tensed because she doesn’t know how to look good. Well, Badho Bahu is successfully entertained viewers with its amazing story. To know more much watch Badho bahu only on &TV.

Badho bahu serial 16 Sep Episode

In the 16 Sept. episode of Bado Bahu , Ritasha Rathor is convenience Halwaaye to give Halwa to two small kids. Her Taayaji got angry over her for her overweight and tell her to stop eating so much. Ritasha is got upset and started crying because she can’t do any thing to reduce her weight.

Badho bahu serial starts from 12 Sep

New Indian upcoming show of And TV Badho Bahu going to start from 12 Sep 2016 at 9:30PM. Badho Bahu coming with all new concept of Indian television which somehow related to Ayushman Khurana’s movie Dum Laga Ke Haisha. With Badho bahu reality show star Prince Narula giving his daily soap debut playing a Haryanvi Wrestler opposite to newbie 100 KG Rishita Rathore who is also playing a wrestler not by choice but by birth. Rishita in Badho Bahu playing the lead character of badho who looks giant as compared to other girls she always dream for her marriage her dream landed her to marry with Haryanvi Wrestler who is not happy with his marriage with badho. Ritasha all excited for her show she is ready to give competition to all Indian tv Bahu who look preety, well cultured with lots of jewelry and makeup Ritasha in Badho Bahu will the biggest bahu of television.

Badho Bahu Latest News

Newbie Rytasha Rathore is ready for her entry in Indian small screen with the serial Badho bahu. She will be playing the role of a daughter-in-law who’s weight is 100 kg. This upcoming show aired on &Tv. After a nationwide audition, Rytasha was finalized opposite  Bigg Boss winner Prince Narula.

Rytasha is very Excited about her role into TV, she said in a statement: “I couldn’t have wished for a better launch to kick start my career on television. It definitely feels great to be accepted.”

Badho Bahu Serial Releasing Date

Releasing Date of Badho Bahu serial is not finalized yet, when it will be finalized we will update you.

Badho Bahu Hd Wallpaper

Badho Bahu Serial Photos

Bado Bahu Serial Photos
Badho Bahu Serial Photos

Badho Bahu Upcoming Serial

Bado Bahu Upcoming Serial
Badho Bahu Upcoming Serial

Prince Narula In Badho Bahu

Prince Narula In Bado Bahu
Prince Narula In Badho Bahu

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