Behad (Beyhadh)

Behad Serial Star Cast
Behad Serial Star Cast

Behad Serial 21 Nov episode

In the 21 Nov episode of Beyhadh serial ,Saajh asleep on her desk because of work, Arjun comes with a cup of tea in her room and dips her finger in a cup. Saachi wakes up and shouted by seeing Arjun in her room. Arjun says why are you working in a late night , if you are doing work like this Maya will make your life hell. Lets come with me for tea. Saajh tell him that she is fine here. Arjun ask if your finger was not dirty than you can take a sip of this tea.

Behad Serial 18 Nov episode

In the 18 Nov episode of Maya buy a gift fro Arjun and walks towards him holding a gift but stops after watching Saanjh. Arjun sees Maya and Jhanvi and greets them. Jahnvi ask him about Saanjh, Arjun replied, she is his enemy and partner in his all crime. Jahnvi asks him to come home sometime. Maya goes home and angrily throws her gift for Arjun and Jahnvi catches it. Vandana tells Arjun that she is very tensed for Arjun as she is very innocent. I know he can not survive with saanjh but when he will understand his feeling for saanjh. Arjun calls Saanjh, she receives his call on washroom and picks his call.  He says Maya is very arrogant, his campaign was successful, but she did not even say thanks to him. Saanjh’s Boss knocks the door and tells her that whatever she get ideas in the bathroom,they are always stinky. Saanjh gets upset and calls back Arjun. He asks her who is clicking the outdoor. Saanjh goes to the Ganesh temple in order to pray, next she goes hanuman temple and prays him to save her from ghosts,  she chants few lines of hanuman Chalisa and requests him to save her from the ghost.Maya goes to a hotel and gets afraid after seeing her father outside the hotel. She started shivering and ask a guard to take her in the office. She gave 500 rupees to guard but he refuses to take that money. Then Maya enter in the meeting room and star meeting with Saanjh and her boss regarding their company’s issue. Saanjh reads all the files and says she has a solution but her boss sought on her, but Maya ask her the solution. She tells that when she signed the contract, she was not 18 years old, that means the contract is not valid.

Behad Serial 17 Nov episode

In the 17 Nov episode of Beyhadh serial, Maya opens the gift which is given by Arjun. She opens it and smiles and ask him when did he click it. He says when you were busy in posing , thanks to him. He fixes it on the wall and says now every moment is Maya moment. He says you made my life and yesterday night was my best night who change my life and all this happen just because of you.

Behad Serial 16 Nov episode

In the 16 Nov episode of Beyhad serial, Maya is shocked while listening to her name by Arjun on stage. He thanks Maya for trusting him and says whatever he is today is only because of her. Saanjh scattered and started crying and get back to home. When Arjun gets down from the stage, reporters ask him questions and asks to pose for a pic with Maya. They both pose. Arjun is very happy and suddenly realize that he had to call Saanjh to bringing all his clothes. He take his phone from Maya’s assistant and 15 missed calls of Saanjh.

Behad Serial 15 Nov episode

In the 15 Nov episode of Beyhadh serial, Maya like the presentation which is prepared by Arjun. She appreciates his work and Arjun is very happy. He calls Saanjh and informs her that Maya liked his worked. He tell her that Maya is wearing big fashion designer dress for today’s event, now I have to wear something new. She told him to wear a white shirt which I gifted you on your last birthday. Arjun and Maya leave the office and walk towards parking. Maya tells him that she need all the brief about today’s event. Arjun said ok now we will meet directly in the event. Maya said no you will go in my car and take his Jeep’s key to the watchman and ask them to send it to Arjun’s house.

Behad Serial 14 Nov episode

Arjun comes in the Saanjh’s parents wedding anniversary party along with Maya. Saanjh hosts the party and tells everyone about their love story. Arjun and Saanjh enjoy the party and laughing. Maya stares them and doesn’t like their closeness. Suman sees Maya and tells Vandana that she is pretty.   Ayan asks Maya for Pakodas she says no. All join the dance floor with Saanjh and Arjun , Ayan asks Maya to join them but refuse his proposal. Saanjh asks her father to dance with them and apologize for her mistake and tell him that soon she will tell her feeling to Arjun.

Behad Serial 11 Nov episode

In the 11 Nov episode of Beyhadh serial, Saanjh scold Arjun at the phone as he has no time for her parents wedding anniversary party. He says he will come to her house after his photo shoot. Maya hears his conversation. Arjun is clicking the pitchers of the model but Maya did not like her pose than Maya says her do work with passion. She started doing the pose. Arjun watches her from a distance silently click her photos. Maya tells model do like this. Arjun is shocked after seeing Maya in such a nice pose because she always behaves rudely. So this is something new for him. Vandana scolds Ayan her mistake, Saanjh jokes over Ayan,he jokes back and you will like this only and Arjun will find some hot girl. Saanjh gets upset and leaves the room. She goes home and surprised Suman by giving her a Sari, she says hope dad also likes his gift. Suman is very happy and tells Saanjh this is her favorite color and your father will also like your choice. Prem opens his gift, Suman tells him . Saanjh buys your favorite color shirt for you, he said he is happy as she takes cares of others feeling and not like others. Saanjh gets sad after listening to her dad’s words.

Behad Serial 10 Nov episode

In the 10 Nov episode of Beyhadh serial, Ayan calls a Arjun, he was very afraid and ask him for help. Arjun and Saanjh reach the spot holding an iron rod in their hand because they think thieves must have attacked Ayan. But they shocked after seeing Ayan without any clothes. Arjun and Saanjh started laughing , he said laugh and give your jacket nude. Saanjh gives her long jacket and Ayan wears it. On the other side Maya is angry and asks Jahnvi why she met Ashwin, Jahnvi says Ashwin came here to warn me about you.

Behad Serial 9 Nov episode

Behad serial running successfully running on sony tv people liking Arjun, Maya and Sanjh characters of Behad serial cast. Sanjh and Arjun who are best friend where Sanjh have strong feelings for Arjun but he didn’t or may he don’t want to. On other hand Maya who is fighting with her own problems become psycho. Situations bring Maya and Arjun together Maya started feeling for him. As Arjun in Beyhadh serial always save Maya and take her out from worst situations and make her laugh with his funny and care free activities. In the last episode of Behad Arjun saved Maya from Ashwin. Arjun confused about the incidence as Maya who makes people afraid can afraid from someone like this. Will he get to know about the truth of Maya’s life or Maya starts feeling strongly for him. Other than cast Behad serial dialogue also attracting people alot. Watch Beyhadh serial 9 Nov episode to get to know more about this trio love story.

Beyhadh serial 8 Nov episode

In the 8 Nov episode of Beyhadh serial, Maya started panics after seeing Ashwin in her room. Aswhin shoves her towards a wall and she pleads him to leave her.  He started abusing Maya and tries to slap her. Suddenly Arjun comes and holds his hands and pushes him back.  Ashwin yelp at Maya that she hired a goon, for her protection but he will never leave her. Arjun warns Ashwin to stay away from Maya otherwise, he will break his another leg. The Arjun console Maya and ask her to relax as man is gone.

Beyhadh serial 7 Nov episode

In the 7 Nov episode of Beyhadh serial, Maya cuts her wrists and started doing the rash driving. Her mother pleads her to stop a car. On the other hand, Saanjh is upset with Arjun because he is ignoring her call. She sees a red stain on Arjun’s shirt and  started panic and Arjun say it is a sauce. Both of them enter into their building with their usual arguments. Maya stops a car and started crying, Jahnvi also cries and ask her why she cut her wrist.  Maya says my blood in impure , I want to kill myself then Jahnvi asks then first you have to kill me.

Beyhadh serial 4 Nov episode

In the 4 Nov episode of Beyhadh serial, Maya asks her mom who was on the gate, she said that was a guard and asks her to call biryani wala because Mala goes to her house. On the other hand, Saanjh waits for Arjun’s call , her Brother tells her to calm down and wait for his call. Saanjh says may be Arjun is playing a game on his mobile. Jahnvi is looking at sari which was gifted by Ashwin but burns it and tells her mother that she don’t like old things in her house. Behad serial is running successfully on Sony Tv, audiences like the story of this serial and chemistry of Maya and Arjun. Recently we update you about the promotion of Arjun and he got 9 Lack in bonous. Now he is working on other project just to make happy maya with his work.

Beyhadh serial 3 Nov episode

In the 3 Nov episode of Beyhadh serial, Arjun checked the CCTV footage to expose the thief in front of the whole office. Arjun pushes him out of his cabin and Maya orders peon to kick Lalvani out from the office. Maya sends everyone out of her cabin. Arjun apologizes Maya, she gives him a promotion letter with 9 lakhs per annum salary. Arjun gets shocked and thanks, Maya for this promotion. Arjun is very happy as he will now receive 7.5 K salary per month.

Beyhadh serial 2 Nov episode

In the 2 Nov episode of Beyhadh serial, Arjun waits for Maya outside the office , Maya comes in her car. Arjun opens the door of the car. She comes outside the car and sees watchman is sleeping. Maya tries to open the gate but it was locked. Arjun climbs the gate and tells her to climb. But Maya removes the chain and opens a door and then both of them enter the office. Arjun switches off the lights of office and tells Maya if does not have darkness in her life , then how will she know the importance of light.

Behad serial 1 Nov episode

In the 1 November episode of Beyhadh serial, Arjun tells Saanjh how he was afraid while climbing down via pipe. He hold pipe so tight that he did not hug his any girlfriend like that till now. Saanjh says my mom has found a boy for me. She tell him that mom wanted me to marry this guy , i also like him. Arjun says it is good then, he will enjoy good food at her marriage and willalso enjoy coctaile. He leaves taunting Saanjhs brother. Saanjh scolds and beats her brother for his flop idea. He sugest her to star dating other boy in order to make Arjun jealous.

Behad serial 31 oct episode

In the 31 October episode of Behad serial, Maya lock herself into the Bath room , Jahnvi knock the door and request her to open the door, she is tensed. Maya see the hands from her bathroom window. She started panic and inform her mother that thinking it is her father. Both of then enter in the living room and found Arjun there, Janvi ask Maya who is he? Maya tell her that he is fashion photographer of her company.

Behad serial 27 oct episode

In the 27 Oct episode of Beyhadh serial, Arjuna put a cake on the face of Maya in her birthday celebration. Maya reminds her 9th birthday and leaves the place. All employes of the office shocked and started doing their work. Arjun walks behind Maya and try to stop her but run fast and wash her face. Maya started reminding her father who molest her when was a kid.

Behad serial 20 oct episode

In the 20 Oct episode of Beyhadh serial , Arjun exchanges the gold class movie tickets with economy class tickets of Maya and he enjoys the movie with Saanjh and Ayan in gold class. Maya enters in the movie hall , Arjun saw her and hind himself behind the seat. When ticket checker tell her that she has economic movie tickets , she gets angry. Her mother convinces her to watch the movie in economy class. To know more about Beyhadh serial must watch it only on Sony Tv.

Beyhadh Serial Latest news

Kushal Tandon Ex girlfriend Gauahar Khan, appreciate his work on Sony Tv Beyhadh serial and wished him for the success of his new show. Kushan and Gauhar was seen in the India’s popular reality show Bigg Boss 7 and from here they started dating each other. But in last year they get split and now Gauhar wished him for his work is really strange. Gauhar said I watched the first episode, all actors have done a good job. Special mention for Kushal, I think a role like this is tailor-made for him. He is doing complete justice to Arjun’s character. I wish him more success.”

Behad serial 19 oct episode

In the last episode of Behad serial we have seen Maya all set to terminate Arjun after his last night doing but as always he came and save the respect of Fashion in the city and impressed one of the clients. So, instead of firing Arjun Maya terminated other two guys who were got drunk with Arjun. he got shocked after reading termination letters and feeling bad for them and ask Maya not to do so. On other hand Saanjh is very happy after her successful meeting with Maya. Behad Serial cast and characters are doing well and help serial to get successful.

Behad serial 18 oct episode

Behad serial story attracting the audience as it comes up with all new concept and storyline. Behad serial story is all about a passionate miss perfect Maya who owns a company and wants to have everything arranged in a proper manner on another hand Arjun is completely opposite to Maya who is a carefree young bird who can’t work in pressure can’t do 9 hours office job. Destiny lets them come together and Arjun started working in Maya’s office with the help of Saanjh he got the job. Maya just hates Arjun but his talent compels her to keep him on the job. Behad serial is just awesome as Jennifer Winget, Kushal Tandon, and Aneri Vajani perfectly playing the characters of Maya, Arjun, and Saanjh respectively. In 18 oct Behad serial

In 18 oct Behad serial episode Maya got to know about Arjun’s last night stunt that he got drunk in the office with his team.On other hand Maya fixed meeting with company where Saajh works and stuck in the problem Saanjh in behad serial got the solution but as Arjun explained her about Maya’s character in Behad serial she afraid to speak out in front of her, but Maya tell her to speak she finally speak and they got the solution, Maya, get impressed with Saanjh and wants to deal with Saanjh only in future. After knowing about Arjun’s activity Maya got angry and wanted to terminate him at that point but as always Arjun came late in the office and impressed clients for the project and because of Fashion in the city got the project. And again Maya do not terminate him but she terminated other two employees who got drunk with Arjun. Behad Serial running successfully on Sony TV People appreciating all three leading characters od Maya, Saanjh, and Arjun.

Beyhadh Serial 13 Oct Episode

In the 13 oct episode of Beyhadh serial, Saanjh and Arjun throwing chana over each other. Arjun says, now he don’t want to play this game anymore because Saanjh is throwing chana on her face. Meanwhile, Arjuna gets a call from the office to informed that he selected for job reached office at sharp 8 AM. Arjun gets angry and tell Saanjh that who will wake up at 8 a.m. On the other hand, Maya’s mom mother knocks a her room door and asks to open it.

Behad Serial Sony TV

Behad Serial Wiki

Behad Serial is an Upcoming Television Serial on Sony Tv channel.The pretty Jennifer Winget and Former Bigg Boss contestant Kushal Tandon will be going to play lead roles in this show. This series is produced by Cinevistaas Limited of Prem Krishan Malhotra and Sunil Mehta. Behad Serial is already in a buzz because Karan Grover’s X wife Jennifer Winget will be seen in this show. She was the first choice of the maker of this serial. Handsome Kushal Tandon is also seen on a small screen after a gap of years. A few years ago Gauhar Kahan and Kushal Tandon love story were very popular and both of them collect so many publicity through their relationship. Behad serial featured two popular actors and actress and recently they are in the latest news because of their past relationships. In upcoming Beyhad serial, Jennifer Winget  will appear in totally different character. As we all know that she is a pretty actress of a small screen , so viewer expectation from this serial is quite high.

Beyhadh Sony Serial details

  • Channel : Sony TV
  • Start Date : 11 oct
  • Days : Mon-Fri
  • Timing : 9 :00 PM

Behad Serial Cast

Behad serial cast is just perfect. Jennifer Winget and Kushal Tandon will appear to play lead roles in Behad serial. Both Jennifer and Kushal will appear on television screen after a long time.

  • Maya in Behad Serial  – Jennifer Winget – Insomniac Psychopath
  • Arjun in Behad Serial – Kushal Tandon (Dual Role)
  • Saanjh in Behad serial – Aneri Vajani

Both of them are very excited for their new show Behad. In the Behad serial, Jennifer will play the character of a Psychopath girl Maya. Her character will show negative shades. On other hand, Kushal will play a normal photographer. Behad Story is all about how Maya’s love become her passion of life. According to sources Their love story will take a twist and make a triangle with the entrance of Aneri Vajani in Behad Serial Cast.

Behad Serial Story

The whole story of the serial does not reveal yet but the story is revolved around the girl , who is suffering from a disease called an insomniac sociopath. A sociopath is one who displays extreme anti-social behavior. Jennifer Winget will go to play this role. Kushal will be seen opposite to Jennifer. In his interview, Kushal said “I am thrilled to be a part of Behad. I aim to do good work on television and the concept of the show is very interesting. Also for the first time I will be playing a double role on the screen; that of twin brothers, Both the characters are extremely diverse and complex. As an actor, I am excited that I will be able to show my versatility through this show,”

Behad Serial Poetry / Dialogue

” Hoto Ki hasi ki Behad Khwaish ho tum

Mere Dil ki Dhadkan ki Behad Chahat ho tum

Iss Kadar Meri Ruh me ho ki

Mohabbat Karu Tumse to Behad or Ranjish Karu tumse to wo bhi Behad ”

Beyhadh Serial Latest Episode

In the 12th Oct, 2016 episode of Beyhadh serial, Saanjh is talking to her boss about her degree of LLB and her boss rebukes her very badly. Meanwhile,  Arjun enter is the office and started flirting with the receptionist. Maya calls Arjun in her cabin , he entered the cabin and sits. Maya started taking his interview. Maya is the very rude girl and shows her attitude , Arjun wants to get up but he wants a job and recalls the words of Saanjhs and then he sits there.

Beyhadh Serial First Episode (12 October)

Behad new serial of Sony Tv starts with Lord Ganesh Pooja and lead actor Arjun is dancing in front of Ganesh Murti and after that his friend Saaanjh joins him in a dance. Then Maya comes in the car and entered the temple and started prayers in front of Ganesji. Behad serial cast Arjun comment on her as she is that type of girl who enjoy show off her father’s money. Then in the beyhadh serial, Saanjh try to stop Arjun and tell him that Maya is crying. Arjun again that only two kind of people pray infront of ganeshji, one who are about to demolish someone life and pray for forgiveness and one who alredy ruin some one life and pray for forgiveness. Behad serial dialogue is very herath touching and behad serial story is very unique. So don’t forget to watch behad serial only on Sont Tv.

Beyhadh : New Trailer

As we all know that Beyhadh serial will be released on 11 October 2016 , makers of this serial currently focus on its promotion therefore leasing five trailer of this serial to maintain the curiosity of viewers. Currently, its new promo is launched in which Jenifer as Maya said “ Jab Kutta Insaan Ki Taraf Behave Karne Lage To Use Family Ka Member Bana Liya Jata Hai , Par jab Insaan Kutta Ban Jaye To use Ghar Se Nikaal Diya Jata Hai.” Jenifer is looking fantastic in this serial now time will say whether Beyhadh serial will able to made its place in a heart of views or it will wrap up soon just like Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhaniya.

Beyhadh Serial : Only Three Days Are Left

The Sony TV’s upcoming exotic serial Beyhadh will be released only after three days. I know its very hard to wait to see your favorite actor and actress in a totally different role. Beyhadh is a first serial in which Jennifer Winget will appear in a negative role and she is very excited to see the response of her fans in her new Aavtaar. The promos of the serial Beyhadh create enough curiosity among viewers now only three days are left in releasing of sony Tv serial Beyhadh. According to the sources, this serial replaces Bade Bhaiyya Ki Dulhania because this serial was not doing well, therefore, makers of the show decided to wrap up this show.

Beyhadh Team On The Set Of The Kapil Sharma Show

Beyhadh is going to be aired on  October 12, 2016 . All the star cast of the Beyhadh serial promote this show on the set of The Kapil Sharma Show team Jennifer Winget,Kushal Tandon, and Aneri Vajani recently shot the promotional episode on The Kapil Sharma show’s and they enjoy a lot on the set. This episode will telecast on 8 October 2016 only on Sony Tv.

Beyhadh sony TV

11 oct is the day when the thriller series of Indian television going to start. In the latest promos of Beyhadh Jennifer Winget who in playing Maya in Beyhadh serial who is a psychopath lover don.t want to lose her love at any cost but at the same she don’t want to let her love rule on her life. It will be a great experience for Indian television lovers to watch all new concept with Beyhadh Serial.

Beyhadh Serial New Promo

Beyhadh Serial is soon going to be released , its new promo is already out and got 247,209 views on YouTube. It clearly shows that fans of Kushal and Jenifer are eagerly waiting for their upcoming serial Beyhadh. The trailer of the serial Beyhad start with the prayer of Lord Ganesh and Kushan is performing the dance in front of the Murti of lord Ganesh. Later Aneri Vajani joins him in dance , suddenly a beautiful girl Jenifer enter in the temple. The whole trailer is very energetic hope you will also like it.

Beyhadh Serial starts from 11 oct 2016

Most awaited drama of Sony TV Beyhadh going to start from 11 oct 2016 at 9 PM Mon to Fri. Beyhadh trailer has been launches months before but because of unavailability of timing slots serial release date has been delayed but not Beyhadh serial get the slot. Where Beyhadh serial is replacing ongoing drama Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhaniya. Bade Bhaiya ki Dulhaniya started on a good note but unable to grab audience attention that results in end of the serial. Beyhadh serial promos already released and attracted a huge audience with Jennifer Winget’s Insomniac Psychopath character Kushal Tandon playing double role in the Beyhadh serial.

Behad Serial Photo Shoot

Sony tv serial Behad is in buzz nowadays because of its amazing thriller story. This is a first time in Indian television when a serial is based on some supernatural disease. well, recently Kushal Tandon and Jennifer Winget was seen in Bahad serial’s photo shoot. Both are looking stunning in a photo shoot and their sensual poss were amazing. For more latest updates stay tuned with us.

Behad Serial Latest News

In the sony TV upcoming serial ‘Beyhadh’ (Behad)  Nish Aur Uske Cousins fame actress, Aneri Vajani has been roped  to play the role of  Lawyer. Aneri is a very talented actress who already proofs her acting in her previous serial Nisha Aur Uske Cousins. In the upcoming serial, Behad Anveri Vajani will gonna appeared in a serious and important role. We don’t know much about Aneri’s role in Behad serial , when we got some latest news we will update you.

Behad Serial

Behad serial creating a buzz in amongst the audience because of it’s all new and unique storyline which is being popular even before its releasing date has been announced. Where we will see Passion, obsession, love, romance, thrill etc in short Behad Serial is a complete package of entertainment. Beyhad serial creating excitement in an audience with its all new unique concept. Beyhad serial is all exciting thriller series of Sony TV which will show a passionate love story, Kushal Tandon in Behad serial playing a double role and Jennifer playing a psychopath. Beyhad serial is going to be all new experience for both actors.

Behad serial Sony Tv – Biggest Twist

After getting the basic concept and story line of Behad serial where Jennifer Winget playing the character of a psychopath now maker revealed another twist that Kushal Tandon in Behad serial will play double roles. Yes, for the first in his career history Kushal will play the double role of twins brothers in the serial Behad on Sony TV. Behad serial cast is very interesting where Jennifer Winget playing the female lead and  Aneri Vajani also playing the lead in behad serial. Kushal is very excited to play a double role in Behad serial that will be a new experience for him.

Beyhad Serial star cast

Beyhad serial is an upcoming thriller drama starring Kushal Tandon and Jennifer Winget. We have seen Jennifer Winget many times before in drama series where she played positive roles but this time, she is going to play a negative role who is a psychopath love Arjun at the limits.

Behad Sony TV

Behad serial is not a normal show like other drama serials Behad is a story of Maya and Arjun where Maya is a very determined girl who is very practical  and sensible girl who get what she want in life by hook or by Crook. She is not very emotional she doesn’t get carried away with things she is very sorted. Maya is a psychopath who can do anything to get things what she wants. On other hand, Arjun is a normal guy who is a photographer by profession. Behad’s serial is all about both Maya and Arjun meet with each other and how their lives changed after getting involved in  each other. Maya is very simple and trendy girl which can be seen in her looks.

Beyhadh (Behad Sony TV)

Behad serial on Sony TV coming up with all new concept which offers all type of entertainment packages together like thrill, love, passion, romance, suspense, action,drama etc. Behad serial will be a new entertainment treat for drama serial lover other than audience Behad serial cast also very excited for their all new unique characters.

Behad – A thriller series

Behad serial coming up with all new concept which is going to show “love without limits” Jennifer Winget and Kushal Tandon playing the lead in the Behad serial. In the latest promo of Behad both Jennifer Winget and Kushal Tandon deeply in love with each other. In the promo of Behad Jennifer Winget and Kushal Tandon asking an astrologer for their married life but he said they will experience problems in their marriage. After that, Jennifer burnt Astrologer’s Kutia (House) and Astrologer as well. Behad serial will be a thriller series on sony tv.

Behad Serial Promo

The official Promo of the Behad serial is not launched yet whenever it will launch , we will update you soon.

Beyhadh Serial Wallpaper

Kushal Tandon In Behad

Kushal Tandon In Behad
Kushal Tandon In Behad

Behad Upcoming Serial

Behad Upcoming Serial
Behad Upcoming Serial

Jennifer Winget In Behad

Jennifer Winget In Behad
Jennifer Winget In Behad

Behad Serial Star Cast

Behad Serial Star Cast
Behad Serial Star Cast



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