Bigg Boss 9 house “Love is in the air” : Rishabh and Prince falling for Nora

In the last episode, we have seen two different genres of entertainment in the Bigg Boss 9 house as on one side Bigg boss 9 become haunted and another side two hot sizzling wild card entries Nora Fatehi and Gizele Thakral raise the temperature of the house with their hot entrance performance.

Where Gizele wants to bring Entertainment in the house for audience and Nora wants to create a love bond with two eligible bachelors in the house Prince and Rishabh Well these two ladies seem to increase the TRP of the show and Prince falling for Nora where Rishabh Feeling jealous to see Nora and prince bond. We can say now the big fighting set become a love zone for contestants.

Rishabh and Prince falling for Nora

Bigg Boss 9 Rishabh and Nora
Bigg Boss 9 Rishabh and Nora

It will interesting to watch between Prince Narula And Rishabh Sinha who will first create a love bond with hot and beautiful Nora Faheti. Next episode of Bigg Boss 9 going to be an entertainment blast for audience Bigg Boss 9 become haunted (Bhoot Bangala) these haunted things will be the next task for contestants where for the first time in Bigg Boss housemates gone through with worst haunted feelings some of the contestant become the ghost in the house and make other afraid of them.

Bigg Bigg 9 house become haunted

Bigg Boss 9 bhoot bangala
Bigg Boss 9 bhoot bangala

The 9th season of Bigg Boss completed its halftime on the channel colors now it become more and more interesting and entertaining the with entry of wild cards will these two hotties change the game and bring more entertainment or it will go alike previous days.

Last week we saw the biggest turn in the bigg boss 9 where for the first time a contestant got eliminated not by audience choice but by housemates choice this week Kanwaljeet, Keith and Mandana are nominated for next week eliminations.


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