Bigg Boss arranged a Romantic Date for Prince and Nora

Prince and Nora in bigg Boss 9
Prince and Nora in bigg Boss 9

There is no doubt in the chemistry of Nora and Prince getting more strong day by day to express his feelings for Nora Prince requested Bigg Boss to arrange a date for them he wants to take her for a date Bigg boss also decide to fulfil captains with and the Lovebirds of Bigg Boss 9 Prince and Nora got a chance to go for a beautiful romantic date. Bigg boss arranged a pool date for the new couple in the house to make their love bond more strong.

Their closeness on the date evidence of their feelings for each other luck is all with Prince as first he got a chance to take yuvika for a date and now Nora. We can’t deny the charm of Prince Narula young Punjabi blood the most eligible bachelor in the Bigg Boss 9 charming enough to take any girl’s heart.

Prince takes Nora for a date

Prince and Nora in bigg Boss 9
Prince and Nora in Bigg Boss 9

On the date, Prince Narula gives a beautiful bracelet to Nora both on them shared some romantic moments with each other and spend some quality time in their Poolside date with expensive champagne.

Prince Gifted a Beautiful Bracelet to Nora

Prince and Nora bigg Boss 9
Prince and Nora Bigg Boss 9

After the entry of Nora Fatehi in the house of Bigg Boss 9, house’s air fill with love and romance. Nora comes in Bigg Boss to create a love bond with Prince Narula and both of them falling for each other dedicatedly earlier housemate questioned their closeness but now with couple’s intimacy and love everyone got the proof for their love.

Well, time will decide how their love take another turn will it be staying till the end of the show or Bigg Boss 9 house troubles and harsh situations make them apart all these questions are unfolded till now let them enjoy their Quality time for each other.



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