Bigg Boss Ex-contestant Imam Siddiqui to select second Bigg Boss 9 finalist

“Tune in on Monday night to catch a special episode of #BB9 With Salman Khan with ex-contestants @KishwerM & Imam Siddique!” these are the lines tweeted by the account of “Bigg Boss 9” and confirmed the news that “Bigg Boss 6” contestant Imam Siddique will enter the house.”

Yes, Bigg Boss, ex-contestant, Imam Siddiqui is back! The incorrigible sweet devil is back! Nayak Nahi Khalnayak hoon main is back and this time he is back with the bang.

“Imam Siddique” we think that NAM HI KAFI HE. A die-hard fan of the show ‘Bigg Boss’, who has watched the sixth season of the reality show are aware of the importance of Iman Siddique; He is the man who can never stay calm! He is the man who can get wild, dress wild and scare the daylights out of you! He is the man who can be loud at his actions, words or any damn thing under the sun!

Bigg Boss Ex-contestant Imam Siddiqui to select second Bigg Boss 9 finalist

imam siddhi

Reader that’s not enough, we have one more shocking news for you! Bigg Boss has given Imam a power to choose the second finalist. It seems, now Double Trouble has started for the present contestants of the show. Imam is here to test the contestants and push them to their limits. However, he has his own picks as well and the Iranian Babe, Mandana Karimi is certainly the one in his list.

Imam is super excited to be back on the show he said, “I’m extremely excited to reenter the Bigg Boss house at it the most crucial point of the season. I have always been a Bigg Boss fanatic and the show being very close to my heart. It gives me pleasure to know that I’ve gone down in the history of Bigg Boss and have managed to win many hearts over the years. I’m going inside the house with a mission to entertain the audience and promise to make my stay in the house a memorable one.”

Well, Imam is super excited so we can just pray for the all six remaining contestants of the house. While Imam’s entry proves as a TRP booster for Bigg Boss 9 and for viewers more interesting, more drama and more entertainment.



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