Brahmrakshah Serial images
Brahmrakshah Serial images

Brahmarakshas 13 Nov Episode

In the 13 Nov episode of Brahamrakshas serial, Raina bring injured Rishab at Shivam’s home. Mohini gets worried after seeing Rishab injuries and ask him who did this? Rishab says Brahmarakshas has come back. Shivam tells everyone a tree log was about to fall on Rishab. Kiara comes and started shouting at Rishab and ask him that tomorrow is our sangeet and you are roaming with Raina. Raina shout Kiara, can’t you see his injuries. All the members are watching silently the care and affection of Raina for Rishab. Shivam told everyone that he will decorate the house for Sangeet ceremony. Raina and Shivam are busy in decorating haveli, Ved fights with Shivam. Raina supports him and takes his side . Rishab feeling jealous and fumes. Kiara tells Raina that this decoration is the low class just like you. Kiara holds the hand of Rishab and asks Raina to click their photos. While taking their photos , she slips, Rishab walk towards her but Shivani hold her. Rishab gets disappointed and stops his feets. A boy tells Shivam that his mother is injured, He went his home and asks Phuli who injured Mom. She informed him that Apu tells every villager to handover Raina to the lady Brahamrakshas.

Brahmarakshas 12 Nov Episode

In the 12 Nov episode of Brahamrakshas serial, the sarpanch invites Rishab’s family in his house party. Raina also comes with Phuli and Shivam in the party. Apu asks Kiara to sit next to Rishab. Sarpanch express his feeling and said he is happy that Kiara’s father is a new Zamindar of the village. Music and songs started in the party. Apu in feeling uneasy by hearing the sound of drums. Raina leaves the party and walks toward the jungle. Rishab also follows her. Kiara is searching Rishab here and there and observe and Raina and Rishab both are present in the party.

Brahmarakshas  6 Nov Episode

In the 6 November BrahmaRakshas serial, Rishab told everyone that Bhrahmarakas burnt the bus in which Raina was present now is missing. Yug takes the key of the car and tells everyone that he will find out Raina. On the other side, Apu tries feed negativity in Kiara’s mind about Raina and tells how she escaped many times. Kiara asks Apu how she knows all these things as she had memory loss. She says that she heard all this from Nalin. Shivam find out Raina in the jungle and take her in his house. Raina was unconscious , Shivam tries to wake up her.

Brahmarakshas  5 Nov Episode

In the 5 Nov episode of BrahmaRakshas , Raina leaves the house of Rishab with wet eyes but Rishab did not say anything to stop her. They both recall their love for each other. Raina reminds Rishab’s harsh words for her and open the door of her car. Mohini asks Rishab to stop her. He says let her go, it is better for her. Apu and Kiara enjoy the liquor and laughs how Raina got fooled. Rishab tells dadi and Mohini that Brahmarakshas has returned now and he did not want to take risk of Apu’s life.

Brahmarakshas 30 October 2016

In the 30 October episode of Brahamrakshas serial , Apu hearing the aarti of Devi maa in the temple and suddenly drum beats becomes the Brahmarakshas. Apu tries to enter the temple, but Brahmarakshas enter in her body and she falls down. After that, she kills the Pandit. Meanwhile, Raina wakes up from deep sleep , Rishab asks him what happened?? Raina says he saw Brahmarakshas in his dream. Raina calls Phuli and tells her all incident and says he know that Brahmarakshas have done this. She adds that if Kiara pulled the plug than may be Brahmarakshas enter in her body , and she will get very hungry and needs meat for eat.

Brahmarakshas 24 October 2016

In the 24 October episode of Braharakshash serial , Raina tells Apu about Brahamrakshas but she neglects and says that she don’t know anything about him. Raina says that because of you many people lost their lives and now you neglecting the issue like this. Apu shouts on Raina and asks her to stop the rubbish. On the other hand, Aditya and Nalin talk to each other about their safety. They order Birju to get all the information about Braharakshash.

Brahmarakshas 9 October 2016

In the 9 October 2016 episode of BrahmaRakshas serial , Apu and Raina meets in the jungle and she pleads to help her. Raina tells her that after knowing what you did, nobody will help you. Raina sits in the car and tells Rishab that Apu met her and pleaded for her help. Rishab says no and starts the car to move but suddenly cars stop in the middle and Storm starts. Raina says that suddenly what happened to climate. Nalin says that something is trying to stop them as suddenly roads fill with water. Rishab asks them to wear the seat belts as he will drive the car at high speed so that they can reach Kamalpura on time.

Brahmarakshas 25 sep 2016

In the 25 episode of Brahmarakshas serial , Aprajita gets confined  in the hands of Brahmarakshah and almost losing her life. But suddenly Raina and Rishabh manage to gore the Rakshas and he falls to the ground. Now Aprajita’s life is out of danger and  Raina takes the advantage of this opportunity and started  pour kerosene on the body of the Rakshas and burn him to ashes. Later,  the villagers are pleased to know that these guests have saved the life of villagers by killing the Rakshas. Watch Brahmarakshas serial every Saturday and Sunday only on Zee Tv.

Brahmarakshas 24 sep 2016

Brahmarakshas cast doing really well. As promised every episode of Brahmarakshas come with new excitement which made this show top TRP holder, most entertaining show on Indian television. In today’s episode we will see Rishabh starts feeling for Raina, on otherhand Nalin and his brother in law again plan to use Aprajita to kill Brahmarakshas.

Brahmarakshas 18 sep 2016

In the last of Brahmarakshas Raina got to know about secrets of Brahmarakshas. To know Aprajita’s truth Raina start spending time with Appu Maa both of them go for the morning walk where Brahmarakshas again attacked Aprajita but somehow Raina save her and mistakenly both them entered in the haveli where Brahmarakshas attack on Aprajita again, Raina throw water on him but no tool work on him. In between this Rishabh come and save them from Rakshas. Raina tells everybody that Aprajita is the one because of her Brahmarakshas come in the existence.

Brahmarakshas 17 sep 2016

Brahmarakshas zee tv is one of the interesting series running on Indian television channel zee tv. In the last week, lots of secrets have been revealed in Brahmarakshas as Raina and Rishabh got married to kill Brahmarakshas but they failed in their plan on another hand Raina’s father come to Kamalpura to save her but some goons attacked him badly. He revealed the secret that Raina is not his daughter and gave her a locket which has photos of two stranger who first killed by Brahmarakshas. Aprajita (Appu) entered in the kamal Pura where she got to know that Brahmarakshas in still alive. In the hospital Brahmarakshas attack on Aprajita but Raina and Rishabh saved her. Then another secret revealed that Raina’s father was a doctor. Mohini rishabh’s mom prepared a warm welcome for her daughter in law Raina’s welcome. Rishabh denied to accept their marriage but after seeing Aprajita in the house Raina ready to accept her marriage and stay in the house with Rishabh to know the truth.  Mohini welcome Raina warmly and complete all the rituals. Later, Nalin and his brother in law planned to serve Aprajita to kill Brahmarakshas. But, by mistake, they inject medicines in  Raina’s body and take her to Asur Niwas. But they got shocked after seeing Aprajita in front of them. All three of them discussed past Raina unconsciously heard some discussions of them. They left unconscious Raina in Asur Niwas. After getting consciousness Raina found herself in Asur Niwas.

Brahmarakshas Serial Zee TV

Brahmarakshas Serial Wiki

Brahmarakshas is an upcoming serial of Zee Tv. In years 2016 many new shows are introduced in this year. Each and every serial are best in their own way and successfully entertain viewers. Brahmarakshas is an upcoming supernatural serial directed by Ekta Kapoor under the banner of Balaji Telly film. Ekta Kapoor always comes with an exciting story , her previous released serial Kavach was already gained High TRP now she is again all set to launched her next thriller serial Brahmarakshas. Beautiful actress Krystle D’souza will definitely rock this show just like her first debut serial Ek Hazaaro Mein Meri Bahana Hai. Krystle is one of the bestee of Ekta Kapoor and their bonding is very strong. Both of them are frequently shares their parties photo’s in social media.

Brahmarakshas Serial Star Cast

Viewers are very well familiar with the star cast of Brahmarakshas Serial , beautiful girl Krystal D’souza. She was last seen in sony tv serial EK Naye Pahachan and star plus serial EK Hazaaro Mai Mere Bahana Hai is now back with the Zee Tv serial Brahmarakshas. Krystal will paly real role in this serial opposite Aham Sharma who was last seen in Mahabharat. He played the role of Karan in start plus mythological serial Mahabharat.

Brahmarakshas star Cast

  • Raina in Brahmarakshas – Krystal D’souza (Female lead)
  • Rishabh Shrivastava in Brahmarakshas – Aham Sharma (Male lead)
  • Aparajita’s lover/the beast in Brahmarakshas-  Parag Tyagi
  • Aparajita in Brahmarakshas – Kishwer Merchantt (Negetive Character)

Brahmarakshas Cast

  • Mohini Shrivastav in Brahmarakshas – Rakshanda Khan (Rishabh’s mother)
  • Rishabh’s father in Brahmarakshas – Sailesh Datter
  • Thakur Aditya Nigam in Brahmarakshas – Rishabh Shukla (Aparajita’s husband)
  • Mitali in Brahmarakshas – Srashti Maheshwari
  • Shyam in Brahmarakshas – Mridul Das (Rishabh’s cousin)
  • Ved in Brahmarakshas – Kunal Vohra (Rishabh’s brother)
  • Raina’s father in Brahmarakshas – Karan Sharma
  • Charu Mehra as Rishabh’s sister
  • Soniya Kakker in Brahmarakshas
  • Abhaas Mehta in Brahmarakshas
  • Ojasvi Oberoi in Brahmarakshas
  • Neha Dandle  in Brahmarakshas
  • Shadaab khan  in Brahmarakshas
  • Raina’s brother in Brahmarakshas – Sahil Uppal

Rishab (Aham Sharma) in Brahmarakshas is a care free guys who is very mischievous like to enjoy his life. Raina is a simple beautiful girl bubbly, a talkative girl who understands the human behavior very well. Both Krystal and Aham doing all different characters in Brahmarakshas.

Brahmarakshas Serial Story / Plot

The story of upcoming serial Brahmarakshas is based on the story of Shahrukh khan’s movie Paheli in which ghost fall in love with a human. After watching love story of a Naagin and Human, now In Brahmarakshas serial we will also watch a beautiful love story of a Monster and Human. Brahmarakshas is a story of two innocent people Raina and Rishabh who love each other but after their marriage they come under the influence of a monster unknowing they call the monster who kill newbride. All the elements of a newly marriade girl like Payal, Sindoor, Chuda awake the monster.

Brahmarakshas Serial updates

Brahmarakshas 14 Aug episode

In the Brahmarakshas 13 August episode , Few people of village ask Shyaam to come along with them but Shyaam feels worried and tense. Meanwhile, the villagers collect at the Panchayat try to find out some solution so that they can get rid of the Bhramarakshas. The people started enchanters some mantra and  tell that prayer would not solve this problem. Later, two men discuss the looks of Bhramarakshas, who possess people and so those who require sacrifices. All the family members are feeling awkward and worried about Rishab and Raina Marriage. Brahmarakshas serial is amazingly entertaining viewers and in a short period of time, it listed in high TRP gathering list. The tale of the show is just like we are reading some novel which is full with suspences. Krystal D’souza is looking very preety in Raina’s role and viewers like her character in this show.

Brahmarakshas 13 Aug episode

Upcoming episodes of Brahmarakshas serial definitely bring some more dangerous scenes for the family. How Rishabh and Raina marry with each other in the deadly scenario on Brahmarakshas Zee Tv Serial it will interesting to watch. Prag Tyagi who is playing the lead of a ferocious monster in the Brahmarakshas serial is very happy to play this role as it gives him lots of challenges that he play very delightfully. In today’s episode of Brahmarakshas Raina will stuck in the dangerous situation where to save an innocent girl from villagers who try to kill her she also stuck in the net where villagers throw sindoor and other elements that are banned in kamalpura to invite Brahmarakshas to kill Raina. What next twist will Brahmarakshas story take? Will Raina got saved or killed by Brahmarakshas?

Brahmarakshas is a supernatural thrill show which depicts some scary story. The Story of Brahmarakshas Zee tv serial creates a curiosity among the audience and viewers are keen to know much more about this serial. looks of beautiful actress Krystal D’souza is inspired by Punjabi bride who looks stunning in her red attire with lovely Red Chuda. Rishab and Raina are ready fir their marrige but they don’t know that their decision to go Haveli by forest way will change their life.

Brahmarakshas 7 Aug episode

Brahmarakshas 7 Aug Episode come up more dangerous things happened where Rishabh, Raina, Mishri and Mohan loose the train and decided to go the haveli with forest way all four of them started their journey together but for spending some quality time Mohan and Mishri changed their way and entered in the deadly haveli. On another hand Raina and Rishabh felt the presence of Brahmarakshas but the lotus flower saved them but Brahmarakshas changed his avatar and make Mishri and Mohan fool Mishri get ready and wore all the elements of that is banned in the Kamal pura that awoke the Brahamrakshas who killed Mishri and Mohan and took Mohan’s avtar to kill rest of people of family. But, because of Lotus flowers on the door he can’t enter in the house. On other hand Rishabh and Raina in Brahmrakshas serial performed beautiful dance together Raina is super excited for the marriage and wants everything should be perfect. Rishabh’s mom tell everyone that they should not include liquor in the party as it can call Brahmrakshas but no one listen to this.

Brahmarakshas zee tv 6 Aug first episode

Brahmarakshas zee tv Ekta Kapoor’s show going to start from next Saturday 6 Aug. First episode of Brahmarakshas will introduce all the characters of the show where Shreevavtav family have Mohini Shrivastav who is having three children. Rishabh is the elder one who going to marry with Raina. Only 1 Day to go for most entertaining serial of the Zee tv channel Brahmarakshas going to start.

Finally, the wait is over another most awaited show of the year by Ekta Kapoor Brahmarakshas has been started. And where the secret revealed Aparajita kill her husband bu throwing up him from the terrace in the monstrous forest where deadly animals ready to eat anyone. For money and property Aprajita kill her newly married husband. and he become the Brahamrakshas yes Aprajita husband is the brahmrakshas.

Brahmarakshas Secret Disclosed…!!

Brahmarakshas the much awaited Ekta Kapoor’s weekend dhamaka has been stated at the good note. Not the story of Brahmarakshas not serving as expected. In the launching events of the Brahmarakshas star cast promises to bring lots of thriller and suspense but the first episode of Brahmarakshas itself disclosed the secret of the monster it is the owner of Haweli who love his wife Aprajita deeply but his wife Aparajita kill him on the day of their wedding when she is wearing all the elements of a bride Sindoor, Chuda, Payal, liquor, Ravanhatta is playing in the background Aprajita throw all those things of her husband while throwing him from the height in the jungle. After dropped in the jungle an Animal ate his body and he becomes the Brahmrakshas from that day no bride or married woman can wears all these elements if someone wears these Brahamrakshas kill that woman to take revenge from Aprajita only Lotus flower and Rajgira flour can stop him.

Brahmarakshas Latest Update

The Biggest monster of the year  Brahmarakshas coming to hit on your television screens. Yes, we are talking about Ekta Kapoor’s serial Brahmarakshas which is going to start from 6 Aug 2016. Well, who is playing the title role yet not revealed but other Brahmarakshas cast who are in the Pivot role are beautiful Krystal D’souza and Aham Sharma playing the lead role.

In the latest promo of Brahmarakshas an old man reciting the story of Kamalpura village to a little boy. In Brahmarakshas latest promo old man tell boy that in the Kamalpura village to wear Chuda and Sindoor, bell the ghunghroo and to play Ravan hatta in completely banned because it calls the one who is not a ghost, not a devil or not an animal but more dangerous than all of these. A monster who kill newly married brides . In the promo of Brahamrakshas Both Raina and Rishabh enters in the Kamalpura where Raina wears all elements of a bride. And Rishabh plays Ravanhatta all these activities call the monster.

Brahmarakshas zee tv Launch event

Brahmarakshas is not a horror show but it is a complete entertaining show which includes all entertainment elements like thriller, fun, suspense, romantic, drama and other entertainment factors it is an amalgamation of all entertainment.  Brahmarakshas every episode come up with all new turns and twists that you can watch with all family members. Brahmarakshas is different from the league which not a typical saas bahu drama it will not at all boring show you will not even blink your eye while watching Brahmarakshas zee tv show.  In the Launching event of Zee tv new show Brahmarakshas all the star cast promises to serve all crisp in the story. Every episode will increase eagerness to watch next one.

Brahmarakshas Zee TV

Brahmarakshas is an upcoming serial of Zee tv after the grand success of Naagin and Kavach now Ekta Kapoor ready to launch another supernatural story where a ghost fall in love with a human girl. Previously  Brahmarakshas was known as Jani Dushman. The story of Brahmarakshas serial inspired by super hit movie Jaani Dushman and Shahkhan’s movie Paheli. Brahmarakshas serial Zee tv is going to start from 6 Aug 2016 will telecast on every Saturday and Sunday at 9 PM. Brahmrakshas tv series coming up with all new concept on Indian television which is inspired by superhit Bollywood movie Jani Dushman and Paheli where a ghost falls in love human. Earlier we have seen love story of a Naagin and human, a Robot and human, vampire, and human, even we have seen love story of Alian and human but now Brahm rakshas serial going to show a love story of a Ghost and Human. The concept of Brahmrakshas tv serial definitely fetches the attention of viewers.

After a gap of One-and-a-half year , sizzling actress Krystle D’Souza is back on TV with a supernatural serial Brahmarakshas-Jaag Utha Shaitaan. Krystle can’t wait for the telecast of this show. First time Krystle  has done  action scenes, in the promo of Brahmarakshas serial , she is running for her life in a jungle, and fighting with a rakshas. Krystle D’Souza said that “Shooting for a TV show has never been so exciting. In a daily soap, the maximum I have run is from the hall to the kitchen,” laughs Krystle adding that this is the most challenging role so far, physically and emotionally. “We shoot at real locations, jungles and havelis, where there is no air conditioner and a lot of discomforts,”

Brahmarakshas Zee TV Promo

Brahmarakshas serial first promo has been launched where Aham Sharma and Krystle D’souza playing the lead role in the serial. Both actors in Brahmarakshas promo sharing some after marriage romantic moments together in the beautiful locations where Krystle D’souza wearing beautiful Chuda and having sindoor on her head who is teasing her husband Aham. But, the suddenly story took an unexpected turn which turns from romance to horror where Krystle D’souza has been attacked by a demon. The story of Brahmarakshas is quite depictive as a girl fall in love with a boy marries him but after marriage, she got to know that the boy is not a normal human being but he is a demon. That it will interesting to watch what next turn will Brahmarakshas’s story will take but one thing is confirmed that like Naagin and Kavach Brahmarakshas also grab top position in the list of top TRP holder serials

Brahmarakshas Serial Latest News

Brahmarkshas is an upcoming serial of Zee Tv and its female actress Krystle D’souza is very feverish for her upcoming serial. She said “I am excited to be back on television after a year and that too with Balaji Telefilms. This will be my first association with Zee TV where I am playing the role of Raina who is a pure hearted girl , Viewers will surely be able to connect with my character as the storyline is so intriguing and gripping that after every shoot, we can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen next. I can already imagine the audiences feeling the same way.”

Brahmarakshas latest Update

The entrance of newcomer Kunal Vohra in Brahmarakshas star cast increasing the excited of Ekta Kapoor serial fans. Kunal Vohra essaying the role of Ved Aham Sharma will play the brother of Ved in Brahmarakshas other than Kunal Vohra  Krystle Dsouza, Rakshanda Khan, Abbhas Mehta, Parag Tyagi, Sahil Uppal and Kishwer Merchant are in the important role. In the latest promo of Brahmarakshas newly wedding couple who are in love sharing some romantic moments with each other coming to the village of Kamalpura unaware of monster who is going to ruin their life in Brahmarakshas.

Brahmarakshas serial Zee TV details

Brahmarakshas another blockbuster by Ekta Kapoor. Ekta Kapoor the best director and producer of Indian television who has given a number of Superhit drama shows. Now she is movie toward another genre i.e. supernatural shows  like Naagin, Kavach and she is coming with another Supernatural series i.e. Brahma Rakshas on Zeetv features Krystle D’souza and Aham Sharma  in lead. We all know that Ekta Kapoor is a Queen of serials and she always comes with an interesting story. Currently, she is focusing supernatural stories , her one of the super natural serial Kavach is making Dhoom on colors chennel. And now she is all set to stund audience with her supernatural serial Brahmarashas which will air on Zee Tv channel.

Brahmarakshas Wallpaper

Brahmrakshah Episode

Brahmrakshah Episode
Brahmrakshah Episode

krystle dsouza In brahmarakshas

krystle dsouza In Brahmrakshas
krystle dsouza In Brahmrakshas

Brahmrakshah Episode Coming Soon

Brahmrakshah Episode Coming Soon
Brahmrakshah Episode Coming Soon

Brahmrakshah Serial images

Brahmrakshah Serial images
Brahmrakshah Serial images

Brahmrakshah wallpapers

Brahmrakshah wallpapers
Brahmrakshah wallpapers

Brahmarakshas serial

Brahmarakshas serial
Brahmarakshas serial

Brahmarakshas serial on zee tv

Brahmarakshas serial on zee tv
Brahmarakshas serial on zee tv

Brahmarakshas Serial Poster

Brahmarakshas Serial Poster
Brahmarakshas Serial Poster

Brahmarakshas tv serial

Brahmarakshas tv serial
Brahmarakshas tv serial

Brahmarakshas tv Serial Photo

Brahmarakshas tv Serial Photo
Brahmarakshas tv Serial Photo

Brahmarakshas zee tv

Brahmarakshas zee tv
Brahmarakshas zee tv

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