Chandra nandini

Chandra Nandini Poster
Chandra Nandini Poster

Chandra Nandini 30 Nov Episode

In the 30 Nov eppisode of Chandra Nandini serial, Chandra ask Nandini you must be thinking you I saved you ? She said no I am thinking how to kill you every day slowly slowly. Chandra says now I will tell you why I have not killed you because I will kill you with my presence every day. I will marry you. Nandini goes to behind, he hugs her and put termeric on her face. He told her this the same way in which your father turtured my mother physically and mentally. Nandini stares Chandra with an anger.

Chandra Nandini 17 Nov Episode

In the 18 Nov episode of Chandra Nandini serial, armies of Padmanand and Chandra are ready to attack each other. And according to rule, war will be stopped after sunset. Padmanand says do whatever you want to do but this time I will kill you. I killed your father and now will kill you too. I had promised your mother that will kill her son in the same way as I killed her husband. Chandra says I also promised my mother and my motherland that I will kill you and make villagers free from your despotism. Both are taking their positions in the battle of war and war began. Moora blessed her son to win this war so that she can take revenge for her husband’s murder.Padmanand tells maliketu to join the war but Chandra defeated him in the war. Padmanand gets shocked after seeing the body of maliketu.

Chandra Nandini 17 Nov Episode

In the 17 Nov episode of Chandra Nandini, Durdhara and Chandra tied a knot. Nandini tells her father Padmanans that Chandra gain did marriage for political help. Padmanad said we defeated him twice and this also they are not gonna win the battle.Amartya says this time our enemies are very strong and we have to change our plan, I can see that this time the war will be on next level. Helina tells durdhara, Chandra is the only mine, I appreciate what you did for him. Durdhara assures her don’t worry we are only good friends. Dasi dresses up durdhara like a bride.

Chandra Nandini 16 Nov Episode

In the 16 Nov episode of Chandra Nandini serial, Helina suggest Chanakya use Greek techniques in the war which will help them to win the war. Chandra is very angry, Chanakya ask him why are so angry what happen? Chandra told him that  Surya Gupta who was killed by NAND is my father and Mira is my mother who is stilled locked in a Jain by Nand. Chandra said now I am not going to spare nand.  Chanakya told him that he always saw Surya vanshi qualities in hi, the sign of Morya Vansh on your hand tells everything.

Chandra Nandini 15 Nov Episode

In the 15 Nov episode of Chandra Nandini serial, Mora says everbody that Chnadra is his son, he hide him to save his life from NAND. Baba asks him who are you? Moora tells him that I am a father of Chandra. Please tell me where he is, i want to hug him and want to take him back in my kingdom.
Chandra tells Nandini I am Chandra Gupta Morya,son of suryagupta will kill your father and brother very soon. Nandini says you don’t know my father , he is a power full king of Magad. He says you are fool, you father is created false image infront of your eyes. You don’t know his real face, when you will know his reality you will hate him. Tell Padmanand, he has one day.

Chandra Nandini 14 Nov Episode

In the 14 Nov episode of Chandra Nandini serial, Maliketu forcefully enter in the Nandini’s room and try to allure her but she avoided him. He holds his hand and slap himself and ask for sorry. Maliketu said that I was drunk, please forgive me. Nandini leaves the room and he sought please punish me. Nandini tells Maliketu. You helped my father to save his kingdom, you proved that you are our family member. He tells Nandini I know Chandra , he is a son of Farmer and can never be a King. Nandini asks who you know all these things about Chandra, he said we were studying in the same gurukul.

Chandra Nandini 11 Nov Episode

In the 11 Nov episode of Chandra Nandini serial, Padmanand is shocked after watching Chandra with Greek army. Both Chandra and Padmanand are ready with his army for a fight. Padmanand in anger tell his army that be ready, today we will defeat Chandra’s army.Helina ask Chanakya when will other army join us? Chanakya says wait and watch. Nandini is upset after seeing helina on the enemy side. The war started, Padmanand instruct his army while Chandra fight with his enemy. Later maliketu join in the war with his army and attack onChandra. To know more about Chandra Nandini serial stay tuned with us.

Chandra Nandini 10 Nov Episode

In the 10 Nov episode of Chandra Nandini serial, Nandini enter in the Main Mahal for her ring ceremony on the other side helina walks for her wedding ceremony and she wore Indian outfits. Chandra and Nandini both are not happy with their marriage but did this because of their states and to maintain the political connections. All the rituals are taking place , villagers started talking why is Nandini marrying him. Cylucus ties the wedding knot of Chandra and helina, on the other hand, maliketu and Nandini exchange their wedding rings. Maliketu is very happy and said yes the win. I win!!

Chandra Nandini 9 Nov Episode

Chandra Nandini serial running successfully on Indian television channel star plus. Ekta Kapoor serving lots of entertainment to her viewers with ChrandraNandani serial. Alike her other serial Chandra Nandani cast has perfectly complimented the roles. Other than cast, story line. costumes and huge sets Ekta Kapoor grab the prime time slot for Chandra Nandani timing on star plus is also one of the reasons for show’s success. Chandra Nandani 9 Nov 2016 episode come up exciting twist and turns.

Chandra Nandini 8 Nov Episode

In the 8 Nov episode of Chandra Nandini serial , War still begins between Chandra army and magad, slowly Chandra wins every neighborhood of magad with his war tactics. Chanakya and Chandra wait for a suitable time so that they can merge magads enemies into their team. He says this time we will win at any cost. On the other hand, Nandini is roaming in the garden and thinking about her future. Nandini is about to fall but Maliketu holds her hand , Nandini pushes him back and asks him to her hand. Maliketu says one day this girl will be mine.

Chandra Nandini 7 Nov Episode

In the 7 Nov episode of Chandra Nandini serial , Padmanand is very happy but suddenly he shocked after seeing the lady in his room. He asked her what are you doing here, how dare you to enter in my room. She say you forgot me, how can you forget your first wife Sunanda. She said it mt step daughter marriagee, how can I not come here. Padmanand tries to convence her to leave the Mahal, she tells him that I am not Avantika so you can make me fool.Avantika entered in the room of Padmanand and gets surprised.

Chandra Nandini 4 Nov Episode

In the 4 Nov episode of Chandra Nandini serial, Padmanand start the was by saying attack. Chandra and his army fights with their enemy, Chandra kills two commanders and warn other that he will kill everyone. Chandra throws Padmanand son from his horse and attack on him. Nandini is shocked, after seeing the power of Chandra and padmanand says protect my son. Chandra kills his enemy easily and starts moving towards Magad. Nandini tries to stop Chandra as he is coming close to her Rajmahal. Nandini collects all the girls and woman of Raj Mahal and tell them to hold all the Talvaals and weapons that we have in the Mahal for self-defense. Padmanand asks his second son to attack Chandra but he also kills him and runs his horse faster so that he can reach Magad soon Mahal. Now Padmanad thinks that Chandra will occupy whole Mahal because we don’t have much shoulders to fight with him

Chandra Nandini Star Plus

Chandra Nandini Wiki

All the channels are busy in the race of providing best serials , now star plus again launched its new serial Chandra Nandini. It is an upcoming historical series, which will be aired from 10th October 2016 only on star plus. The serial queen Ekta Kapoor is always trying to serve differently to her viewers therefore now she is putting her hand on historical series. This series is produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor under the banner of Balaji Telefilms. Chandra Nandini serial will telecast on Monday to Friday at 8:30 PM.

Chandra Nandini Serial details

Channel – Star plus
Star Cast – Rajat Tokas, Shweta Basu
Production House : Balaji telefilm
Producer : Ekta kapoor
Days – Monday – Friday
Timing – 8.30 PM
Start Date – 10 October 2016

Chandra Nandini Star Cast

The star cast of Chandra Nandini serial is very interesting because in this serial you will see old child actress after a long time. Are you remember Shweta Prasad Basu, who got popularity for her role Shruti in the serial Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki. She is now ready for her powerful comeback with the upcoming serial Chandra-Nandini. Recently, she was in the buzz because of ostensible connection in a prostitution racket in Hyderabad. She will appear opposite to Rajat Tokas , who will essay the role of Chandragupta Maurya. The role of young Chandragupta Maurya will be performed by Jineet Rath.

Chandra Nandini Cast

  •  Nandini in Chandra Nandini – Shweta Basu Prasad
  • Chandragupta Maurya in Chandra Nandini – Rajat Tokas
  • Young Chandragupta in Chandra Nandini – Jineet Rath
  • Chanakya in Chandra Nandini – Manoj Joshi
  • Durdhara in Chandra Nandini – Tanu Khan
  • Ranantha Padmanabhan in Chandra Nandini – Arpit Ranka
  • Alexander in Chandra Nandini – Alexx O’Nell
  • Raja Padmanabhan’s Wife in Chandra Nandini – Mansi Sharma
  • Maurya Nath in Chandra Nandini – Vimarsh Roshan
  • Moora (Chandragupt’s mother) in Chandra Nandini – Papiya Sengupta

Chandra nandini Serial Story/ Plot

Chandra Nandini serial is based on the life of popular Indian Emperor Chandragupta Maurya. This show will reveal the true incident of Maurya’s life. To give the real touch in every character , shooting of the serial is running at the actual places of Magadh and Patliputra. The Mauryan era was pervasive in Patliputra which is now known as Patna. This is the most zealous project of Ekta Kapoor and she is putting extra efforts just to add legitimacy to the show. The shooting of the serial Chandra Nandini is still going on but it will soon hit the screen of Star Plus.

Chandra Nandini 2 Nov Episode

In the 2 Nov episode of Chandra Nandini serial, Dhananand hugs Nandini and says whenever I see you I get happy, you are the reason of my smile.Vaishali stare both of them angrily. Dhananand says I am very excited, my daughter Nandini’s will become the bride,I will decorate the whole village with Diya,this marriage will be memorable for everyone. After that Nandini is getting ready in her room , Chaya said that she is very impressed with her bravery and wanted to thanks her. Chhaya takes out her sword to attack Nandini but Padmanand calls for Nandini.

Chandra Nandini latest New

In the Chandra Nandini serial, Rajat Tokas is playing the lead role as Chandra and he Chandra used to travel in the house. So to find the perfect house for Rajat , maker of the serial auditioned 300 houses. Chandra Nandini serial is receiving high TRP nowadays and viewers are enjoying the chemistry of Shweta Basu and Rajak Tokas. Few new characters are entered in the show just to make it more real.

Saanvi Talwar who was last seen in a lead role in the &TV’s serial ‘Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum’,now all set to enter the in the Zee tv historical show ‘Chandra Nandini’. She will essay the role of Chandragupta Maurya’s wife Durdhara. Saanvi Talwar is very happy to be a part of such a super hit show. She wanted to become a part of historical show , now she got the chance to show case her acting telent. The actress says, “I am thankful to EKta ma’am for making my Diwali so great and for giving me such a wonderful gift. I have always wanted to do a historical show as its full of tradition, culture and always has a rich background story and it specially needs a power-packed performance.”

Chandra Nandini 21 October Episode

In the 21 Oct episode of Chandra Nandini serial, Chandra enter in the room of Nandini , she says how dare you to enter in my room and attacks over him but Chandra holds her mouth and stops her to shout. Chandra says to her because of you I am in trouble now you have to help me to come over it. Suddenly Padmanand and saw then and warn Chandra to leave Nandini otherwise he will kill him. But Chandra threatens Padmanand that if he moves ahead , he will kill Nandini.

Chandra Nandini 20 October Episode

In the 20 October episode of Chandra Nandini serial, Nandini enter in the room of Padmanand in cloths of dasi , Padmanand asks her what are you doing here. Meanwhille Padmanand walks in rajdarbar and tell all rajkumars to gether there. After watching the face of Parmanand , Chandra recall his first meet with him and started thinking his guru’s words that his main moto is to take revenge from magad.

Chandra Nandini 19 October Episode

In the 19 Oct episode of Chandra Nandini, Nandini walks from  parvatak and  Chandra thinks about Chanakya’s words. Chandra  stole the invitation from parvatak, and suddenly Nandini saw his invitation and told him that this place is not for you and someone makes you fool by sending you here. She tells him that Nandini is very ugly , fat and  handicapped too and the person who will marry her will soon die.Chandra thinks that  this our enemy trick and he go back. Nandini and her friends started laughing. To know more about  Chandra Nandini serial must watch it only on star plus.

Chandra Nandini 17 October Episode

In the 17 October Episode of Chandra Nandini , Chanakya in stuck in the forest and he is very angry. He is in pain because of injuries and afraid because wind animals are about to attack him. Chandra started fighting with the animals , Chanakya tried to stop him, but he keeps fighting with animals and defeated the animals. Chanakya says to Chandra that animals would have killed him , he says that he did this to save us. After that, Chandra started searching food and his father told him that he can see a King on him.

Chandra Nandini 14 oct episode

In the 14 October episode of Chandra Nandini serial, Chandra enters in the Pataliputra, mora sees the moon twinkling in the sky then she smiles with tears in the eyes and remembers that Moon is shining similarly during the birth of Chandra. On the onther hand Chandra is very happy as he is in Pataliputra. Meanwhile, Nandini says to moon I don’t like your shine please. Chanakya and his followers enter Pataliputra and he says this is magad I was born here.

Chandra Nandini 13 oct episode

In the 13 October episode of Chandra Nandini, Chandra’s father slap him and his mother tries to stop him. Chandra’s Baba (father) beat him because he wants to buy alcohol and Chandra hide the money. Then he leaves the house , Chandra says his mother that this money is yours and no one can snatch your money from you. He tells his mom why don’t  you leave this man, who always hurt you. His mother says I love him , he is my love and love gives you a strength. Chandra says love is the weakness, it makes you weak, I hate to love and love will never make me weak in my whole life.

Chandra Nandini 12 oct episode

In the 12 October episode of Chandra Nandini , Chandra gives his mother a honey comb because she love it but his father says no one will touch it because I will sell it. Chandra says that this is for My mother not for sale. Chandra father tells him that if he will give him money every day then he will not sell the honey comb. And than Chandra father started hitting her mother and leave the house. He told her mother that why you love Baba , he hit you every day still you love him. How it is possible ??

Chandra Nandini 11 oct episode

As expected Chandra Nandini has broken all the previous records. Story begin at historical note goes before the birth of Chandra Gupta Maurya. Where the parents of Chandra Gupta very excited for his birth.

Chandra Nandini 10 Oct episode

Finally, the most awaited television serial Chandra Nandini is going to start in few hours on star plus. Where the story of the greatest empire of Indian history i.e. Maurya Empire will be revealed. Chandra Nandini serial first episode will show the history and lifetime achievements of King Chandra Gupta Maurya the character played by Rajat Tokas. On another hand warrior Princess Nandini lost her everything and get married to Chandra Gupta Maurya who killed her father with the intentions to revenge of her father’s death. Chandra Nandini serial star plus definitely takes you on the journey of Indian history. For make the story more entertaining Ekta Kapoor added a tadka of love and romance with the character of Nandini who doesn’t exist in reality.

Chandra Nandini : The Most Awaited Show Of Star Plus

Now your wait is over because the most awaited serial Chandra Nandini is going to premiere today only on star plus , so booked your seat in front of your television because I am sure your whole family member will definitely watch this show. Chandra Nandini serial is based on the life of historical character Chandra Guta Maurya and Nandini and every age group will enjoy this serial. On 10th October 2016 , star plus serial Chandra Nandini will gonna released and by this serial viewers can know about historical warrior Chandra Guta Maurya and some incident related to his life. The Director Ranjan Kumar Singh , worked very hard just to make all the scenes real and captivating. Rajat Tokas who was last seen in colour’s supernatural serial Naagin will be seen in this serial. He got the fame with his debut serial Jodha Akber which was released on Zee Tv. Viewers love him in a King role and this has already proved in his first serial because Jhoda Akber was highest TRP gaining serial of its time.
Now Rajak is back with most amazing show of star plus Chandra Nandini with Shweta Basu Prasad

Chandra Nandini first episode

Your wait is going to end now as the with the grand entrance of historical drama series Chandra Nandini tomorrow is the day when the revengeful love story of a king and a warrior princess. Well, everyone is expecting Ekta Kapoor to show real story of Chandra Gupta Maurya with Chandra Nandini. But, alike Jodha Akhbar in Chandra Nandini we will also see a fictional character even the lead Nandini is completely a fictional character in reality which doesn’t exist. In the history of India, the greatest emperor Chandra Gupta Maurya’s wife name is Durdhara who is not a princess but she was a common girl cousin of Chandra Gupta Maurya his eldest uncle’s daughter. Durdhara and Chandra have shared a soulful loving relationship in contrast Promos of Chandra Nandini showed Nandini  as the greatest enemy of Chandra. First Episode of Chandra Nandini we will see the historical bringings of Chandra Gupta Maurya.

Chandra Nandini – 2 days to go

Chandra Nandini star plus most awaited historical love story is just 2 days away from your television screens. Rajat Tokas and Shweta Basu all set to share television screen with Chandra Nandini both of them are very much confident about the show’s success. Shweta looks beautiful in ethical costumes with heavy jewellery in the promos of Chandra Nandini star plus promos. Where she always seeks a chance to kill the killer of her father i.e. Chandra Gupta Mourya not with fight or war but with love. If will interesting to watch how this revenge turns into love with Chandra Nandini.

Chandra Nandini is one of the most awaited shows of the star plus channel and now only two days are left. On 10 October i.e Monday Chandra Nandini will appear on screen sharp 8:30 PM, so if you want to keen to know about the life of Chandragupta Maurya than must watch this show. Star plus serial Chandra Nandini is fully based on the life of Chandra Nandini and how he won the heart of Nandini who hate him as he killed her father. Chandra Nandini is a spirited love story of historical personality. Chandra Nandini replace the serial Mere Angne Mein.

Chandra Nandini – 3 days to go

The revengeful love story of Indian television Chandra Nandini going to start just after 3 days on Monday 10th oct the story will be started. After showing a religion oriented revengeful historical series Jodha Akbar now Ekta Kapoor coming up with another love story Chandra Nandini which is started with the motive of revenge but ended to deep love. Magadh’s princess Nandini get merry to her father’s killer the emperor of Maurya Empire Chandra Gupta Maurya to take revenge.

Chandra Nandini serial – Five days to go

Just five days remaining to go for the ultimate historical series of Zee TV Chandra Nandini which is going to uncover the story of greatest emperor of Indian Chandra Gupt Maurya and his wife. After Jodha Akhbar Ekta Kapoor is all set to reveal another revengeful love story. A relation which started with a revenge but gradually turned into love. With Chandra Nandini we will get into the journey of Indian history. Just hold your breath for the TRP breaker show Chandra Nandini on Star plus.

Chandra Nandini latest Promo

Chandra Nandini the revengeful love story going to start from 10 OCT 2016. In the latest promo of Chandra Nandini, star plus makers show the fight between both Chandra Gupt and Nandini. Nandini who always seeks a chance to kill Chandra Gupt make strategies to kill him but the greatest warrior of Indian history always a step forward to her. Well, the interesting fact of Chandra Nandini serial is that how this revenge turns into love. Nandini who is the daughter of Magadh King Dhana Nanda originally known as Durdhara. Nandini hates Chandra Gupt Maurya because he killed her father to acquire the kingdom. Later, Chandra married Nandini. In Chandra Nandini, Nandini will appear to take revenge from Chandra for her father’s death. The Historical Saga by Ekta Kapoor Chandra Nandini will definitely be revealed the untold secrets of Maurya Era to entertain your people.

Chandra Nandini latest News

We all aware of the news that Ekta Kapoor is now focusing on her upcoming historical tale Chandra Nandini, she has great expectations from this serial. After back to back flop movies , Ekta is very strict with her PR team and checked all work by her self. The upcoming star plus serial Chandra Nandini is already is in Buzz because of its lead actress Shweta Basu who was recently in a headline because of her involvement in a Sex racket. After a long period of time such as amazing story will show on the television. Many historical shows are introduced in the last years but they hardly collect the attention of viewers. Bus this time star plus is coming with a new tale which will surely entertain not only housewives but also every age group. To know more much about Chandra Nandini serial stay tuned with us.

Chandra Nandini starts from 10 oct

Most awaited historical drama Chandra Nandini by Ekta Kapoor going to start from 10th October 2016. After getting huge success in drama series Ekta kapoor turned towards historical, horror, supernatural genres. Ekta kapoor’s previous historical serial Jodha Akhbar has broken all the TRP records. Now with Chandra Nandini Ekta Kapoor coming up with another untold story of Indian emperor Chandragupta Maurya. We have read about emperor Chandragupta Maurya in our history books but now Ekta Kapoor’s show Chandra Nandini will be based on the life Chandra Gupta Maurya. Which show the story of Chandra Gupta and female warrior Nandini. Alike Jodha Akhbar, Chandra Nandini serial also come with huge sets, beautiful costumes, heavy jewellery and much more. Historical drama fame Rakat Tokas who played Akhbar in Jodha Akhbar this time also playing the lead as Chandra Gupta Maurya in Chandra Nandini star plus show. Yesterday, on 23 Sep 2016 Ekta Kapoor has launched the Chandra Nandini star plus show in Delhi.

Chandra Nandini launching event

Rajat Tokas and Ekta Kapoor’s upcoming untold historical drama Chandra Nandini creating buzz amongst audience. On 23 Sep Ekta Kapoor with Chandra Nandini star cast Shweta Basu Prasad and Rajat Tokas launched the show in from of media. Where both the stars looking amazing as Chandra Gupt Maurya and Nandini they introduced the character by showing glimpse of the show on the stage.

Chandra Nandini Latest News

Director of upcoming Chandra Nandini,  Santram Verma, is no longer a part of this upcoming historical show because of differences with  Rajat Tokas who is playing the lead role in this show. They also worked in ‘Jodha Akbar’ and their differences were created at that time. Now Rajan Singh has replaced him from the serial Chandra Nandini. This is the first serial of Rajat Tokas with star plus and we hope that Chandra Nandini serial will also get popularity just like his first historical show Jodha Akbar. Chandra Nandini is a most awaited historical serial of Star plus , an audience is keen to see Shweta Basu after a long tine in the Indian Tv serial. After her scandal , Chandra Nandini is her first show and in between, she used to avoid media. Now it will be interesting to watch her again on small screen. Will she love and appreciation that she received for her child role in Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki serial ??

Chandra Nandini Serial Timing / Date

Chandra Nandini Serial will be released on 10th October 2016 on start plus. Chandra Nandini Serial will be aired on 8:30 PM from Monday to Friday only on Star Plus.

Chandra Nandini Serial Promo

The first promo of Chandra Nandini Serial is out and it is very catchy. Shweta is looking fabulous in the Rani get up. After a long time, she appears in the star plus show. It will interesting to watch Shweta once again on the same channel where she started her career in acting as a child actress.

Chandra Nandini Wallpaper

Chandra Nandini episode

chandra nandini episode
Chandra Nandini episode

Rajat Tokas and Shweta Basu in Chandra Nandini

Rajat Tokas and Shweta Basu in Chandra Nandini
Rajat Tokas and Shweta Basu in Chandra Nandini

Rajat Tokas as Chandra in Chandra Nandini

Rajat-Tokas as Chandra in Chandra Nandini
Rajat Tokas as Chandra in Chandra Nandini

Chandra Nandini episode coming soon

chandra nandini episode coming soon
Chandra Nandini episode coming soon

Chandra Nandini Poster

Chandra Nandini Poster
Chandra Nandini Poster

Chandra Nandini Serial photos

Chandra Nandini Serial photos
Chandra Nandini Serial photos

Rajat Tokas in Chandra Nandini

Rajat Tokas in Chandra Nandini
Rajat Tokas in Chandra Nandini

Shweta Basu as Nandini in Chandra Nandini

Shweta Basu as Nandini in Chandra Nandini
Shweta Basu as Nandini in Chandra Nandini

Shweta Basu in Chandra Nandini

Shweta Basu in Chandra Nandini
Shweta Basu in Chandra Nandini

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