Chef Movie Trailer Is Out !

Chef movie Poster/ Trailer


Chef is an upcoming Hindi film directed by Raja Krishna Menon. It features Saif Ali Khan and Padmapriya in the lead roles.It is an official remake of American film Chef (2014).

The trailer of Saif Ali Khan’s much-talked about movie Chef has finally been unveiled by the makers of the film.


    • Saif Ali Khan as Roshan Kalra
    • Padmapriya as Radha Menon
    • Dhanish Karthik
    • Dinesh Prabhakar
    • Chandan Roy Sanyal
    • Sachin Kamble
    • Shayan Munshi
    • Russell Peters

The two-and-a-half minute trailer shows how a professional chef Roshan Kalra (Saif) is so busy in his career that he hardly has any time for his family. “Apne bete ke saath agar koi relationship nahi rahegi, toh teen mission stars bhi kisi kaam ke nahi hain. Khaali paise deke koi acha baap nahi ban jata,” says Roshan’s wife Radha (Padmapriya). In an attempt to reconnect with his family, Roshan tours the city with his son and makes him taste different varieties of food. Later, Roshan quits his job in order to spend more time with his son Hari. He purchases a truck and drives across various cities with him in his restaurant on wheels .



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