Confirmed! Karan Johar to launch Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan


Yes, as the title revealed that there is good news for the Bollywood and also for the viewers that the star son is all set to put his feet in the industry. Here we are talking about the son of the Bollywood’s King Khan SRK, Aryan Khan. Aryan is one of the star child who can clearly see his future from his childhood that one day he must become an actor.

There are lots of confusions and questions in the mind of the fans of SRK that how he is going to launch his son in the industry? From which production house Aryan started his career? Which director getting the chance to direct the Aryan who has acting skills in his blood?Karan Johar to launch Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan

Karan Johar to launch Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan

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These all confusions are solved by the famous director and the best friend of SRK Karan Johar. Karan himself said that he would launch Aryan Khan and no one else can do that. All knows about the strong bond between the SRK and KJO, they are three SRK KJO and Farah but the friendship between the SRK and Karan is special because they are doing lots of movies together from DDLJ up to now. It is not at all surprising to know that Karan is going to launch Aryan while everybody is dying to know Karan’s strategy to launch the star son Aryan either it is a love story or anything else….???

Karan himself confessed in an interview when asked that what he felt about the other Bollywood actors feeling alienated by him as he works extensively with SRK – “I don’t think so. Working with SRK was and is something that I always cherish. I feel whenever there are two people who are strong and close to each other, there is a section of people who are never happy with their closeness. Shah Rukh is beyond family to me. In fact, my equation with him has moved from him to his kids now. I always tell him, ‘I am going to maintain my youth quotient only because I want to launch Aryan (Shah Rukh’s son). No one else can launch Aryan but me (smiles).”

So it is cleared by Karan uncle that no one else can launch SRK’s son. Gouri Khan may be not worried about the two more kids Suhana and Abram because Karan uncle hai na…..

Like the all others from the common or industry background we also waiting very eagerly to see the starson on the screen.



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