Devanshi Upcoming Serial
Devanshi Upcoming Serial

Devanshi Colors

Devanshi Serial 21 oct episode

In the 21 Oct episode of Devanshi serial, Kusum started hurting Mohan than he asks her what are you doing , it hurts me. Devanshi tells him that man does not get hurt if you are getting hurt than wore bangles. Mohan says will Devanshi catch me. Kusum says she is a very clever girl and she has revealed our fake gold coins matter. Kusum told him don’t see her age, see her courage.

Devanshi Serial 20 oct episode

In the 20 Oct episode of Devanshi serial, A boy throws the peel of banana on the road, Devanshi tells him if anyone falls down on the ground? He asks her this is not your business , don’t put your leg on my matter. Suddenly Nutan steps on a banana peel and falls down. Devanshi helps Nutan to stand up but she that Devanshi threw the peel of banana on stairs. She pulls Devanshi’s ears for throwing peel here.

Devanshi Serial 19 oct episode

In the 19 Oct episode of Devanshi serial, Devanshi called  Maa Kusum Sundari as she wanted to talk with her. Maa Kusum Sundari pick the call However,Devanshi is unaware that she is speaking to Maa Kusum herself, she warns her that god will punish her for serve its followers with derision. Meanwhile, Maa Kusum injured her husband to breaks his fast. Later, Sakshi threw  powder in the face of Sarla due to which she is unable to take a breath  and  loses her consciousness.

Devanshi Serial 17 oct episode

In the 17 oct episode of Devashi serial , Sarna has started her drama again and don’t want to go Devanshi to the school. She is very clever and wanted to use Devashi as a source of income by showing him as a Mata Rani’s Avtaar. Colours serial Devashi is collecting good TRP as this serial is successfully entertaining viewers. In the latest episode of Devanshi serial , Sarla somehow convinces Devanshi and she is ready to quit her studies because of her mother. Devanshi serially is very entertaining and which also reveal some  bitter truth of society and how some people play with the emotions of people in the name of God. To latest updates of Devashi serial stay tuned with us.

Devanshi Serial 14 oct episode

In the 14 October episode of Devanshi serial , Sarla is serving dinner to Sakshi and Devanshi and they said the food is the delicious and good smell of desi ghee is also coming outside from the food. Omi also joins them and shows admission forms to Devanshi and Sakshi. Sarla burns the admission forms and says only Sakshi will go to the school, Devanshi will stay at home. Omi gets angry over Salra and said both the girls will go to the school. Devanshi said that if mummy does not want me to go school, I won’t go. Sarla tells Devanshi that her health is not good, if she gets sick, who will take care of her.

Devanshi Serial 13 oct episode

In the 13 October episode of Devanshi serial , Sarla and Omi are worried about Devanshi. Sarla says it Kusum will keep Devanshi by saying that she is temple property. She tells Omi to do something to protect Devanshi from Kusum. Kusum starts acting that someone has exchange the real gold coins. She pretending that she give her all gold jewelry,which her parents gave her. After watching her drama, all people believe her and they apologize to Kusum and started blaming Devanshi. Rajjo protect Devanshi , she said someone planned all this, but this little girl is innocent.

Devanshi Serial 12 oct episode

In the 12 October episode of Devanshi serial, Devanshi started running after the truck to find out the Puppy. When truck stops she entered inside the truck and gets the puppy. Sakshi is also running after Devanshi, she tells Devanshi are you mad? Why you run so fast after the truck. Devanshi passed a smile and tell her to hold the puppy. When the truck leaves the signal, Devanshi falls from the stool and her head is hit by hundi. She falls inside just like she fell years ago.

Devanshi Serial 6 oct episode

In the 6 October episode of Devashi serial , One tiger is escaped from the circus and sit ai the feet of the baby. After watching this all the villagers get shocked. Sarla uses this opportunity instead of saving her baby. All the villagers consider a small baby as aSherawali Maa. Earlier, the police raid Mohan’s house and started inspection of his house. The police are surprised to find woman’s clothes and jewelry in his bedroom.

Devanshi Serial 3 oct episode (first episode)

Devanshi the most awaited serial by colors channel going to start from today at 7 PM. In the month of October colors channel will serve lots of entertainment for the audience as three most awaited serials are going to start from this month only i.e. Bigg Boss 10, Naagin 2 and Devanshi. All three serial are from different genres but one thing is very much sure here that you will get lots of entertainment. Devanshi serial is going to uncover the dark side of Indian society where people are superstitious how their blind belief encouraging criminals and spoiling innocent’s lives. Today in the day when the darkest side of the society going to reveal with Devanshi Serial.

Devanshi Serial starts from 3 oct 2016

Devanshi upcoming colors serial based on most controversial god woman Radhe Maa who tell herself a goddess but in reality she involved in illegal activities. Colors upcoming show Devanshi will also uncover the superstitious belief of Indians. In the lastest news it is revealed that Devanshi serial will also cover the transgender concept. Currently, running Shakti serial which based transgender concept grab audience’s attention the most by getting inspiration from this upcoming Devanshi serial will also have a transgender character in leads which is being played by renowned face of Indian television Aamir Dalvi. Devanshi serial will also gives light of the Child’s character an innocent girl who is popular as goddess but actually she don’t even know the meaning of god. Devanshi serial will be started from 3 oct 2016 on colors channel from Mon to Fri at 7 PM.

Devanshi Serial Wiki

Devanshi is an upcoming serial of Colours tv. This channel is launched many new tv serials in 2016 , now again CEO of Colors channel is ready to bang with its new serial Devanshi. This is a Haryana-based tv show produced by Amir Jaffer and Sonali Jaffer.

Upcoming Devanshi serial of Colors channel is ready to replace most popular and long-running serial Sasural Simar Ka. This was initially a family drama but later makers of the serial add supernatural Tadka  which help Sasural Simar Ka serial to increase its TRP. Devanshi is also a family drama  serial and its story Karuna Pandey have been play leading roles in the show.

Devanshi serial details

  • Channel : Colors
  • Start Date : 3 Oct 2016
  • Timing : 7 PM
  • Days : Mon- Fri

Devanshi serial Star cast

Devanshi Serial PromoActors Aamir Dalvi and Karuna Pandey have been roped in to play leading roles in the serial Devanshi. Aamir Dalvi currently appears in Zindagi channel’s Bhaage Re Mann season 2. On the other hand, Karuna Pandey mostly seen in Bollywood projects and Devanshi is debut serial in the small screen world. Devanshi serial is still under production and will take a couple of months to hit the floor.

Devanshi serial cast

Devanshi in Devanshi Serial – Kashvi Kothari
Priyanka Khera in Devanshi Serial
Mohini/ mohan in Devanshi Serial- Aamir Dalvi (Playing Kinnar in Devashi serial)
God women Maa Kusum Sundari in Devanshi serial – Karuna Pandey
Nisha Nagpal in Devanshi Serial
Priyanka Khera in Devanshi Serial
Mazher Sayed in Devanshi Serial
Dolphin Dwivedi in Devanshi Serial

Devanshi Serial Story/Plot

Devanshi Serial story is very interesting and totally different from other television serials.The story of this show based on Haryana which in focus on the issues related to fallacy. it was rumored that Devanshi serial will replace Colors TV’s long-running series Sasural Simar Ka which is very popular serial and received high TRP for a long time but now with Devanshi Serial Promos it is cleared that Show will telecast at 7 PM which will replace Thapaki Pyar ki show. Devanshi serial will revolve around superstition or blind faith of Indians.

The story of Devanshi serial is based on the life girl whose lived with god-woman’s ‘hundi’ and faces the impact of being a blessed child. ‘Devanshi’serial story will show you the difference of good versus evil, in this case, good powers will defeat the evil god-woman, Mata Kusum Sundari

Devanshi Serial Releasing Date

Devanshi Serial Releasing is not declared as the serial is under production. When makers of the serial declared the broadcast date we will update you soon.

Devanshi Wallpaper

Devanshi Upcoming Serial

Devanshi Upcoming Serial
Devanshi Upcoming Serial

Karuna Pandey In Devanshi

Karuna Pandey In Devanshi
Karuna Pandey In Devanshi

Aamir Dalvi In Devanshi

Aamir Dalvi In Devanshi
Aamir Dalvi In Devanshi



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