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Dil Bole Oberoi Serial Poster
Dil Bole Oberoi Serial Poster

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Dil Bole Oberoi Serial 24 Feb Episode

In the 25 February 2017 episode of Dil Bole Oberoi Shwetlana ask Om for personal made, he says after marriage we will discuss all these thinks. Shwetlana asks her if he loves her, Om says a woman like you are made to hate not for love. Gauri lands in Mumbai and some goon stolen her luggage, she prays to lord Shiv and she falls down. Gauri worries and says what to do now, I have nothing my phone is also stolen, now what should I do! On the other hand, Rudra came to Om and says I know now you become a big businessman, but you can laugh with younger brother, he asks him what happen? On says nothing, he asks him about his party, Rudra recalls the incident of a plane and says it was good. Rudra says I am tired, long journey, we will talk later. Shwetlana gets wine and enter the room of Om and says I will make your tiredness away and smiles. Shwetlana says welcome back Om, lets the game begin and smiles.

Gauri looks at the city, she collided with a car, a man asks is she mad, can’t she the car. Gauri says I m not mad, this city is mad, it swallowed my luggage and phone. She sees lord Ganesh and prays. Gauri says my mobile is stolen now how can I find a job in this new city. She closes her eyes and prays, a man takes the stall, when she open her eyes stall goes, she says where are you taking it. One man says this stall is for shooting. She sees an inspector and says, sir, my luggage is missing,I was finding you, I have to file a report. The man says I, not a real police this costume is for shooting. Guari sits on the bench and counting her money only 250 rupees are left. She says how can I survive in this money in such a costly city where even water is not free. The breeze comes and her dupatta falls down. Two goons come and started teasing her, she prays to lord Shiv, goons here the voice of police and goes back.

Dandy laughs and says it’s me, I came here to save you from goons. She tanks idol Shiv, Dandy says this is not fair I save you and you say thanks to Shiv Ji and both laugh. He takes her at his home, where she found many costumes and wear the Chulbul Pandey’s dress and smiles. Dandy says you can stay here until you did not find a job, I have to leave for shooting. He leaves. Gauri says he is so nice and I am lucky in this strange city I found a man like him and looks around. She prays to get some job.Next morning Gauri and Dendy sit in a tea stall and he asks her what is you planning? She sys today to I am going to find out a job, he says best of luck and gave her visiting card in case of any urgency.

Dil Bole Oberoi Serial 24 Feb Episode

In the 24 February episode of Dil Bole Oberoi serial, Rahul Dev as Kaali Thakur looking amazing on the screen. He did many negative roles in the movie but this is the first time when he is playing the role of villain in the television serial. Dil Bole Oberoi serial start with Om, he is waiting for his train in the railway station, Kaali comes and started fighting with Om. He is about to raises the sword on Om but Shivaya comes and holds the swords. Om looks at Shivaay, he says I can bear my wounds but can’t bear that someone gives any scratch to my brothers. Kaali’s men attack Shivaay and Om but beat them. Kaali gets up and holds his sword but he himself fall on the sword. Shivaye and Om sitting at the station and Shivaay says to Om I can understand the situation because I had already faced these problems, you are a strong boy and will definitely proof himself. On the other hand, Gauri went to her home to see her mother, her mom asks her why you come here, Kaali’s man is still searching you.

Gauri says I came here to take you with me. Her friend comes and asks the same question. Gauri’s mother asks her where is Damad Ji, she remember Om’s word and started crying. Gauri says to her mother he is in a station, how can I leave you in such conditions, I will stay here with you. Gauri’s friend says I will take care of her, you should not come here again. Gauri is crying inside by thinking the words of Om. She thinks how can I tell you my marriage was fake, Om even don’t want to see my face. Her mother says I know your marriage happens in a tough situation but now you are his wife, promise me that you will always respect this relation and protect his Maryada, you will always love your husband.

Gauri promises to her mother to keep the relation till her death. Her mother blesses her and asks her to go Mumbai with Om. Gauri says yes and leaves. On the other hand, Mohini threatens Soumya that she will destroy her life. Rudra’s friend says to him that you and Soumya shares a special bond and I can it. Rudra comes to Soumya and asks her not to think too much, whatever she said, it was not right.

Dil Bole Oberoi Serial 23 Feb Episode

In the 23 February episode of Dil Bole Oberoi serial, Om fills Gauri’s maang with his blood. She sees his face. Om says to men now she is my wife and it is our personal matter you no need to interfere. One man says we are not excepting this marriage as filling maang in such a way does not mean marriage happened, you have to take fere around fire only then we accept your marriage.
Om ignites the fire into wood sticks and holds Gauri’s hand, he recalls her wound and lifts her. Gauri looks at him surprisingly. Om completes seven around the fire and put Gauri down and says now marriage is completed. Gauri’s mother smiles happily and gives blessing to them.Om asks men to leave, Gauri is still confused and not say anything.

On the other hand, Saumya is upset by recalling Rudra’s misbehavior for her. Nandini says a pilot is dead, now the plane is going to crash. Man ask them to press the lever, they try to press it but it is very tight. Nandini says we are going to die and started crying. The man asks to call someone overweight who can pull the lever. Rudra thinks about Soumya and says she can do it.

The villagers inform Kaali and his brothers about Gauri’s marriage. Kaali’s brother asks Kaali to go, I
will manage this. Kaali gets up but Pandit Ji stops him and says the only husband can do this ritual, otherwise your wife won’t get peace. Kaali says if Gauri gets saved my soul will not get peace.
Gauri things about the moment in which Om saved her and married her. Om ask Gauri now every think is fine, now you can go where you want to go. She asks where. Om says what do you mean, goons are gone, now you are free, you can go your way. She says how can you say that we are husband and wife now. Om says let me clear it, our marriage is all drama to save you, Gauri says drama was fake but the marriage was not.

Om says will you shut up, you want to trap a rich guy, by the name of marriage. I hate you and don’t want to see your face, now please leave me. Gauri says what are you saying, Om pushes her and she falls down and gets hurt. Gauri says I always believe lord Shiv, he sent you to save me, I will never let you go. I don’t want any things from you but now you are my husband, I always love you and respect you.

Dil Bole Oberoi Serial 23 Feb Episode

Alike Ishqbaaz Dil Bole Oberoi Serial also getting successful in to entertain audience. People linking the story ofDil Bole Oberoi star cast Omkara, Gauri, Rudra and Somya as well. In the last episode of Dil Bole Oberoi we have seen Omkara save Gauri and tied knot with her, on other hand Somya saved Rudra in the cost of her life. But Rudra still hates her and blame her to be a reason for his family’s broken relationship. Offcourse Omkara in Dil Bole Oberoi serial saved Gauri but denied to accept her as his wife. Dil Bole Oberoi serial taking new twist and turns everyday and unfold the new secret of the Oberois. In the coming episodes of Dil Bole Oberoi serial it will interesting to watch Omkara and Rudra’s love story take what turns?

Dil Bole Oberoi Serial 22 Feb Episode

In the 22 February episode of Dil Bole Oberoi serial, Om asks one man the direction of a railway station, a man tells him the direction. Kaali Thakur asks her man to put Gauri inside the pit.Gauri cries and shouts please leave me. Kaali’s servant put Gauri inside the pit and cover her with soil, only her head is outside the pit. She cries, Kaali distributes stones to every man and asks them to hit her. He asks a man who will hit her first raise his hands. Uncle misses the shot. Kaali says now I will hit her. Snakes come there to protect Gauri. Kaalo asks how did this snake come.

Everyone pray to a snake. Kaali thinks if a snake is hurt, these men will throw stones at us. Kaali’s men try to take the snake away but they get scared. Kaali says you all are useless and goes. Kaali throws the snakes with the help of sticks and says now Naaagdevta is gone, will start. Kaali takes the stone and hit Gauri, she gets injured and cries. People around Gauri also throw stones at her. Gauri shouts Maa, her mother and kids come and request Kaali to free Gauri. Gauri’s mother started digging a pit, Kaalis says throw stones. The villagers say wait for our children will get hurt.
Gauri comes out of the pit and tries to run. Kaali asks his men to move the kids. He says see this girl ran away, if she gets saved, your family will get spoiled, go and now catch her fast. Kaali asks his men to kill Gauri if they get a chance.
On the other hand, Soumya sees the girl who aiming a gun at Rudra. Rudra closes eyes. Soumya runs and holds the girl. The girl shoots inside the plane. The plane loses it to control and all people inside the plane stumble and fall. The girl again aim a gun at Rudra, Soumya stands in front of Rudra, he looks at her. The girl shoots but there is no bullet. Soumya takes wine bottle and hit the girl and Rudra catches the girl.

Gauri’s mother and kids secure Gauri, villager sees Gauri, her mother asks kids villagers are near to us. She asks Gauri to run fast till then they will stop people. Gauri sees two ways and prays to God to show the right path. She chooses the first path and says to God I have believed on you. She runs and collides with Om, he holds her hand. She sees him.

Dil Bole Oberoi Serial 21 Feb Episode

Dil Bole Oberoi serial 21 Feb episode Gauri to save Omkara. Omkara who got injured in the Jungle just because of Gauri who accidentally fell on Omkara and they both fall in the river then they reached in the Jungle. Accidentally Omkara stuck in the bad situation where he attacked with a tir with poison. Gauri tried to save him any how. Today in Dil Bole Oberoi serial 21 feb episode we will how she will save Omkara. Will she get succeed to save Omkara or we will lost the hero. To get more updated keep reading and watch latest Dil bole oberoi serial episode on star plus at 10:30 PM.

Dil Bole Oberoi 20 Feb Episode

In the 20 Feb episode of Dil Bole Oberoi serial Gauri cries while taking rounds in a Mandap. She is thinking to run from the Mandan and then she got a chance to run from the marriage. Gauri runs and hides from Kaali’s man. Kaali says to his man’s find out that girls she have to pay a heavy amount for such mistake, now even lord Shiv Ji can’t save her. Gauri runs in a jungle and collides with Om.

Om gets shocked after seeing her and ask her why you run away from marriage. He says I can’t believe this, now you cheated Kaali also. The men look for her and find her here and there.

Om continuously blaming Gauri, he says what kind of girl are you,first you ruined Kaali’s wife’s life, then you made Kaali dance on your fingers and now you ran away from marriage by taking money. Now I understand why you ask for my phone, you want a phone to make a plan with your lovers. Gauri cries and says how can you judge me without knowing me, Om says I don’t want to know you. He says you are a shameless girl who enjoys her life after breaking someone’s home. Gauri says I run away from the mandap because I am very helpless. Om says I know a girl like you, girls like you used to play with man’s feelings for money. He recalls Tej, Jhanvi, and Shwetlana. Gauri says you don’t know from which situations I am going through, whatever you did to me, I would never see your face in my life, Om says I also don’t want to see you. Om stands near the door of the train and looking at the sky. He takes a phone to call. Kaali’s men see Gauri. She runs and shouts Omkara, he turns to her. She stumbles and holds him Om holds the train door railing. They fall down in the river.

Gauri cures Om and says when you will know that truth, you will shame on you. Kaali’s men come and find Gauri. A cloth falls over Gauri and Om. The people lift the cloth. Om gets conscious and starts leaving. Kaali’s men catch Gauri. She shouts Omkara, please help.

On the other hand, Rudra greets girls who are sitting just next to him on the flight. He stars talks to a girl. She says Nandini told a lot about you. Rudra thinks Shivaye bhaiya is right, the name matters a lot. He started flirts with her. Nandini comes and asks what are you doing here, this is my seat and stops flirting with my cousin. Gauri pushes Om into the river, he comes out of waters and cleans his face. He says if this girl comes in front of me I will kill her. Gauri says it was not my mistake, I told you many time to move aside but you did not listen to me so I jumped.

Dil Bole Oberoi 18 Feb Episode

In the 18 Feb episode of Dil Bole Oberoi serial three grooms are setting in a Mandap, Gauri gets shocked after seeing three grooms and refuse to do marriage. Kaali Thakur pulls her chain and makes her fall down on the ground. Om comes near his car and searches his key, he says where did the keys go, I thing it feel down in the haveli. Om tells servant he wants to go back to haveli, my keys are left. Kaali says to Gauri I have always shared everything with my brother, I can’t leave them behind. A girl is one who brings happiness in the house and joins the house. Gauri crying and say I will never do this. Kaali says Mahurat is passing come fast to Mandap, she denies. Om is on the way. Kaali says If you are not coming with me, you don’t imagine what can do with your mom.

On the other hand, Rudra talks to his friend at a phone, she asks him you are coming in Nandini and Aditya’s engagement. Rudra says yes I will come with Soumya. Chubby, his friend says please don’t invite Soumya. Chubby call Soumya and ask her to come to the party, she says sorry I can’t come. Chubby says you have to come and Rudra is not coming so don’t worry. She says a plan is successful, uncle ask what? One man fills the room of Gauri’s mother with smoke and her mother starts a cough. Nihar kicks the man. He dressed like a superhero. They free Gauri’s mom and take her along. Gauri cries in a Mandap, Om about to enter in the Haveli but he stops himself and says I don’t want to see her face again and ask servant about the car’s key. He gives him the keys and Om leaves.

Dil Bole Oberoi 17 Feb Episode

In the 17 Feb episode of Dil Bole Oberoi serial, Thakur Kaali behaving rudely with Gauri and announce that today Gauri will dance in front of everyone. He says today I will weigh Gauri with gold and money. One man bring weighing machines, Gauri bears this humiliation because of her mother, once she gets a chance to talk with Nahar she will free her mother from the cage of her chacha and Chachi.

Om thinks I have seen many house breakers, Shwetlana is one of the examples but I have never seen such as a shameless girl who is celebrating after breaking a house. Kali pushes Gauri for weighing her and put gold coins and bricks. Men comment on her and laugh. Om looks at her, Kaali says all this gold is a marriage gift for you and announced now Gauri will serve drinks to everyone. Kaali ask her to first serve to special guest Om, she goes Om, he refuses to take. Gauri asks Om to take the drink Kalli will be glad. Nahar calls Gauri from his friends numbers, the boy asks her to call back. Gauri hides her phone in her Lahanga but falls down. Kaali asks her what happen, she says nothing. Kaali asks men to sit as the dance is about to begun. Gauri starts to dance on hoton me aise baat me, She holds the hand of Om as she wants to pick the call but Om removes his hand. Kaali finds his mobile phone on the floor and asks his servant to pick up the phone. He asks him who is breaks and where you find this? The servant says it was near the stage where all the men are dancing. Kaali thinks how my phone reach here and its dead now. Gauri collides with Om and asks him for his phone. Om says whom do you want to talk, she says I can’t tell you but it is urgent please let me make one call. Kaali comes and asks what is going here, Gauri says nothing I was asking time, Om denies, she was asking my phone to call someone. Kaali looks at her and says I also want to know whom she wants to talk, Gauri says it’s my friend Lajjo. Om thinks, she is a liar, her innocent face doesn’t suit her. Om thanks, Kalli Thakur and leave.

Dil Bole Oberoi 16 Feb Episode

In the 16 Feb episode of Dil Bole Oberoi serial, Gauri’s chacha force full convenience Gauri to ties a knot with Kaali Thakur. She has tears in her eyes and walks ahead towards Mandap. Om enter in the Kaali Thakur’s haveli. Gauri’s feets are chained. Om sees Gauri as the bride and get shocked. He recalls Jhanvi’s suicide attempt and the lady’s words. Om see Shwetlana behind Gauri and she smiles. Gauri comes to Om. He thinks Gauri is just like Shwetlana, Gauri tries to show him her chain and she signs him. Gauri drop her accessories and Om picks it up, he said that it is not just a thread it is a blessing of elders for new life. Gauri says if relation is strong , no one can break it. Om says these words does not suits you. She says without knowing me don’t judge me Gauri ask him what do you know about me , he says i don’t want to waste my precious time to know you personally. Om says you are such a fallen girl, she says I have only my mother in this world and I can do anything to save her. Om asks will you break other’s house for your happiness. Gauri replies you can’t understand my helplessness. Both of them started an argument and he leaves. Kaali says Shayari for Guri and asks men to praise him. Gauri knocks the door of Kaali’s room, he says a fire is on both the sides. She says open my chain, he unlocked her chain and all the man leaves.

Gauri tells him, I m not happy with this marriage, I don’t want to marry you but Kaali says I want to marry you and that’s enough. She says I am doing this marriage for my mother and you have to promise that you will take care of my mother too.

Dil Bole Oberoi 14 Feb Episode

In the 14 Feb episode of Dil Bole Oberoi ask Gauri ask Om his big brother name, he says Shivaay, she says he is so kind and good person but you are very cruel. Om tells her thief and asks her to return his phone. Gauri says don’t call me a thief I am about to return your mobile. She says to call at home as Anika, Rudra, and Shivaay is waiting for a call and worried about you. He asks how you know about my family? Did you talk to my family? She says yes your phone was ringing so many times, what would I do. At least you could call you family from PCO. Om says I don’t want your advice now your saying lot. Gauri replies I am like this since my birth and you are just like Chul Bul Pandey and star laughing. Gauri return his phone and says tell Anika I liked talking with her and we will meet some day in life. Gauri goes, Om says she is a girl or a problem. Gauri and her mother come home and her Chachi ask her about money. Gauri asks her how you get this money, you sold my house? She says no I sold you, Gauri gets shocked. Her Chachi fixed her marriage with Kaali Thakur. Gauri scolds her and cries, she says I prefer death instead of marrying him. Her Chacha slaps her and says what if your mother dies, he put her mother near the hot coal. Gauri cries and says leave Maa I will marry Kaali Thakur and started crying.
He leaves her mom. Gauri cries a lot and hug her mother and goes to her room. She wants to leave the house but because of her mother, she will marry.

Dil Bole Oberoi 1 Episode

In the 1 episode of Dil Bole Oberoi serial, Om reached in Bareilly and gets down from a car and looks at the temple. He got a call from Shivaay, he asks him where are you and did deal lock? Om says I just landed here and will manage don’t worry and will back soon. Shivaay ask him are you fine, you are not sounded fine. He asks him If there is a problem I will come just let me inform. Om says I have to go call you later. Gauri is also in the temple. Om put his phone in the pocket but it falls down. The man asks Om to see the land, Om sees that one girl argues with a boy that her Prem will come to Bareilly. She walks by Om and her dupatta flies over him, he turns to see Guri and turn back. Anika try to call Om but he is not answering the call, Gauri says I can not pick the call and tell her Bhabi to pick the phone. Her Bhabi was not there so she picks the call, Anika asks where are you, she says I am in Bareilly, Anika gets confused why Om is talking like a girl, Gauri says I am a girl and I found this mobile on the road. Anika says I am getting Michi Michi, hope everything is fine there. Gauri says yes everything is fine here and cut the phone.

Dil Bole Oberoi starts from 13 Feb

Much awaited sequel of the most popular serial of the year Ishqbaaz, Dil bole Oberoi going to start from today from 13 Feb 2017. After Ishqbaaz success, all three Oberoi made space in the hearts of the audience and now people wants to watch more stuff from the makers of Ishqbaaz. So, after get to know about this maker of Ishqbaaz have decided to make another series for the audience and as the result, dil bole Oberoi came in existence. Dil bole Oberoi serial will be live from today on 10:30 PM just after ishqbaaz. Makers have launched Dil bole Oberoi in the season of Love on the day of love and romance i.e. “Valentine’s day”. Dil bole Oberoi on star plus will put light on the love stories of all three boys but more on Omkara and Rudra’s love story. Well, your wait is going to end on today at 10:30 PM.

Dil Bole Oberoi serial details

Channel – Star Plus
Star Cast – Shrenu Parikh, Kunal Jaisingh, Nehal, Nehalakshmi Aiyyar, Leenesh Mattoo, Rahul Dev
Start Date – 13 February 2017
Days – Everyday
Time – 10.30 PM
Genre – Drama
Language – Hindi

Dil Bole Oberoi Serial Wiki

Dil Bole Oberoi is a mini-series of popular running serial Ishqbaaz. The makers of the show have much more thing to show but because of the 22-minute slot, they are not able to show their all content. Now in Dil Bole Oberoi serial, you will see the story of all other family members that were being overshadowed by Shivay’s love story. Ishqbaaz serial is now become a Shivaay centric, therefore the stories of Rundra and Om are untouched, that is the reason makers created the show Dil Bole Oberoi. It will focus on Kunal Jaisingh and Shrenu Parikh’s love story along with the Oberoi family’s story. The show will replace the star plus show P.O.W – Bandi Yuddh Ke which is fail to collect average TRP in the television. This is first time when one channel has launched the sequel of the show and Dil Bole Oberoi is a great initiative by Star Plus.

Dil Bole Oberoi Serial Star Cast

  • Shrenu Parikh
  • Kunal Jaisingh
  • Nehalaxmi Iyer
  • Leenesh Mattoo
  • Rahul Dev

Dil Bole Oberoi Serial Story

The show Dil Bole Oberoi is based on the love story of Om and his love interest Shrenu Parikh. This is a come back show of Shrenu Parikh who got the popularity in show Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? After the gape of two years, again she is all set to spread her acting’s magic on television screen. The Ishqbaaz serial is now fully turned into Anika and Shivaay’s love story, leaving no space for other characters. So the makers of the show created Dil Bole Oberoi, which will showcase the story of rest of the family members. Aftar from Kunal and Shrenu, you will also see the sweet love story of Leenesh Mattoo and Nehalakshmi Aiyyar.

Dil Bole Oberoi Serial Date / Time

The show Dil Bole Oberoi will release on 13 Faburray 2017 only on star plus at 10.30pm.

Dil Bole Oberoi Serial Promo

The promo of the show Dil Bole Oberoi Serial is released in which you will see the new entry Shrenu Parikh in the show.

Dil Bole Oberoi Wallpaper

Dil Bole Oberoi Serial Poster

Dil Bole Oberoi Serial Poster
Dil Bole Oberoi Serial Poster

Neha Lakshmi Iyer In Dil Bole Oberoi

Neha Lakshmi Iyer In Dil Bole Oberoi
Neha Lakshmi Iyer In Dil Bole Oberoi

Kunal Jaisingh In Dil Bole Oberoi

Kunal Jaisingh In Dil Bole Oberoi
Kunal Jaisingh In Dil Bole Oberoi

Dil Bole Oberoi Serial Photos

Dil Bole Oberoi Serial Photos
Dil Bole Oberoi Serial Photos

Nakul Mehta in DIl Bole Oberoi

Nakul Mehta in DIl Bole Oberoi
Nakul Mehta in DIl Bole Oberoi

Dil Bole Oberoi Serial

Dil Bole Oberoi Serial
Dil Bole Oberoi Serial

Leenesh Mattoo in Dil Bole Oberoi

Leenesh Mattoo in Dil Bole Oberoi
Leenesh Mattoo in Dil Bole Oberoi

Dil Bole Oberoi Episode

Dil Bole Oberoi Episode
Dil Bole Oberoi Episode

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