Divynka Tripath : Preparations started in Bhopal

Yeh Hai Mohhbatein  fame Divynka Tripathi as Ishita being bound in marriage on July 8.On January 17 Divynka Tripathi engaged with actor Vivek Dahiya. After dating seven months they decide to get married. The reception party will be held on July 10 in Chandigarh.

Divynka Tripathi Wedding Preparations

Divyanka Tripathi engagement photo
Divyanka Tripathi engagement photo

– Divynka and Vivek will get married having all traditional wedding music, henna, and a reception, will include all three functions.
– The wedding will be in Bhopal Divynka’s hometown and reception will be at Chandigarh.
– On July 7 , there will be a Wedding music ceremony at Bhopal
– Wedding rituals will be completed on July 8.
– A reception will be held on July 10 at the Home Town Vivek in Chandigarh.
– In all these functions, their family members and friends will be present.
– After wedding Divynka and Vivek throw a party for Friends .

Preparations started in Bhopal

– According to reports, in the hometown Bhopal Divynka’s wedding preparations are done.
– His sister Priyanka Tiwari and mother Neelam Tripathi make all the wedding plans.
– Wedding Dress , hosting to function as many things have been Finalize.
– After shooting Divynka daily discussed with her mother and sister about the wedding preparations.



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