Ek Shringar Swabhimaan

ek shringar swabhiman serial poster
ek shringar swabhiman serial poster

Ek Shringar Swabhimaan 27 Feb Episode

In the 27 Feb episode of Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan serial, Naina tells mom gave me a book for studies and Meghna says she gave an idol of saraswati. Sandhya says what? Is she given to you? Dada ji says Sharda knows very well what to gift, this is the reason I respect her a lot. Sandhya fues. Dada ji reminds Meghna that she has to join office tomorrow and ask Naina what she wants to do. Naina says I want to do MBA like Meghna didi. He asks Karan to take care of his wife.

Naina asks Karan if she can use his study table, Karan says okay, I will give one section of my study table but not to cross it. Naina says okay. He shares her table. Naina thanks, Karan, he says it’s ok, She says not for a table but for Bundi trip. Karan asks not to be happy and don’t expect much with this marriage. On the other hand, Asha brings Vishal inside the house, she asks why you slap that man. Asha says to Sharda if now she is happy. Vishal asks hiis father to say something and walk inside in shock. Asha says to Vishal now your father’s respect is ruined, he is being punished for spendinghis hard hand money on others marriage. Sharda gets hurt.

Meghna prays to God that she will do what my mother wants please give me the patience to deal with any situation. Kunal comes and hold her hand and says God will fulfill your wishes and says I only want you from God. Meghna smiles and hugs him.
Meghna asks him what you are doing? He says I am romancing with my wife. Meghnna asks him to leave her and open the door. A servant informs Meghna that Sandhya is calling her. Meghna tells Kunal that Sandhya is calling her, Kunal asks for a kiss. Meghna kisses on his cheeks and goes. Kunal smiles. Sandhay ask Naina and Meghna that Nandkishore’s friends are coming for dinner, they are very rich when they ask what you get from pagphera rasam then show this. Meghna and Naina open the gift and shocked, they says we are happy with our gifts, Sandhaya says I can understant you feeling but guests will not understand that. She asks them to show them these expensive gifts. Meghna refuses. Sandhya says you have to do this for our family’s reputaion. Naina says okay. She tells Meghna that they shall keep the gifts and go. Sharda is going to police station and says everyone shall know that we don’t have money at home. Kalpana thinks we had much money and gets tensed. Vishal says I will also come with you. Meghan and Naina are unaware from which her mother is going through, they are busy in making food for guest. Meghna thinks how to take revench with Nandkishore and this is a right time to insult him infront of his all rich friends.

Ek Shringar Swabhimaan 24 Feb Episode

In the 24th  February 2017 episode of Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan Vaibhav asks Karan why you keep this umbrella with you always, Naina thinks I also want to know this. Karan says I have very fewer friends and this umbrella is my best friend that’s why stays with me, it save me from rain and sunlight. I can share all my problems with it and listen to me carefully and don;t even share my secrets with anyone. Naina here all his feelings about his umbrella and thinks his heart is very pure just like kid. Vaibhav says your umbrella is like my Raghav and says we also stay together always. Vishal says you can also do a dance with your umbrella, Karan smiles and see Naina then he goes.
Sharda oiling hairs of Naina, she says it feels like I am combing my hairs after years, Sharda says time passes very fast. She says I miss both of you very much, today you leave. Naina says to  Meghna that their strong mother gets emotional too, she says strongest people are emotional too. Sharda wipes her tears and gives the box to Naina and Meghna, they open the box and sees saree.
 Meghna says it is beautiful. Sharda says Vishnu took it for Chiku, but then she didn’t get a chance to wear. She says I am thinking to give this saree to Khyati and tell Meghna to give this saree to  Khyati on her behalf.
Vishal and Gopal are buying vegetables in the market, he tells Vishnu that he feel good to have some vegetable. Vishnu comes to a pan shop and asks the shop owner to make one a plain pan. Some of her friends taunt him by saying you are still stuck with plan pan we though now have conceived some rich people habits. Vishnu says I don’t understand what you want to say? One man asks Vishal how much you take from  Chauhan’s for your nieces’ wedding. Vishnu is shocked, what is this nonsense. He says please teach me how to search rich boy for my daughters also and laugh. Asha and Sharda also listen to him. Glopal asks him to keep his mouth shut. Vishu is about to hit the man but Sharda stops him and says everyone known about  Vishnu’s respect.
Naina and Meghan come back to their Sasural, they touched the feet of Dada ji, he blessed them. Nirmala says aarti is going to start let’s. join us.  Nand Kishore comes, Sandhayathey touches his feet. Nirmala asks Meghna about the trip, Khyati makes faces and says her brother’s faces get dull in one day. Nirmala scolds her. Sandhya asks Karan and Kunal what they got from their Sasural, Kunal says we enjoyed a lot and show her enSandhyasays we had only expected this from Sharda. Meghna says Maa has given a sare for  Khyati. Khyati opens the box and sees saree and maker bed faces. She throw the box of saree on the ground and Nand Khisore walk over it.

Ek Shringar Swabhimaan 23 Feb Episode

In the 23 February episode of Ek Shringaar Shwabhiman serial, Karan asks Naina to move from his way, Naina asks him why you have not told anything inside. She says everyone is thinking that we are happy, Karan says I don’t want to create any drama. Karan wants to leave but Naina close the door and says I will not let you go today and is about to close the door, but Meghna sees her. She enters the room and takes Naina out the room. Meghna ask Naina what happen? Why Karan is upset. Meghna says to Naina I am with you just tell me what is wrong between you and Karan? Naina hugs Meghna and cries, she tells her Karan is not happy with the marriage. Naina tells her that Karan had opened the ghatbandhan during fere, he even asked me to ho home back after vidai. Meghna says Marriage is not a jock, Naina tells her that Karan doesn’t believe in this marriage. Meghna says we will talk with Karan, Naina stops her and says no this is not a right time to talk about this topic. Naina says initially even for me it was not easy to accept this marriage this is the biggest truth of my life. Meghna gets emotional. Sharda comes and asks them what you both are talking? Meghna wipes her tears and smiles. Naina says we recall our childhood memories. They hold Sharda’s hand and hug her. Some goon enters the house, Sharda asks Meghna to check Karan and Kunal if they need anything. She goes and sees goons are entered in the Gopal’s room. She thinks Vishal is going. Kalpana wakes up and shouts, goons run out from the room. Karan is about to catch the goons but stops himself.

Meghna asks him why did you not stop the goons, they stolen money. Kalpana cries and says goons stolen 5 lakhs rupees. Everyone gets tense. In the morning Sharda doing Pooja, Meghna says I know mom will be there, she teaches us to do pooja every day. Kunal and Karan comes and wishes everyone, Visha brings Jalebi for everyone. After breakfast Karan says now we should leave, Sharda gives envelopes to Karan and Kunal as a Shagun. Kunal hugs shared and says we will come soon to meet you and smiles.

Ek Shringar Swabhimaan 22 Feb Episode

In the 22 Feb episode of Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan serial everyone sitting in a dining table for dinner, Khayati says I don’t eat such oily food, Vishal says than how you became fat? Kunal asks her to eat roti. Kalpana asks Karan if she also knows Naina before marriage, Karan says no. Kalpana says nowadays boy and girls know each other before marriage but behave like they are a stranger. Now it becomes a fashion to convert love marriage into arranging marriage. Karan says we did not know each other before marriage and thinks these people have hope, this is a right time to tell everything. He says I want to tell you something, Sharda says I also want to thank you for marrying Naina in such a tough circumstances. She added you and Naina saved our respect otherwise our family respect get ruined. Sharda says I am very happy to have both of you as my Damad. Kalpana says Karan want to say something let him speak. Sharda says I believe him, he is a nice man. Kalpana asks Karan to say, he thinks that they welcomed us nicely even after the huge mess in the wedding. He says I want to tell you that food is really good just like my mom makes.

Sharda smiles and asks him to finish the food. She serves more food to Karan. Kunal asks if her love is for Karan only. She also makes Kunal have food with her hand. Khyati comes for hand wash and asks for handwash, she says I will not wash my hands with soap it is unhygienic. Vishal says I am a doctor and know more about hygiene than you. Khayati asks Vishal to bring something else for hand wash, he signs toward ash. Khyati says how dare you, I will complain to my dad, Vishal says no problem, I already get slapped by him. Sharda asks Khyati to stay here, she says I can’t stay without air condition. Meghna says let her go. Sharda asks Karan to stay here, he agrees.

Ek Shringar Swabhimaan 21 Feb Episod

In the 21 February episode of Ek Shringar Swabhiman serial, Meghna asks Asha and Kalpana about the matter. They accuse Meghna of hiding the truth about Karan and her. Meghna looks on surprisingly. Naina is in a kitchen. Sharda asks Naina why did Karan have not come. Naina says he has some urgent work in a home. Sharda thinks why she is lying. Meghna asks them not to accuse her mother and says she was not aware that Karan and I know each other since college days.

She asks Kalpana to remind her time when she was found with Gopal in cinema theater before marriage. She says I will return every money that spends on my marriage and a vice president of Paras and sons. Kalpana calls Gopal and asks him not to spend much money for Meghna and Kunal. She asks Gopal to talk with Kunal to make him PA. Sharda ask Naina you are hiding something from me, Naina says here is nothing to hide. Sharda says I can ready my daughter’s face, Naina says mom Karan is not because he has some work otherwise he will definitely come. Vishnu is happy seeing Meghna and Naina. Karan feels good seeing a happy family. Vaibhav throws paper rocket on Kunal and calls him a cartoon. After that, he apologizes. Naina feels good by seeing Karan and she smiles.
Gopal comes and tells Karan I can understand your pain, Karan says he has no pain. Gopal says you are younger this is not a right age of marriage and laugh. Kunal thinks where is my gudiya and come to her and hug her. Meghna says sorry I am quite busy in my mayeka. Kunal says I can understand to need to say sorry. Suddenly electricity was gone. Khyati shouts Vishal calls her darpok. Electricity comes back. Sandhya calls Khyati to stay there Khyati thanks her and tells everyone that she has to leave for some urgent work.

Ek Shringar Swabhimaan 20 Feb Episode

In the 20 February episode of Ek Shringar Swabhimaan serial Sharda telling Asha that Meghna and Kunal were educated from the same college and know about this later. I was about to tell you but forget to inform you. Asha taunts Sharda and ask her to leave the house and closes the door in her face.
Kunal asks Naina if the way is right, she says ask Meghna she knows well. Kunal says why she took a time to reach me. Meghna smile. Sharda is tensed and thinking Meghna and Naina will come at any time. Asha opens the door and asks Sharda to take her stuff and leave the house right now.
Naina says to Meghna mummy must be cooking food for us. Vishal and Vaibhav come home. Sharda informs them that Asha has a misunderstanding again. Vishal says don’t know what happened, he says Vaibhav to get inside and open the door. Vaibhav opens the door get Sharda inside. Asha sees her and stops her. She says you can’t stay here. Vishal says if Bhua can’t stay here, then I will go with her. Vishal says don’t you know Meghna and Naina are on the way, at any time they will reach home Meghna, Kunal, and Naina and come home. Naina welcomes Kunal and says welcome home. Asha asks Vishal you are fighting with me for a stranger, Vishal says she is not a stranger. For me, she is my mother like you. Meghna, Naina, and Kunal come inside and see Sharda holding her stuff in her hands.
On the other hand, Nirmala asks Karan why didn’t you go with Naina as Dada Ji asked him. She asks him to sit with her and you got married suddenly, I didn’t get a chance to talk to you. Nirmala ask Karen are you happy? She says I know it is not easy no except some as a wife but Naina is a very good life you will soon start linking her. She says Dada Ji had chosen me for your dad and we hardly met 1-2 times before marriage. Karan says this marriage is a burden, Nand Kishore asks if he knew what is life exactly.
Karan looks on helpless.
Sharda says come inside, Meghna asks if she was going somewhere. Vishal changes the topic. Naina ask what bet? Vishal says we were planning a surprise for you. Kunal says I thought to come to see my gorgeous mom. Sharda smiles and says you have done good. Meghna asks her mother if she is fine. Sharda says yes. Meghna thinks something is not right here. Sharda tells Naina and Meghna your hairs are too dried and let sit I will massage. Kunal says no, then oil’s smell will come from Meghna’s hairs. Naina and Meghna smiles. Kalpana brings aarti plate. Vishal asks Asha to do aarti. Sharda serves tea and snacks and everything looks perfect. Meghna still has doubt that mom is hiding something and I have to know before go back to home.

Ek Shringar Swabhimaan 17 Feb Episode

In the 20 Feb episode of Ek Shringaar Swabhiman serial, Meghna and Naina recollect their childhood memories in the temple. Kunal says we should leave now, they sit in the car and leave. Meghna thinks about Karan, feels lucky to have him in her life, on the other hand, Naina thinks about Karan and her marriage. Asha comes to Sharda’s house and shows her the video, Sharda looks at Kalpana angrily. Asha says to Sharda I don’t know how to react after seeing this betrayal. Sharda says you are taking me in wrong way. Asha says now I don’t believe you and reply me in yes or no. She asks if Kunal and Meghna know each other before marriage and asks if she knows about it.

Sharda says yes. Asha says you always said that we have given you place in our heart and never differentiated kids. Asha says you not only betrayed me but also your brother, I accept we don’t have blood relation but have relation with your brother but you also betrayed him. You have taken marriage money from your Jethji Solanki and we got insulted by them. Sharda asks her to listen to her. My son suffered a lot and spend his whole saving in your daughter’s wedding now he is sitting in the home and have no money to star his dispensary. Asha says, now I can’t handle much drama in my house, this sister and sister in law relation is over, now please get out from my house. Asha holds Sharda’s hand and takes her outside. Vishal says if Bhua doesn’t stay here then I and Vaibhav will go with her. Meghna and Naina come with Kunal and see her mother Sharda holding her bag in her hand. They are shocked after seeing her in such condition.

Ek Shringar Swabhimaan 16 Feb Episode

In the 17 February episode of Ek Shringar Swabhimaan serial, Kunal message Megha to come near the dining table. She thinks how can Kunal forget our first valentine’s day, Kumal then call her to come in the garden area as he has something urgent. Meghna comes and asks his what is urgent. Kunal gives her one heart shape showpiece and says it is your heart and this is mine. Meghna loves the surprise and says you are very romantic, Kunal says only for you. Meghna and Kunal talk with each other out Valentine’s day and song plays Oh Piya…

Karan looks at Naina and goes. Naina thinks to tell Karan that he is not her husband and will not come to pagphera rasam. Meghna comes in her room and asks if she is fine. Naina says yes I am fine and says missing mummy since morning. Meghna asks Naina if you will go with a dull face, Mummy gets tense. Naina hugs her. Kunal asks what should I do to bring a big smile on my cute saali’s face. Meghna says stop flirting with my sister, Kunal asks her not to be jealous. Kunal says to Meghna I am just your Gulaam madam. Meghna says let’s go she has to do her packing. Sharda class Naina, she says I am very excited to meet my both daughters. Naina says me too, Sharda says I am cleaning a room for Kunal and Meghan but I am thinking about you and Karan. Naina says Karan will not come. She finishes her packing and they are about to leave. Dadi Ji asks Naina where is Karan, she makes an excuse. Asha and Kalpana talk about Meghna, she says Sharda made us fool by covering up Meghna and Kunal’s love marriage and converted it into arranged marriage. All three set in the car, Naina get emotional about thinking her Mayka. Meghna asks Kunal to stop the car, she says we used to come in this temple with Mumma in our childhood. She prays to God and asks for strength so that she can take revenge for her mother’s insult. She says I love Kunal but I can’t forget my mother bent on her knees in front of Nand Kishore. Naina cries and asks God to forgive her for lying, she asks strength so that she can make her relationship better with Karan.

Ek Shringar Swabhimaan 16 Feb Episode

In the 16 Feb episode of Ek Shringar Swabhimaan serial, Meghna and Nina cooking food for all family members. They serving food, Sandhya says that food seems delicious, Dada Ji says it is very necessary that presentation of food should be good that gives 10 out of 10 marks to them for good presentation. Nirmala asks Dada Ji to give Neg to both brides. He says first I will test food, I can’t stop myself anymore. Nirmala serve Kheer and Dada Ji test it, he says to Naina is your sister also a topper of cooking class? Kheer is very delicious I am very happy to have both of you as my bahu. Other members also test Kheer and praise Meghna. She thinks what is happening, Naina recalls the words of her mother that make sure Meghna don’t do any mistakes. Naina checks the food which was made by Meghna and remakes it so that everyone like it. Nand Kishore taunts Naina, one has no time for pooja and one has no time for cooking. Naina says I make Suji Ka halwa as I have very less time and serve it to everyone. Dadi announces that when my both Bahus will join office I will throw a big party. Sandhya asks Meghna why are you sad, Naina says she may be tired after making food, Meghna fumes. Meghna tests the kheer and says I have not made this, Naina says I made this I know you will intentionally do a mistake, mom tell me everything. Meghna says Mumma is my strength and weakness also. Kunal thanks Meghna for making smile of his family members face, Meghna hug him. Kunal says my wife become more romantic after marriage.

Ek Shringar Swabhimaan 15 Feb Episode

In the 15 February episode of EK Shringaar Swabhimaan serial, Naina is trying to cool down her sister Meghan because she is getting angry. Kunal asks what they are talking? Meghna tells him that a girl should be a good bahu and wife, but the people don’t think that girl is also a daughter. Kunal says so much anger my sweetheart and I have no objection with your anger. Kunal says if you don’t want to cook food, don’t worry we will order food, Naina tells Kunal Meghna used to cook delicious food at home.Meghna says I used to cook when I want to cook but now I have to cook for others happiness.
Naina reminds Meghna what dada Ji said to them. She says Dada Ji called us grah Lakshmi and called you as Vice president also.Nirmala comes to Sandhya’s room to talk with her, she says I know you will come here, I know you well. Sharda comes to Solanki’s house and says I tried calling you many times, but you didn’t pick my call so I came here. Solanki’s wife tells that they were insulted during Meghna’s wedding and asks why did she come there? Sharda says I gave papers to you with my wish and asks him to have trust on her. Solanki’s wife asks her to understand and think that she has done mistake by giving papers to them. Sharda is shocked and recalls promising Asha. She asks them to give land papers to her and promises to return their money. Solanki’s wife asks her husband to throw Sharda out. Solanki is about to kick Sharda but Vishal comes and holds his hand. He scolds Solanki and says how dare you to touch my mother.

Ek Shringar Swabhimaan 13 Feb Episode

In the 13 Feb episode of Ek Shringar Swabhimaan, Kunal and Meghna go for a long drive in a late night and then one of its tire busts out. Kunal Pushing the car and Meghna laugh and give him a tissue to wipes his sweat. Kunal says thanks to Meghna for such an adventurous plan on our first night. Megha says it’s just a beginning Mr. Kunal and they laugh. Kunal asks her where we are going, it is pretty exciting my wife takes me far away. Meghna thinks there will be drama when we both are not present in the Kul Devi pooja. On the other hand, Naina is crying as Karan is not accepting their relation. She opens her bag and finds a letter which was written by her mother, in the letter Sharda ask her to accept Karan as a husband and give him a time. She asks her to win the hearts of everyone and make her place in the house. Naina says thanks, mom, I understand what you what to say. She looks at Karan and covers him with a blanket.

Meghna and Kunal go somewhere and get closer and both falls asleep. Meghna is awake and sees that Kunal is sleeping on the grass. She thinks we will not reach at home at a time. Naina gets ready for pooja and tries to ask Karan for pooja. She throws water on his face, Karan wakes up and started shouting on Naina and they have huge arguments.

Ek Shringar Swabhimaan 10 Feb Episode

In the 10 Feb episode of Ek Shringar Swabhimaan serial, Kunal enters in his room where Meghna is waiting for him, she calls Meghana as Mrs. Meghna Chauhan. She things I am not Chauhan. Kunal asks her if still angry then they can talk. He says it is our parent’s decision that Naina and Karan married to each other why are you so worried. Naina is with us, we will take care of her. Again Kunal added that Naina and Karan will be happy together. Meghna looks on. On the other hand, Naina says sorry to Karan, he says stop teasing me and I have teased you too.Karan tells Naina, you have taken quick judgment on me. I did not ask you to leave the car because I am angry, I told you because I want to give a freedom. I don’t want you to hold in this unwanted marriage. Karan says marriage is all about love and we don’t love each other. Naina started crying after listening that, he say Naina don’t cry you are free to go where you want to go.

On the other hand, Kunal and Meghan are in romantic phase, Kunal tells her he loves her very much and has no shame to say sorry to her. He gives a gift to Meghan and says I love you. Meghna thinks she is changed and has no place for love. She takes the gift and smile, Kunal tell thank got you accept my gift otherwise, my legs would pain. She opens the gift, Kunal ask her you like the gift? Meghna says she wants to do something different on her first night, she wants to go outside. Kunal gets tensed.

On the other hand, Naina asks Karan what do you thing about yourself, I am not going anywhere. This my new home and you are my husbands, I will live here till my last breath. Karan says stop your drama. Naina says can’t you see all rituals that we did, Karan says that my completeness. Naina says I did this marriage for my sister and my mother’s swabhimaan. Now I will continue this marriage, I know you hate me but I will make everything perfect and when time passes we will become a good friend. Karan fumes and leaves the room.

Ek Shringar Swabhimaan 9 Feb Episode

In the 9 Feb Episode of Ek Shringar Swabhimaan serial Naina and Karan doing rituals of a searching ring. Naina wants to do friendship first with Karan first, when Karan stands up, a glass of milk falls on the feets of Naina. Meghna comes to Naina and asks if she is fine or not, she says she is fine. Shandhya tells Meghna to not to over react and wear her Ghughat properly. Dada Ji ask Naina is she fine? Naina won in the ring searching rituals and Dada Ji told Karan ready to be ruled by his wife. Later, Dada Ji calls Sharda and says he is feeling guilty. Sharda tells him not to say like this and not to feel guilty. Dadi Ji says that I promised you few things but that didn’t happen but now I assured you that you daughter will stay happy in my house. Sharda thanks him. Sharda feel relax and thanks to God that Dada Ji is there to take care of her daughter. Nirmala comes to Naina’s room and tells her that Karan takes a time to make friends but he is clear heart person and has no bad habits. She says that she want to tell her something about Karan but Sandhya hears that and fall something intentionally to stop Nirmala and ask her dada JI is calling you. Sandhya asks her not to tell anything to Naina, Nirmala tells her that Naina should know about him as she is his wife. Nirmala says her that I already told her every thing about Karan, don’t star the same topic again and again and let her handle her relationship with herself. Sandhya says she have to talk with Pandit Ji for tomorrow’s Pooja and also invite relatives for the Pooja.

Ek Shringar Swabhimaan 8 Feb Episode

In the 8 Feb episode of Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan serial, Asha asks Vishal why he spent huge amount the marriage and she scolds Sharda for taking his money. On the other Nand Kishore is giving clarification about what he did in the wedding. Dadi says I spent much for your schooling but still you don’t have manners. Nobody teaches you to insult a woman and cook a food on some one’s fire. Vishal tells Asha that Sharda did not know about the money that he spends on marriage and now please stop this topic, I don’t want to discuss it anymore. He added that I spend my money on my sister’s wedding and it’s my right. Sharda says to Vishal why you spend such a huge money. Asha says to her to stop her drama and spent my son’s whole money and send them is a big house very cleverly.

Ek Shringar Swabhimaan 5 Feb Episode

In the 7 Feb episode of Ek Shringar Swabhimaan serial, Naina and Meghna reached in their new home. Dada Ji and Nirmala get shcoked after seeing two brides. Sandhya tells everybody in the house that Karan got married to Naina, Nirmala asks what? Dadi is also tensed but he asks Nirmala to welcome both the brides first and ask Nirmala to bring jewelry for Choti Bahu. Nirmala brings the necklace and tells Naina that she got this necklace in her wedding and give it to her. Khyati placed Kalash in the middle of the front gate and asks brides to kick it first then enter the new home. Nand Kishore is getting irritated and tell her to do rituals first and teach them everything later. Naina thinks that she will forget what happen in past and will bring peace and happiness in the house. On the other hand, Sharda is worried about daughters and ask God to protect them. When Naina kicked the Kalash, black grain falls into the floor, everybody gets shocked after seeing the black grain, Dada Ji scolds Khyati and ask her to say sorry to Naina. After all rituals, Dadi is asked Nand Kishore and Sandhya why they brought two brides? They stand to keep quiet, Meghna tells dada ji I will tell you everything. She tells everything to dada Ji and all get shocked after listening to the whole story.

Ek Shringar Swabhimaan 4 Feb Episode

In the 4 Feb episode of Ek Shringar Swabhimaan serial, Meghna and Naina ready for her Bidaai rituals. All are standing with wet eyes. Vishu tells Sharda, it’s a good thing to send Sharda in their new homes. Meghna is also crying and hugs her brother Vishal, he tells her to take care of each other and don’t worry about Sarda Maa. Meghna and Naina hug everyone and sitting in the car. Vishnu gives elaichi to Naina and Meghna and says I will miss you Elaichi. They hug him and touch his feet. Sarda is crying, Naina holds her hand and told Vishnu to take care of her and make food for her. Nand Kishore and his family wait for the brides, both are sit in the Doli and crying. When Meghna sitting in the Doli, she recalls her mother’s insult while Naina is thinking about her new life in her Sasural. Gopal, Vishu, and Vishal bring the Doli near the car and both sisters sit in different cars. In the car, Kunal says to Meghna that it is good now Naina is also staying with us in the same house.

Ek Shringar Swabhimaan 3 Feb Episode

In the 3 Feb episode of Ek Shringar Swabhimaan serial, Karan and Naina setting in a Mandap and Karan put Sindoor on her forehead. Pandit Ji asks him to make Naina where Mangalsutra. When Karan puts Mangalsutra on her neck, it falls. Then Pandit Ji tells them, it is not a jewelry, it is a spiritual Bandhan which helps to joint couple internally. Sandhya helps Naina to wear Mangalsutra. When marriage complete, Naina and Karan taking blessings of their elders. Naina touched the feet of Sandhya and Nand Kishore, he says let go now our work is complete. Vishal asks Asha, why she is doing this? Her blessing is very important for Meghna and Naina. Sharda comes and says to Abha, you have never differentiated among kids. Asha asks her to stop all these nonsense. When Nandkishore insult her husband Vishal, she never replied back and fallen on the feet of Nand Kishore’s feet and apologized to him. Meanwhile, Nand Kishore come and says, we are getting late, you want to send their daughters or not? Naina tells Asha that they will not go to their new house without her blessings. Naina and Meghna touch her feet, Asha, she blesses them. On the other hand, Nirmala is continuously calling Sandhya, she is worried why she is not picking the call. The flight of Dada Ji got delayed, that’s why he came back to home instead of going Bundi. Now, Nirmala and Dada Ji together doing the preparation of Grah Pravesh. Nand Kishore tells Sandhya not to pick the calls from home, it will difficult to explain the whole thing on phone. He will explain them after going home.

Ek Shringar Swabhimaan 1 Feb Episode

In the 1 February episode of Ek Shringar Swabhimaan serial, Sharda is broken inside and making her younger daughter Naina ready for marriage and recalls the words of Bua that they shall get Naina marry too. Sharda tells her to pack all their things and feels sorry because she did not get time to buy things for her. Naina becomes emotional and said Maa you already did a lot for our happiness. Sharda says I know this is injustice with you, I know you are not ready for marriage and tell her not to get marry for her sister’s happiness. Nand Kishore tells Karan and Khyati to let this wedding happen when Karan got to know about this thing he gets shocked and upset.

Vishnu comes and keeps his hand on her head and says we are blessed to have a daughter like you. Sharda tells that Naina has grown up and now I can see she is more mature than Meghna. Meghna and Kunal are sitting together outside. He asks Vaibhav to stay with Meghna and goes. Meghna hears Pandit Ji, he is calling bride. She asks Kalpana what is happening here? Kalpana tells her everything to Meghna and she gets shocked.

Ek Shringar Swabhimaan 20 Jan Episode

In the 20 Jan episode of Ek Shringar Swabhimaan, Sharda explains the importance of Mehandi and if Mehandi’s colors get dark on bridge’s hand that shows that her husband will love her so deeply.She tells Mehta that this rasam will make her relation with Kunal stronger and both of you have to take a decision together. Vishnu calls Sharda. Later Meghna went her room and find a gift in her room which is sent by Kunal and on the top of the gift, Meghna dar Pook is written. She found another chit in which Kunal asked her to wear Sari and meet him on the terrace. Meghna wears sare and meets Kunal, he gets shocked after seeing her on Saree and think her would be wife is beautiful too. Naina Sees then and reminds the word of Asha’s that that bride doesn’t go outside the house after haldi.

Meghna sits in the car and Kunal asked her to let’s go. Meghna tells Kunal that our destiny is joined now and we become one. Both of them enjoying their privacy and share a beautiful moment with each other. On the other hand, everyone in the house, asked about Meghna. Sharda calls Meghna and coming towards her room. Naina comes there and told her that Meghna di is sleeping. Tomorrow is a special day for her let her sleep

Ek Shringar Swabhimaan Colors

Ek shringar swabhiman serial has been started with a bang both ek shringar swabhiman cast Ankita and Sangeeta looking awesome on the colors screens. Their style definitely changes the fashion trends of girls with beautiful Indian wear. Suraj Badjatya’s Swabhiman colors serial attracting huge audience. Ek shringar swabhiman is running successfully on colors TV brings all new entertainment experience for drama, serial lovers. Now in Swabhiman serial Meghna got engaged with Kunal Chauhan after many difficulties Sharda made engagement function successful now marriage date of Meghna and Kunal fixed just after 7 days Sharda is in a dilemma how she will arrange all the things in just 7 days on another hand Kunal father who is not happy with his marriage making plan to spoil Sharda’s respect to show her limits. Ek shringar swabhiman serial is all ready to take another turn where all ek shringar swabhiman cast will show character just opposite to currently running way. According to Swabhiman promo Naina will also stick in the situation and unfortunately get married to Karan. Well, all the twist and turns are yet to come till then watch ek shringaar swabhiman serial on colors channel at 9:30 PM Mon- Fri.

Ek Shringar Swabhimaan first episode

After revealing 2-3 promos Swabhimaan colors serial going to start from today 19 Dec. Promos of the Ek Shringar Swabhimaan revealed an interesting story base where. A single mother look after her two daughters and make them strong enough to fight with society and stand independently. In the first episode of Swabhimaan colors serial makers revealed the lead characters of the serial and first look of Prachi shah, Ankita Sharma and Sangeeta Chauhan who are playing Sharda, Naina and Meghna respectively.

Ek shringar swabhimaan starts from 19 Dec

Most awaited drama series of colors channel Ek Shringar Swabhimaan going to start from coming Monday 19 Dec. Which is the story of two sisters and their single mother. Colors Swabhimaan serial is based on the story of a woman who struggled a lot to make her daughter independent and well educated. In the latest promos of Ek Shringar Swabhimaan colors serial both girls who have spent their life together with beautiful bonding in the shadow of their mom’s love stand against each other where one wants to break the family to take revenge for the investiture of mom and other wants to join the family for the same reason. According to Swabhimaan colors serial promos it seems like both near and dear sisters will share a revengeful relationship after marriage.

Ek shringar swabhimaan Serial wiki

The upcoming serial Ek shringar- swabhiman is a new television serial which is going to be aired on colors television channel. The serial is to be made under the Rajshree production house which has given various superhit movies and TV serials to Indian entertainment industry. The serial will be produced by Sooraj Bharatiya and Devan sh Bharatiya. Trailer of Swabhimaan colors serial has been released which revealed the concept and start date of the show which is to be aired from 19th December 2016 at 9 PM. People start thinking that Ek shringar swabhiman serial is the second installation of 1995 released Swabhimaan serial but it is not true Swabhimaan serial of colors is complete a new show which not related to the previous one. Ek shringar- swabhiman serial cast many veteran actors as well as new faces in lead. Swabhimaan serial is replacing already running superhit series Swaragini.

Ek Shringar Swabhimaan details

Channel – Colors Tv
Production House – Rajshri Productions
Start Date – 19 December 2016
Days – Monday – Friday
Time – 9.30 PM
Language – Hindi

Ek shringar swabhimaan serial cast

Ek shringar swabhimaan cast has two leading roles Samridh Bawa and Ankita Sharma opposite him. Both the lead roles are not new to the industry they have worked before also in some shows. A few people’s name come up when talking about the cast of Swabhiman Serial :

  • Sharda in Ek Shringar Swabhimaan – Prachi shah
  • Naina in Ek Shringar Swabhimaan -Ankita Sharma
  • Meghna in Ek Shringar Swabhimaan – Sangeeta Chauhan
  • Sujan Singh Chauhan in Ek Shringar Swabhiman – Paintal
  • Vinay Jain
  • Kunal Chauhan (Mr. Wrong number) in Ek Shringar Swabhimaan – Sahil Uppal
  • Karan in Ek Shringar Swabhimaan – Samridh Bawa
  • Suchitra Pillai

Ek shringar swabhimaan serial Story

The show is a complete family drama and the Ek Shringar- Swabhiman promos revealed the story of the show is quite different it actually revolves around a mother and her two daughters, May be some incidents happened in their life due to which the mother that is played by Prachi shah has to take over responsibilities of her two daughters and she provided them with all the necessities of life and educate them well so that they can also stand on their feet. Regardless of what people say, that daughters should not be educated so much because one day they have to get married to someone and finally take responsibilities of their home. So this can be considered as another Swabhimaan Colors serial based on single parenthood especially when the parent is mother and it can be an inspiration to all the mother’s who want their girl child to be educated no matter what happens.

Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan Promo

Swabhimaan colors serial promo has been released which reveals the story of the show where Pooja Bhatt playing a single mother who do hard work to educate her daughters and wants them to get independent. Both girls are in simple Indian girls look Ek Shringar Swabhiman serial is a complete family drama with not completely unique but quite interesting concept Colors serial Swabhimaan casted many known and unknown faces of Indian television industry.

Swabhimaan Colors serial start Date

Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan serial is going to start from middle of December i.e. 19 Dec 2016 on colors channel by replacing the popular running show Swaragini. Swabhimaan serial is going to be aired on every Mon-Fri at 9 PM. Which is going to serve all entertainment factors like emotions, love, respect, romance etc.

Ek Shringar Swabhimaan Wallpaper

vinay jain ek shringar swabhiman

vinay jain ek shringar swabhiman
vinay jain ek shringar swabhiman

samrit bawa in ek shringar swabhiman

samrit bawa in ek shringar swabhiman
samrit bawa in ek shringar swabhiman

suchitra pillai in ek shringar swabhiman

suchitra pillai in ek shringar swabhiman
suchitra pillai in ek shringar swabhiman

sahil uppal in ek shringar swabhimaan

sahil uppal in ek shringar swabhimaan
sahil uppal in ek shringar swabhimaan

prachi shah ek shringar swabhiman

prachi shah ek shringar swabhiman
prachi shah ek shringar swabhiman

ek shringar swabhiman serial poster

ek shringar swabhiman serial poster
ek shringar swabhiman serial poster

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