Exclusive: Salman Khan in different roles of his Life


Salman Khan Superstar of the Bollywood industry, most eligible bachelor of the country India. It is not exaggerated if we are saying that he is the heart of Bollywood. We People are crazy for him not only for his acting talent but also his personal life. We have seen and appreciate Salman Khan in all kind on-screen roles but can you imagine how he manage his real life roles of a son, a brother, an uncle etc. Or as a human being with his hectic schedules. Take a look here we brought some pictures from his personal life with his family, friends, his childhood unrevealed photos that you can’t afford to miss at any cost.

In real life, Salman Khan is very loving, caring, emotional in short he is having all qualities that make him a perfect son and brother.

1. Salman With his family

Salman enjoying to spend some time with his family Here, in this photo he is with his Mother, father and lovely sisters.


2. Salman Khan in young age

Salman Khan still looks as charming as he was looking 30 years back.

salman khan young
Salman khan young

3. Salman Khan with niece and nephew

Salman Khan is blessed with cute Nephews and Niece he likes to spend his spare time to play with them


4. Salman in His Childhood

As like every human being is also was very naughty in his childhood


5. Salman Khan black and White

We can see Salman Khan have great loving family who loves him from his childhood


6. Salman Khan Crying

The Dabangg star is very soft-hearted, he cried hard on death of his Dog “Veer”


7. Salman Khan in School

Everyone can easily recognize the most popular face of the 21st century even in his school time he look great.


8. When Salman in Hospital

I don’t know how doctors put their concentrations on Salman’s sickness. What experiences they when they had to see a Superstar laying on hospital’s bed.


9. Salman with his little friends

Undoubtedly, Salman always enjoys the company of kids, even he put off his shirt to accompany his cute little friends


10. Salman with his love

Well, we have heard many heartbreaking stories of Salman’s love life. Maybe a better love waiting for him


11. Salman Khan Whole family photo

Salman Khan is blessed with a huge beautiful family having a strong bond with each other.


12. Salman with Sohail and Arbaaz Khan

A trio of these stars is well popular amongst people. They love to be with each other


13. Salman and his Dogs

Everyone knows Salman have unconditional love for his Dogs. He is having 4 Dogs


14. Salman cute little friend

It doesn’t matter where is he, if he have his friends with him.


15. Salman with Arpita and Alvira

Salman Have two sister Arpita and Alvira, he is very affectionate towards them





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