Fan movie total worldwide Collection| more than 100cr | Fan movie 5th day collection

Fan movie weekend box office collection
Fan movie weekend box office collection

Fan movie on the  5th day after its release, crossed  the bar of 100 Crore and joined the 100cr club. The maker of this movie has totally disappointed the audience, by the serious downfall in the income of this movie. After seeing the massive opening, The makers and movie analyst thought that this movie gona cross the 100 cr bar in just 3 days. But the serious downfall on weekend and on 4th and 5th day led this movie down. Till now Fan movie Has earned 74 crore from the Indian market and 40.01cr from the international market.

Fans response to Shahrukh Khan Fan movie

Fan movie weekend box office collection
Fan movie weekend box office collection

The total income of Fan movie till now as on the 5th day is 117Cr worldwide. As somehow it manages to earn this much, after seeing the downfall  and the critics’ fan movie reviews on 5th day it was not expected from this movie to earn 117cr. But from the international market the earning was good, and it is a Shahrukh Khan Movie and he has a global fan following, that manages this movie to earn good on the  5th day.

Fan Movie Story

This is the story of a double Tadka played by Shahrukh khan himself, in this movie Shahrukh khan is playing a role of a super star and a role of a Fan of Shahrukh khan. The Shahrukh Khan fan wanted to be like him, he praises him like a god, he wanted to have the fan following like Shahrukh khan have, but somehow he fails and all the thing went opposite to him, that converted his love into a revenge, that he wanted to take from Shahrukh Khan.


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