five star ad

five star ad
five star ad

Advertisement Of Five Star

Five Star Chocolate Wiki

5 Star is very tasty and delicious chocolate manufactured by Cadbury company in the United States. The ingredients that are basically used in 5-star chocolate milk solids and vegetable fats. The countries in which Five Star is very popular are India, Philippines, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom and the United States.
5 Star is one of the most popular brands of chocolate in all over the world and the taste becomes Extraordinary. 5-star chocolate comes with an amazing golden coloured packaging and with the quality five stars around the wrapper. It’s delicious taste not only popular in children’s but also in teenagers.

 5 star chocolate advertisement new

five star ad
five star ad

Advertisement Of Five Star Chocolate

Five-star ad is really very amazing in which Ramesh and Suresh’s comedy adds 5 starts in it. Five star new of Ramesh and Suresh at the beach is latest nowadays. Now you can win gifts by buying Five-star chocolate. It introduced many flavours which are very popular in all age groups. Five stars add always come with an exciting concept which always include comedy scenes.

Five Star Chocolate Flavours

Five Star Caramel
Five Star Fruit & Nut
Five Star Hazelnut
Five Star Peanut
Five Star Crunchy

Five Star Ad Hd video – What a coincident

Five Star New Ad Details

Brand Name: Five star
Brand Ambassadors: Ramesh And Suresh
Theme Of Ad: Mein Kuch Jeeta
Technologies Used: General
Product Name: Five Star
Ad Agency: Ogilvy New York, Sra
Duration: 0.30 Sec
Campaign Name: What a coincident




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