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Gulam serial 17 Feb Episode

In the 17 Feb episode of Ghulam serial Shivani is sleeping and tells her that Maldawali knows that you came out and before she informs Veer about you, you have to return to your home as soon as possible.

One of Rangeela’s friend informs him Balam is now unconscious after blood transfusion. Shivani wakes up, Rangeela ask Shiwani are you fine? She says yes now I am fine. Both of them go to Balam’s room and meet him. Balam says he is indebted to Rangeela. Rangeela says Balam, I will meet you later, I have to drop Shivani her home before Veer returns in boxes. One mad lady climbs in the trees and tries to shoot a man who always harassed her. All the villagers gather and started shouting someone call Rangeela. He reaches in a truck and hides Shivani behind boxes. A mad lady slip and Rangeela hold her and take her gun. She started throwing stones and man about to shoot her. Rangeela warns him, man, she is my mother and no one nobody should mess with her. Shivani sees Bhisma and Veer’s jeep and worried if they reach home before her. Veer and Bhisma enter the home and get angry after seeing Gulguli tied. Manmeet says I tied her, Bhisma slaps him, he laughs and says you can slap me more. Gulguli stops him, she says I know he becomes more dangerous but he is your son.

She asks Rashmi keep bell with her to inform people when Manmeet troubles her. Veer goes to his room and calls Shivani, he does not found Shivani in the room, he informs everyone that his wife is missing. Shivani runs and enters the kitchen, Veer enters in the kitchen finds her cutting and onion in a kitchen. Rangeela return and greet Bhisma, he shouts at him and asks where you go, Charsi Manmeet tied Gulguli. Rangeela informs him that Balam is in a hospital, so he had gone there. Who give you permission to go outside, he says malkin. Bhisma shouts on Gulguli only man take a decision next time be in your limit.

Gulam Serial Wiki

Gulam is an upcoming serial of Life Ok channel which is produced by Saurabh Tewari and Rajesh Chadha under their own production house. In 2016, there are many new serials are released Life ok and all are successfully run on the television. Now again new serial with some new spicy story is knocking the door of Life Ok. Param Singh who got recognization with the serial Sadda Haq is going to play the lead role opposite Niti Taylor who is famous for Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan serial.

Gulam details

Channel – Life Ok
Star Cast – Param Singh, Niti Taylor, Vikas Mankatla, Samta Sagar
Days – Monday – Friday
Start Date – October 2016
Language – Hindi

Gulam Serial Story/ Plot

The story of Gulam Serial is based on the Bollywood movie Gulam. Currently, we don’t have detailed information about the story. For more updates and news about Gulam Serial Story stay tuned with us.

The story of upcoming shop Gulam is based on the ancient land of Berhampur where people have no mercy for women. They treat their ladies like a prisoner. There no freedom for a woman , they born only to serve their husband and family. No father would let his daughter marry anyone from this land. In the show, you will see Param Singh is a tough look, who obey all the orders of his boss whether is wrong or right. It will be interesting to watch this show because its story is totally different from other shows on Indian television.

Gulam Serial Promo

The promo of Gulam serial is released, in which you will see Param Singh is very rough look. He is playing the role of a goon who obey all the orders of his boss. The official promo of the show Gulam received good views on you tube. And after watching this we can assume that the show will definitely collect good TRP. So be ready for this amazing show as it will release on 16 January 2017 only on Life Ok.

Gulam Serial Star Cast

  • Param Singh
  • Niti Taylor
  • Vikas Mankatla
  • Samta Sagar

Gulam Serial Date/ Timing

The premier date of Gulam Serial is not declared by the maker but it is confirmed that it will release in 2016 only on Life ok. Recently we don’t have much information about this show as the promo of the show is also no revealed. When we get some latest news about Gulam Serial, we will update you.

Gulam serial Wallpaper

vikas mankatla in gulam

vikas mankatla in gulam
vikas mankatla in gulam

niti taylor in gulam

niti taylor in gulam
niti taylor in gulam

param singh in gulam

param singh in gulam
param singh in gulam

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