“In the frame of Jaydev, I am feeling like James Bond”- Meer Ali on the set of Dehleez!

The most watched TV Channel Star Plus has launched a new show as per the requirement of the viewers. Recently the channel has launched a brand new show for its viewers. The show will be recognized as ‘Dehleez’ which is the story of a bureaucrat officer.

The show has been produced by renowned producer Farhan Salaruddin. It will be produced under the banner of Fortune Productions, which has known for its successful show of colors Beintehaa.

“In the frame of Jaydev, I am feeling like James Bond”- Meer Ali on the set of Dehleez!


Dahleez is a complete family drama with a beautiful love story The serial star cast includes popular actors Tridha Chaudhary and Harshad Arora in lead roles. Kiran will be seen in a hot and a suave business guy, while the famous actor Siddharth will be seen in a never seen before look, as a guy with lot many shades. The actor Meer Ali has also seen as a Jaydev, the stylish and powerful rich Bureaucant.

A rich man Jaydev is the Daddy’s boy as a perfect shadow of his father when Talking about his character, Meer Ali states, “It was really tough for me to get into the shoes of Jaydev, as I am an extrovert and enthusiast in real life. First of all, my body language is not that subtle as Jaydev’s is. This made it all the more difficult for me, as I had to restrict myself and speak less to get into the skin of the character. Also, I put in a lot of time researching about the intricate features of a bureaucrat.”

As Meer looks extremely handsome in his new look in the show so when asked about his look he said- “My look has been specifically structured and created with a lot of effort by Huma Ghouse, the Head Designer from Star Plus and Anirban, my designer for the show. The look and attire that I have been given is very sleek, classy and stylish.”

Meer is so excited he added- “Oh yes, it makes me feel like James Bond, the moment I get into my costume. I feel the Bond music playing in my ears (laughs). This is funny, but a fact.”

So, all the best Meer for your new avtar for the love story of star plus Dehleez.



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