Jana Na Dil Se Door First Episode 9th May

Star Plus serial Jana na Dil Se Door first episode on 9th May start with the beauty of Ajmer. Vividha buys grocery items and counts all the items properly.The shopkeeper told her that she is a son of her father. She replied that No I am the daughter of My Dad and proud to be. No one has right to differentiate between boy and girl. On the other side, Atharva Sujata gets the best student award and said this is dedicated to my Mom Sujata. Atharva got the job opportunity but he wants to start his own business.

First episode of Jana na Dil Se Door

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Vividha stops at the temple and prays for her family members.Vividha gets a call from his mom her mom said that Jagaran will begin soon. Vividha runs and come in front of Atharv bike her dupatta touches his face , he rides away and turns back to see her.

Vividha joins Jagrata and asks everybody not to sit like that speak loudly Jai Mata Di. All are started singing Bhajan and clapping. All the preparations of Prasad were ready but unfortunately, lemon from dadi’s hand fall into the Kheer and kheer become Ashud. Now Vividha go in search of Milk so that again kheer will make for Prashad. Vividha goes to the Sujata house for milk but her cows were sick.

The cow was ready for delivery, Atharva helps her for her delivery and watching all this Vividha get unconscious and fell down. Atharv Sprinkles water on her face , she gets up and become happy after watching calf.Vividha asks Atharva for milk to made Mata rani Prasad , he said we don’t have milk. She told that she want milk for Prasad not for her.

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