Jana Na Dil Se Door 10th May episode

Jaana na Dil Se Door is a very entertaining serial aired on Star Plus. By watching the first episode of Jana Na Dil Se Door it is clear that this show will definitely entertain viewers. In the second episode, Vividha father tells his friend that he will search prince charming for her daughter Vividha. A guy who have a bungalow, many events and cars. Who did not lives in a dream ,  believe in reality.

Jana Na Dil Se Door 10th May 2016

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jana na dil de door second episode 10th may 2016

On the other side Atharva doing all the household work. Atharva wants to make his dream into reality. He wants to start his own business.Jana Na Dil Se Door 2  Episode 10th May For Atharva , his mother is very thing and he wants to do something for his mother so that his mother will spend her life in rest. Vividha and Atharva meet again coincidently. In the upcoming episode, we will see that they are started falling love with each other. By watching its promo, it is very clear that Vividha and Atharva will be started loving each other. Jana Na Dil Se Door Second Episode 10th May.

Well, how and when this will happen we don’t know. For knowing all the updates and news of Jana Na Dil Se Dur serial stay read our story.



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