Kangana did Black Magic tricks on Her EX boy friend

Kangana Ranaut wiki
Kangana Ranaut wiki

Kangana does Black Magic on her X boyfriend Aaddhayan. He shares his bad experience with Kangana when they were in a relationship.For more news stay tuned with us

Kangana the rhetoric does not seem to decrease.After Hrithik, Kangana’s ex-boyfriend has revealed so many things about Kangana. Shekhar Suman’s son Aaddhyan have claimed, ‘ Kangana slap me , beating him, abuses him so many times and used black magic. ” Kangana Ranaut and Aaddhyan worked together in Raaz 2 movie.Both of them was in a relationship and broke up after one year. Then Addhayan went out of the country and returned some time ago. He said: I’m with Hrithik.

Kangana mixed her blood in Boy friend’s food

Kangana Ranaut in Rangoon
Kangana Ranaut in Rangoon

In his Interview Aaddhyan Said, ” I am with Hrithik. What is happening with him, I can understand him well. I’m also gone through with this pain .Hrithik is being tortured. People should know the truth. ”

” My aim is not to harm Kangna career stardom but he is innocent and can not be targeted. There are others who emotional targeted for a long time and affected their careers.This is my last interview about Kangana ”

Kangana black Magic

– He said: “Kangana took me to an astrologer Pallavi. She said my time is not good, have to worship. ‘
– ” I was not sure, but Kangana insisted. One night he called me home, to worship and around 12 am worship began. ‘
– In the Kangana’s apartment, there is a guest room, which was covered with black clothes, There were statues of God and a bit scary. she told me to read some spells and locked the door from outside. I was scared that time.
– ”I did not do anything. After a while, I came out I lied that I read spells. One day Pallavi said at 12 pm go to the crematorium and throw some things come and go.”



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