Karan Kundra Got Emotional After A Task In MTV Roadies X4

karan Kundra in Mtv Roadies X4
karan Kundra in Mtv Roadies X4

MTV Roadies X4 is a popular reality television show on MTV India for young generation. Travel, Fighting, adventure, is a part of Roadies X4 , this time, Roadies concept is very different from other parts of roadies , this time, we saw a many changes happened in Roadies like now 4 wheelers is used against 2 wheelers , tasks assigned were also taken to new levels of difficulty and leaders of gang were also participate in the tasks.

 MTV Latest Updates : Karan Kundra Got Emotional After A Task In MTV Roadies X4

Karan Kundra Nationality

Karan Kundra leads one of the gangs in Roadies X4 has participated in a task against Neha Dhupia, Rannvijay Singh and Prince Narula’s team these are the other gang leaders. In the task , his gang members hold a whole lot of pani puri water in their mouth, while Karan had to drive in the car and reach to a particular location and return to a starting point . Karan was performing good but later on felt that he had wasted 3 seconds because of not taking a reverse turn.

Only for 3 seconds, Karan lost the task and broke down. This is the first time when Karan got emotional. One of his team members has eliminated at that time, he got emotional and break down in front of all leaders and contestants. Karan was too disappointed and doomed that he loose the task only for 3 seconds.



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