Kasam 11th May 2016 Episode

Kasam 11th May Episodes

Kasam serial is at the peak point in entertainment manner. In the Kasam 11th May 2016 episode Rishi Hold the hand of Tanvi and remind him their childhood. Rishi told Tannu that Maa Kaali gives them a blessing , she wants that we do not get separate that’s why she always create an incident who make us close.

Latest Episode Of Kasam Serial 10th May

kasam serial 2016 colors
kasam serial 2016 colors

Tanvi did not say anything.After their talk finish, they went to Saloni house. They press the bell of Saloni’s house, Saloni open the door. She was thinking that it is Pawan but when she saw Tanvi and Rishi outside her door , she closes the door in their face.

In Kasam Latest episode, Risi and Tannu tell Saloni that they are here to take her pawan’s home and want to clear all the things because it’s a very big issue and if Saloni did not say anything then she will ruin Tanvi’s life. Saloni said that she did not want to talk and told Rishi and Tanvi get out from her house.Rishi said that they will never go until she is ready to come with them and reveal all about Pawan and her relationship in front of everyone.

On the other side , in the Kasam 11th May episode Pawan’s parent afraid if Saloni tells the truth in front of everyone then his reputation will get spoil. Pawan also tens, All the environment get tens and wants to know the truth.

Well want is truth…Is Saloni was the girlfriend of Pawan…
Is he cheated Tanvi ??? All the Answeres of the questions are revealed when alone open her mouth. For more updates and Latest episode of Kasam serial stay read our Largest updates.


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