Omg Tanvi is engaged with Rishi!! : Kasam serial updates

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Well, we all know that Tanvi is going to engage with Pawan. There is lots of drama and emotions are mix in this serial .In the latest episode, Kasam of  Rishi is very tense and very upset about Tanvi marriage

Kasam latest episode


Latest episode update of Kasam Serial

When he was loose all hope, suddenly his Bijji come and tell that Tanvi wore his ring on her finger ring.because Tanvi ‘s engagement ring was purchased by Rishi’s father.After listen to this Rishi is so excited and very happy.When Rishi wants to tell all these things to Tanvi she refused to listen. Rishi was very happy because by mistake Pawan put the engagement ring on the wrong finger. All Of drama we can say….

Tanvi is very confused ,she did not understand her feeling. She also loves Rishi but because of society , family, she doesn’t want to accept this truth.Rishi’s mother has doubt on Tanvi and Rishi that there is something between Rishi and Tanvi.

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