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Kavach serial promo
Kavach serial promo

Kavach serial 24 September Episode

In the 24 Sept episode of Kavach serial , Paridhi is now feelings better after her head injury.Rajbeer feeling guilty that he did not understand her feeling and always take her in a wrong way. Now a whole family combines and fight with Manjulika and her mother to protect Bundela house. In the latest episode of Kavach serial , you will see Ayaan and Rajbir make a plan to trap Manjulika and her mother. Now must watch our daily updates for upcoming episodes of Kavach Serial.


Kavach serial 17 September Episode

In the 17 Sept. episode of Kavach serial , Arhaan hide Paridhi and try to do something so that he can out Manjulika and Shakti. Arhaan started throwing fire stones into the cave. Manjulika and Shakti come out and did not see anyone there. Arhaan captivate Shakti with a female voice. Meanwhile, Paridhi enters into the cave and sees that Saudamini is doing meditation. In the dark night ,  storm starts , Rajbeer is  searching Paridhi. Manjulika started woo with Rajbeer  but he pushes her and leaves. She think that she can do any thing for making Rajbeer her. After a struggle Paridhi finds the skull in which Arhaan’s powers are trap, she breaks it, and gets injured while breaking the skull. After that Arhaan gets his powers back, but when he saw Pari injured , he feels guilty and blame him self that he is reason of Paridhi’s injurey.

Kavach serial 27 Aug Episode

In the 27 August episode of Kavach Serial, now this serial becomes more complicated the with the lots of twist and turns. In the Kavach 27 August episode Rajbir is still is in doubt over Paridhi and there married life is totally disturbed because of Manjulika and her mother Saudamini. Paridhi safely went to Hanuman Temple and started enchanter Matra To save her family from evil spirits. In the 27 August episode of Kavach serial Saudamini is planning to kill Rajbir so that she can make Manjulika Free.

Kavach serial 21 Aug Episode

In the 21 August episode of  Kavach serial,  Saudamini impression Arhaan in a cage and asks Shakti to take him to Gurudev and do not unrape black cover from the cage. But, Shakti met with an accident and the cage falls on the road , the cage open and Arhaan gets free. He tells Paridhi to reach as soon as possible at the Hanuman Temple till than he handles Saudamini who’s been tortured her. Gurudev destroys Arhaan forgetting that only he can free Manjulika from the ring. Gurudev tells Saudamini the only way they can now free Manjulika is by killing Rajbir.

Kavach serial 20 Aug Episode

In the Kavach serial 20 August episode , we all know that Paridhi’s life is totally exhausted by Saudamini and Manjulika. Some how she deal with these Maa- Beti but now her husband yes i am talking about Rajbir , he is creating trouble in her life by linking her with Arhaan. Saudamini again make a plan so that she can throw Paridhi out from the Bundela house. All the family members are thinking that Paridhi is creating all the troubles in Bundela house and she is unlucky for their son Rajbir.

Kavach serial 13 Aug Episode

Kavach serial 13 Aug episode come up with new twist. Where Saudamini and Maunjulika harmed Rajbir’s mother got to know about Arhaan. Who is come to help Paridhi and save her from Saudamini and Maunjulika.

Paridhi loses the ring in which Manjulika is exiguous and seeks Arhaan’s help. Meanwhile, Rajbir is doubted on Paridhi and Arhaan’s relationship. Saudamini wants to throw Paridhi out of the Bundela house , therefore she makes a plan and gets her to the jungle. In the right time, Arhaan comes to rescue Paridhi and Saudamini learns about his true identity. Later, a jealous Rajbir wants to break his marriage with Paridhi. Kavach serial is taking a new twist and turn in every episode , now with too much hooch porch this serial lose its natural spark. Now relationship of Paridhi and Rajbir comes to an end because Rajbir is feeling jealous with Arhaan’s. Everything in Paridhi’s life is disturbed to save her marriage she is going through with such a difficult time.

Kavach serial 7 Aug Episode

Kawach serial every episode come up with new turns and twists Paridhi saved Jagath Shakti, Maunjulika, Saudamini shocked to know the truth that Paridhi saved Jagath and take him in the bundela house. All the members of Bundela family in Kavach serial are happy to see jagath in the house and arranged the function of Tij in the house like they did every year. Natasha Tried to break her fast but Saudamini didn’t let her to do so. Everyone in Kavach serial enjoying the celebration of Tij. Saudamini and Maunjulika tried to know the truth how Paridhi saved Jagath. Then the most handsome guy of the Indian television Arjun Bijlani entered in the function all girls can’t take their eyes off from Arhaan and all boys feeling jealous of him. Arhaan who is a renowned doctor introduced Arhaan to other members of bundela family Paridhi introduced him as her childhood friend. Even Maunjulika can’t stop herself to see Arhaan. Saudamini tried to kill Jagath but failed to kill him. Because of the presence of Arhaan. Arjun Bijlani in Kavach playing Arhaan a Jinei in Kavach he comes to save bundela family. Maunjulika can’t enter in the Paridhi’s body. Saudamini and Maunjulika got irritate for her failure she asked Shakti to go and try to know the truth why their powers not working properly. Shakti tried to ask Paridhi about the truth and failed in his motive.

Kavach serial 6 Aug Episode

In the Kavach serial 6 August episode Saudamini injures Rajbeer and warns Paridhi that she told her not to play smart with her. Paridhi  asks Manjulika if she really loves Rajbeer and has a feeling for him, then how can she let Saudamini injure Rajbeer. On of the shocking twist in Kavach serial , one of Paridhi’s family members is involve with Saudamini and manages to kill Jagath. Earlier, Rajbir’s family is shocked to see the changes in his personality , Saudamini possesses his body and uses him to cause harm to his  family. But, Paridhi collects evidence to prove Rajbir’s innocence. Paridhi tries to divide Saudamini and her daughter Manjulika by throwing her trick. Then the biggest twist has been revealed that Rajbir’s elder brother Shakti Bundela is actually the son of Saudamini. Saudamini revealed the truth that Shakti is actually the son Saudamini and how he comes in the bundela family. Shakti shake his hand with both saudamini and Maunjulika to take revenge from Bundela family. Three of them try to kill Jagath and celebrate their victory.

Kavach serial Star Cast

Mona Singh will play the lead role in the show Kavach. Mona is currently seen in the show Pyaar Ko Ho jaane do. In Kawach show, Mona will be seen as a housewife who takes care of her family and can go beyond the limit to save her husband’s life, who is in under the influence of evil. Vivek Dahiya plays the main male character in Kavach show. Vivek is going to play the role of Mona’s husband.Some supernatural powers attack him in this show. This show will be telecast on color Mon to Sat in this year only.

  • Mona Sing in Kavach as Paridhi (Female lead)
  • Vivek Dahiya in Kavach as Rajbir (male lead)
  • Shiva Rindani in Kavach as Rajbir’s uncle
  • Sonarika Bhadoria in Kavach as Kali Shakti (Patalika)
  • Nishant Malkani in Kavach as Shaan
  • Sandeep Rajora in Kavach as Yash
  • Vinod Singh in Kavach as Vivan
  • Manit Joura in Kavach as Harjeet Singh
  • Manjulika in Kavach as Mahek Chahal
  • New Maunjulika in Kavach serial – Sara Khan
  • Swadamini (Manjulika’s mother) in Kavach – Ashwini Kalsekar
  • Arhaan (Genie) in Kavach – Arjun Bijlani
  • Imam Siddique in Kavach as Neha
  • Mouni Roy in Kavach – Special Appearance to promote naagin season 2
  • Shakti Bundela in Kavach – Anurag Sharma

Kavach serial cast doing amazing work Ekta Kapoor selection of cast is just awesome. Specially Vivek Dahiya and Mona Singh in Kavach cast play their characters with full confidence. We can see their acting talent in Kavach serial.

Kavach TV Show on Colors

Kavach Kaali Shaktiyo Se Serial wiki

“Kavach…Kali Shaktiyo Se” is an Indian television show. This show will be telecasted on colors tv channel . After the famous show Naagin, Kumkum Bhagya , and Ye He Mohabbatein Ekta Kapoor are now produced new show Kavach . Ekta Kapoor has now introduced some supernatural concept in her upcoming show Kavach…Kaali Shaktiyon Se. Kavach show is previously titled as Mangalsutra.Kavach is a love story with horror Tadka. You will feel horror in this love story too. Ekta Kapoor already produced her horror movie but this time, she is all set to fill horror in television screens also. The promo of Kavach serial is already launched and you can see the scary look of all the female cast. Ekta’s new show will replace her popular show Naagin because Naagin is coming to end soon.According to the sources,previously Kavach serial will be aired on Star plus but now decided that it will telecast on 15 May 2016 on Colors channel. Kavach Kaali Shaktiyo se is running successfully is a colored channel. Every week it takes new twist and turns in every weekend. Currently , Kavach serial is registered its place in top TRP holding serial list. It’s supernatural story in very entertaining and collecting good response of viewers. Though many changes were held in this serial but still it not loose its catchy strength.

Kavach serial story

Kavach show has 32 episodes series. Mona Singh will play the character of a protagonist , who will do anything to save her husband’s life from a witch and supernatural powers. In India, all woman can do anything to save her Pati’s life (husband).Mangalsutra,Chudi, Bindi, and sindoor are the jewels of the Indian woman and she can were it only when her husband is alive.It is inspired by the tale of Savitri, who take back her husband’s life from the Yamraj. After watching promo it already clear that Kavach show will definitely feel goosebumps and successfully create a scary environment on television.

Kavach serial 30th July Episode

In the Kavach latest episode, you will see Manjulika and her mother Saudamini released from room and now they are making a new plan so that Paridhi get disturbed. Manjulika some how to succeed in her plan because there is lots of misunderstandings are created in their relationship. Rajbir is not listening Paridhi and getting irritated with her. In the Kavach serial Paridhi and Rajbir relationship is totally mess-up because of Manjulika. Negative energies are totally in favor of Manjulika that’s why Paridhi’s all practices were failed. Rajbir was very happy for his marriage with Paridhi and he planned to go some beautiful place for his honeymoon. His all dreams are unfulfilled because of Manjulika but he blamed Paridhi for all his unhappiness. Rajbir did not want to understand what Paridhi wants to tell him because he does not believe in supernatural powers. Paridhi is very upset and did not find the way to stop all these activities that create trouble in her married life. Manjulika and her mother Saudamini is ready for their next plan and day by day their power is also increased. Now, How Paridhi will save Bundela house from these evil piritsits ?? To know more about this must watch kavach serial latest episodes.

Kavach serial 24 July episode

Kavach serial taking interesting twist day by day in the last episode Saudamini killed Shreya’s would be Vishal to give Gurudakdhina to her guru. In the birthday celebrations of Saroj Bai sa Saudamini and Maunjulika building a trap to kill someone else from Bundela family.

We know that Paridhi wants to do Hanuman Pooja at Bundela house. Hira safely arrives at the house and performs the ‘Hanuman Puja’ successfully. By doing this pooja she secures the entire Bundela  house from Saudamini and Manjulika’s by trapping them in a room sealed with a holy lock. Earlier, Saudamini kills Omkar very badly. This will be interesting to watch the evils next step.

Kavach serial 23 July Episode

In the next episode of Kavach serial Paridhi had to find which member of Bundela family is in the danger. Saudamini and Maunjulika tell Paridhi that they have kundalis of all members of family and one from them is in the danger. Sara Khan who is the new Maunjulika in Kavach serial ready to do intimate scenes with Vivek Dahiya on the script demand of Kavach serial. Kavach serial 23 July episode come with lots of excitements and deadlier emotions. Paridhi looking for the person who’s Kundali is missing with dadi’s conversation Paridhi got to know that Shreya’s Kundali is missing she tied the Abhimantratit dhaga on the wrist of Shreya to save her with Kavach but Shreya who don’t believe in all this stuff broken dhaga. Paradhi called Shreya then she got to know that Shreya and Vishal went for breakfast she panic for her. Shreya cleared the confusion that not Shreya’s but Vishal’s kundali in missing Paridhi got the truth she tried to save Vishal previously she saved him with Maunjulika but Saudamini come into picture and she trapped Vishal Paridhi brings Vishal to the Hanuman Mandir but unfortunately she failed to save him as Saudamini hold his neck and kill him badly and bring his body with her. We can see more emotional and drama touch in Kavach serial but after returning to home she saw Vishal in the house fixing his marriage date Saudamini happy to kill Vishal and offer his body to her Guruji in Kavach Serial. Paridhi is kawach serial asked Maunjulika about Vishal but as always she entered in the Paridhi’s body and tried to romance with Rajbir. Paridhi tried to make Rajbir realise about both Spirit but called doctor to treat Paridhi’s mental problem. Saroj Bai sa or Saudamini completed her 75 years whole Bundela family celebrate her birthday. Saudamini makes Paridhi afraid about her next deadlier step everyone from Kavach family enjoying Rajasthani theme party. Saudamini targeting her next target from Bundela family Paridhi tried to understand who will be died next. well, this secret will be unfolded in the next episode of Kavach serial.

Kavach serial 17 July Episode

In the last episode we have seen Hira tied a Hanuman Balaji’s dhaga on Paridhi’s wrist because of that Mounjulika and Saudamini unable to entered in the body of Paridhi Saudamini went to gurudev to make that Dhaga powerless but Gurudev denied to help her Saudamini blackmail him. On otherhand with their power they mistreat Rajbir with which he met with an accident in Kavach serial. Kavach serial become more interesting but deadlier. In the 17 July episode of Kavach serial Paridhi search of Rajbir and got him in the mysterious cave where Rajbir calls Paridhi to save him Saudamini and Maunjulika push Paridhi to save Rajbir Paridhi entered in the circle and save Rajbir but her Dhaga’s power have lost. He forgot all those things that happened with him. Paridhi took him to the engagement function. Their Rajbir’s mom makes Saroj bai saa meet with Omkar Sadamini remember him and incidence happened with her. Saudamini gets afraid with Omkar and wants to kill all those people who killed her. Rajbir’s bhabhi heard Paridhi call Saroj as Maa. And misunderstood Paridhi as Saroj daughter and let Shakti know about this. Heera in Kavach serial takes Gurudev to the Bundela house to take both bad spirits out from the house. Saudamini wants to kill Bheravnath gurudev who killed her in past. Everyone enjoying the engagement Bheravnath Meet Maujulika and told her to leave the house. Both Heera and Bheravnath tried to fetch Maunjulika out from Paridhi’s body. Saudamini come to save Maunjulika and both Saudamini and Maunjulika entered in paridhi’s body. Rajbir heard the pain of Paridhi and entered in the room and tell Heera to leave the house. Both Sauamini and Maunjuika’s spirit in Kavach serial kill Gurudev Bheravnath. Saudamini get all kundali from Dadi to kill.

Kavach 16 July Episode

In the last episode of Kawach serial we have seen Paridhi about Saroj death as she can’t listen her heart beats. She got to know that Saudamini possessed her and use Saroj’s body to remain in the Bundela house. Both spirits of Saudamini and Manjulika doing really horrible things in Kawach serial where they possessed Paridhi’s body to create trouble for Members of the family. Although Kawach not getting good TRP over the TRP meter but the story will definitely create magic on colors channel in coming episode. In 16 July episode of Kavach, we will see new Manjulika Sara Khan will enter in the show she is going to replace Mehak Chahal. In the Kawach star cast, male lead Vivek Dahiya hooked with his love Divyanka Tripathi. Mona who is playing the female lead in Kavach serial happy to work with Vivek Dahiya she said he has no ego issues. Now in the next episode of Kavach serial, we will see Mounjulika and Saudamini badly treating Paridhi by entering in her body. As we all know that Manjulika is trying  to enter in the body of Paridhi but  wore a Kavach of Load Hanuman Ji because it will protect her from supernatural powers. Now what next Manjulika will try to tease innocent Paridhi.

Manjulika tells her mother that she will get her out of the grave and will bring her back to the Bundela house. Then Manjulika enters in Pari’s body and takes the magical key of suitcase grave and open the door of Saudamini grave. Saudamini kills Saroj and possess Saroj. Heera got affraid and tells Paridhi that there are two evil spirits in the Bundela house.Pari ties enchanted thread of Hanuman ji given by Heera on everybody to protect them from Manjulika and Suadamini.

Kavach 9 July Episode

Manjulika create trouble every day in Paridhi’s life , she makes her life worse than hell. Now her mother (Maha Chudel) also come to make Paridhi’s life disgusting. Manjulika took her mother outside of grave and both of them are ready to take revenge from Bundela Family. Innocent Paridhi is become “Mohara” of their planning. Some unusual things happen with Paridhi, she wants to explain all the things to Rajbir but he did not understand what she wanted to tell him. Kavach serial taking the new twist and turns with every episode that let you jump in the unrevealed mysterious pool. Saudamini to get free from the lock have a bad history with Bundela family of Kavach Serial and want to take revenge from them by killing all of them. Kavach serial upcoming episode will show some supernatural activities happing with Bundela Family.

Most scary series of Indian television Kavach Serial getting interesting day by day in the upcoming episodes of Kavach serial we will see Paridhi in the new look or we can say she will look worst than ever. As both bad spirits attack Paridhi’s body badly. Rajbir in Kavach serial will get to know about Maunjulika’s truth it will be shocking for his as he doesn’t believe in the black magic kind of things. But Rajbir will do any possible way to save Paridhi from the influence of these spirits. Kavach Serial in coming day unfold some mysterious things.

Maunjulika in Kawach serial currently playing by Mehak Chandwani but due to in leg she won’t continue her character in Kawach. So, Mehak will be replaced by Sara Khan

Kavach 3 July Episode

Kavach serial the scariest drama series of the India television. Taking new twist where people eagerly watching the serial to know about the mystery of Bundela family. Everyone hate to talk about Saudamni who was one of the family members of the family but everyone considered her as Cursed spirit. Kavach Serial have a mysterious story, In last episode we have seen Mounjulika get her mother Saudamni’s spirit free from the grave with the help of Paridhi’s body. Now both bad spirits enter in the Bundela family and ready to take revenge from them.

Kavach serial 2 July Episode

Kavach serial is going to be scarier in coming days in last episodes of Kavach we have Paridhi flying in the air. After 7 PM Mounjulika enter in the Paridhi’s body and control her actions. By burning her passport Paridhi cancels her trip with Rajbir but Manjulika get angry beat Paridhi with that Pari get injured and Rajbir about to canceled his trip but Paridhi’s Mother and Dadi convince him to go for his trip. But, Maunjulika doesn’t let to go and Rajbir missed his fight. In today’s episode of kavach we will see Maunjulika’s mother a bad spirit come out from her grave she looks extremely ugly she about to kill Paridhi it will interesting to watch how Paridhi deals with two bad spirits together. Will Rajbir get to know about her secret? Will maunjulika and mother’s spirit kill Paridhi? Or Rajbir save her? Will theses questions will be answered in coming episodes of Kavach serial .

Kavach serial took the biggest twist where Paridhi makes Saudamini free from the lock. Sausamini in Kavach serial all set to spoil bundela family. both bad spirits come in the house with Paridhi’s body.

Kavach 26 June 2016 Episode

New update in Kavach serials like usual wedding and first night Rajbir and Paridhi planned for the honeymoon but how Monjulika can let them enjoy their married life. Yes, here is the big twist Rajbir and Paridhi get ready for their honeymoon but somehow Paridhi’s passport burned. and Rajbir has to leave alone for his business trip. Meanwhile Paridhi fight with Mounjulika who controlled her body. Will Mounlika kill Paridhi or control her body to get Rajbir. To know more about Kavach serial keep watching Kavach on Colors at 8PM on every Saturday and Sunday.

Kavach 25 June 2016 Episode

New update in Kavach serial like usual wedding and first night Rajbir and Paridhi planned for honeymoon but how Monjulika can let them enjoy their married life. Yes, here is the big twist Rajbir and Paridhi get ready for their honeymoon but somehow Paridhi’s passport burned. and Rajbir has to leave alone for his business trip. Meanwhile Paridhi fight with Mounjulika who controlled her body. Will Mounlika kill Paridhi or control her body to get Rajbir. To know more about Kavach serial keep watching Kavach on Colors at 8PM on every Saturay and Sunday.

Kavach 19 June 2016 Episode

In last episode of Kavach serial we have seen Paridhi got to know about block magic done by Saloni or Monjulika who want to spend her life with Rajbir Monjulika also have support from her mother’s spirit who help her in to get Rajbir with the influence of black magic. In Kavach serial today’s episode we will see Paridhi decided to leave Rajbir to let him alive. Rajbir also ready to leave her. But, letter Paridhi realise that she have to save Rajbir from Monjulika by being his Kavach.

Kavach 18 June 2016 Episode

We all that Kavach serial is started on a high note and getting awesome responses from the viewers. Now in the latest episode of kawach serial Mahek Chahal as Manjulika will be going to perform a seducing dance with Vivek Dahiya as Rajbir. she will get cozy with Rajbir , Mona Singh as Paridhi did not notice all these activities of Manjulika but now with this dance performance, she get uncomfortable . 18 June episode of Kavach serial , going to be very excited so keep watching this serial on colors channel or for more latest updates must read our daily updates.

Kavach Today’s episode

Kawach is the story of love, passion, obsession which didn’t end with the end of life, which go beyond imagination. How love become obsession which can do anything to get someone. the Story of Kavach serial showing black magic, possession and other which can haunt you. In the last episodes we have seen Paridhi by crossing all the bad evil power get engaged with Rajbir Bundela. Bundela family is cursed where no girl can marry in this family. Although Paridhi and Rajbir get engaged but the Evil Spirit in Kawach serial Monjulika still have eye on Rajbir. In the Sangit ceemony Mounjulika tried to seduce Rajbir and harm Paridhi. But, with her good doing Paridhi crosses all the barriers. In Kavach serial today episode we will see what next turn Mounjulika takes to kill Paridhi in the wedding ceremony of Maunjulika and Rajbir.

Kavach serial First episode (11 June)

The most awaited horror series by Ekta Kapoor “Kavach Serial” has been started today on 11 June on Colors. And I must say if you are majorly interested in to watch horror genre then you can’t afford to miss this one. In the first Episode of Kavach Serial makers introduced the characters which seem stronger where Vivek Dahiya and Mona singh playing the lead roles of Rajbir and Paridhi. Kavach Serial started with the bang where we have seen a Haveli with a secret buried under the wars of Haveli a secret which can spoil whole family which follows the lead character Rajbir. Well the secret will be revealed in coming episode of now we have seen Rajbir and Paridhi celebrating their engagement function.

Kavach serial 12 June episode

Kavach serial thrilling the color channel that serves lots of entertainment for viewer in the first episode of Kavach we have seen Mahendipur Balaji temple a place where people get free from possession. we have seen Rajbir and Paridhi getting engaged after four years of their relationship. Parishi is a well cultured girl who don’t want to get intimate before marriage. In the second episode we have seen twist in the story of Kavach where Manjulika attracts Rajbir with her black magic. Rajbir getting attaracted towards her in his Sangit ceremony with Paridhi. It will intersting to watch where the Kavach serial take next turn.

Kavach Serial today’s episode

The latest news of kavach serial is that in the 16th July episode of Kavach you will see Sara Khan in the role of Manjulika. Yes, it is true Mahak Chahal is replaced by Sara khan. In our daily update news we shared a news that Mahak was met with an accident therefore maker of the Kavach serial took this step. You can also see the online Kavach serial videos for latest updates. In today’s episode of Kavach serial, we will see the new Mounjulika Sara Khan Vidaai fame Sara Khan now again going to play the negative role in Kawach Sara Khan’s entry may increase the popularity of the show.  Both Maunjulika and Saudamini going to cross all the limits to create fear amongst Audience. Everyday new day comes with new suspense in Kavach serial. With the time being Every member of Bundela family got to know about Maunjulika’s secret. It will inteesting to watch what will help when Rajbir got to know about her secret in Kavach serial.

Kavach serial – Mahak to replace by Sara khan

Yes, the bad spirit of Kavach serial Maunjulika playing by Mahak Chahal will be replaced by Sara Khan as we already know Mahak met with an accident and Doctor don’t let her do work in coming days. She will not continue her role so, now the role of Maunjulika will be played by another vamp of Indian television i.e. Sara Khan. It will interesting to watch Sara Khan as Maunjulika in Kavach serial.

Kavach Serial updates

Kavach serial on colors is in the headlines and people eagerly waiting to watch horror story on television sets. With Ragini MMS Ekta Kapoor has proved her talent to create horror for people. With the latest promo Kavach makers have announced the starting date i.e. 16 May 2016. Yes, its just 2 weeks aways to feel the fear with true love story of an Indian couple. In last episodes of Kavach serial we have seen Paridhi got to know the truth of Monjulika who did black magic of Rajbir to take his control. Monjulika killed herself to marry with Rajbir, she enter in Paridhi’s body take Sat Phere with Rajbir and Paridhi. In the next episode of Kavach we will see how Monjulika entered in Paridhi’s body in their First night after marriage will Rajbir got the truth and help Paridhi to free from evil spirit? Or not. Keep watching Kavach serial updates.

Kavach Latest news

Biggest News from colors Kavach serial has been out now as the lead actress Mahak Chahal met with an accident she is no more able to continue with her acting in the upcoming horror series by Ekta Kapoor Kavach. Well, it happen only in her dramatic stories where one die and next come but this time it is interesting to watch how she cope up with the situations. Kavach is the news starting from the day 1 when makers announced the serial in award function. There are number of horror series running of the Indian television but this time Ekta Kapoor added all the elements of horror and entertainment in a single package in Kavach serial we will see most fearfull scenes which definitely take you to the another world.

Just Two Days left to get into the world of horror With Kavach Serial that will be started from 11 June 2016. Vivek Dahiya and Mona Singh are very excited for their next project Kavach where they are playing the lead role.

Kavach Serial latest news

Kavach is much-awaiting serial on the colors channel produced by Ekta Kapoor after Kavach Promo release everyone quite excited to watch Kavach serial according to latest News of Kavach serial, Kavach previous speculating the title “Magalsutra” but Ekta Kapoor finally announced the title Kavach with Mona Singh and Vivek Dahiya in Lead. As we know that the Shakti Astitva ke Ehsaas ki will be going to replace Color’s popular serial Balika Vadhu same Upcoming Kavach serial will going to replace super hi serial Naagin.Naagin last episode is Shoot and all the star cast share their pictures on you Tube.

Kavach serial start date

Kavach Serial will be launched on 11 June 2016. it will replace The Popular Naagin serial of colors channel. Kavach serial will be telecast Saturday and Sunday.So keep your self-free for the most awaited  horror show of colors channel.Promo of the show is already launched and we can see a scary look of Mona Singh in the promos.

11 June is a date in which most awaited horror serial is going to be release. The new promo of this serial is also released and it is more spooky as compared to first one.

Kawach serial Promo

Kavach serial promo is very interesting and scary. you can find the amazing change in the look of Mona Singh who will gonna play the lead female role. Promo of Kavach serial is inspired by most watched horror movie Conjuring where ekta kapoor want to make people feel the devil spirit around them.

Kavach Hd Wallpaper

Mona Singh in kavach

Mona Singh in kavach
Mona Singh in kavach

Vivek Dahiya in kavach

Vivek Dahiya in kavach
Vivek Dahiya in kavach

Kawach Serial images

Kawach Serial images
Kawach Serial images

Kavach Serial wallpapers

Kavach Serial wallpapers
Kavach Serial wallpapers

Kawach Images

Kavach Images
Kavach Images

beautiful Kawach wallpaper

beautiful Kawach wallpaper
beautiful Kawach wallpaper

Kavach Hd Wallpaper

Kavach Hd Wallpaper
Kavach Hd Wallpaper

Kavach Serial photo

Kavach Serial photo
Kavach Serial photo

Kawach Serial pic

Kawach Serial pic
Kawach Serial pic

Kavach Latest Images

Kavach Latest Images
Kavach Latest Images

Kawach Serial Photos

Kawach Serial Photos
Kawach Serial Photos




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