MTV Splitsvilla 9

splitsvilla Season 9 Coming Soon Tv Show
splitsvilla Season 9 Coming Soon Tv Show

Splitsvilla 9 episode 1 October Episode

In the latest episode of Splitsvilla, love is in the air and every couple spent quality time with their loved one. As we all know that Rajnandini and Kavya directly go into the final round , now rest of the girls are tensed because they have to win splitsvilla 9 task anyhow otherwise they will dump this time. According to the viewers Mia is entertaining but she does not deserve for winning the show. Most probably Martina and Varun will win Splitsvilla season 9 because their bonding is quite strong as compared to other contestants.

The finale of Splitsvilla season 9 The battle to win the Queen throne becomes more vigorous by the hot entery of the ex-splitsvillans! In the final round these ex-splitsvillans will paly important role.  Shree Radhe got a chance in which she can fight with rest of the princess who are in the battle throne but Rurmeet and archie don’t want to perform with her as they have to perform with their connections in final round. Now who gonna win this show, this question is on every body’s head.

Splitsvilla 9 episode 24 September Episode

In the 24 sept episode of Splitsvilla season 9 , we all know that Gurmeet is in dumping ground and now only evil queen Rajnandini will save him. Kavya is very upset because her connection is in dumping ground and she can do everything to save him. Rajnandini tells kavya to do sit-ups in front of her to save Gurmeet. Must watch Splitsvilla 9 to see what will happen with Gurmeet. Splitsvilla is taking the new twist and turns every day , in each episode, you will get entertaining stuff. Now Rajnandini is very angry and in full mood to throw Gurmeet out of the show so that she can teach a lesson to kavya. But Book of fortune saves Gurmeet and Kavya is happy to see him back in the race of Splitsvilla season 9.


Splitsvilla 9 episode 17 September Episode

In the 17 Sept. episode of Splitsvilla 9 , The atmosphere of Splitsvilla house is very cold because an evil queen is very angry due to the eviction of her connection Archie. The ‘bajatey raho’ session starts with a rapid fire round, and all the contestants are raising a point on  Shreeradhe and her alleged new connection, Karan Khanna. Gurmeet and Kavya both are tensed because the ‘Evil queen’ Rajnandini is eagerly waiting for that time when Gurmeet will stand on dumping ground. Rajnandini’s prayers seem to be excepted because in the task no one chooses Gurmeet, therefore, he is directly is in the dumping round. Now it’s going to be interesting to watch what will Rajnandini will do with Kavya’s connection. Splitsvilla show is always receiving popularity among youths so now that time also it is favourite  serial and collect huge TRP. Evil queen Rajnandini is now become more dangerous and wants to take revenge from Kavya as she dumped her connection in the last dumping session. Now Gurmeet is in danger and no one can save him except Rajnandini or Book of Fortune.

Splitsvilla 9 episode 27 August Episode

In the Splitsvilla season 9 latest episode, All the contestants are tied their shoe lace for next challenges. In the previous episode, all the tasks are very romantic and seductive. Similarly, this time, all the task are very cosy so that love connections can show their love chemistry. Beautiful mentor Sunny leone announce the lovely task to all the contestants. In the Splitsvilla season 9 dumping ground is always fire and now all the connections are in dangerous situation. To watch know more about Splitsviall season 9 keep tuned with us.

In the splitsvialla season 9 , the contestants who lost the ‘Love triangle’ task have no other option but to  fulfil the desires of the Queens.  Mia, Ayan and Zain won the competition and safe but all other contestants are in dumping ground. are in the danger zone, but the Book of Fortune turns things on its head. Martina ans Shree are safe because they have golden bracelets. A princess even gets the chance to reverse the Queens’ decision. Zain and Karan Chabbra are dumped in the 27 August episode of Splitsvilla season 9.

Splitsvilla 9 episode 20 August Episode

Splitsvilla season 9 , where woman rule , now the theme of the show totally justify because of, this time, two queens rule over there. Kavya and Rajnandini are the two hot queens of the villa but both dislike each other and wants to dump each other connections. If this time, Rajnandini would get the chance to dump Gurmeet Or Varun then she will definitely dump them because of last time Kavya and Martina fought with her badly. Sunny leone and Ranvijay set Patate raho session for all the contestants. It will be interesting to watch new task and cat fight , so keep watching Splitsvilla season 9 only on MTV.

In the splitsvilla season 9 , Sunny Leone gave the ‘licktionary’ task which  showcases the creative side of all the hot boys who draws the images for their connections to identify, using their tongue. All the contestants are enjoying the task and make bond strong. There was a balloon bursting session too which was  hilarious. The winning team will get an immunity. Who will get immunity? To know more must watch Splitsvilla season 9 only on MTV.

Splitsvilla 9 episode 13 August Episode

In the Splitsvilla season 9, 13 August episode , We know that Kavya is a new queen of Splitsvilla and in the dumping ground, queen faces a test of friendship. Rajnandini and Kavya are faced with a decision in which they have to give up their thrones to save her friend who is standing in the dumping ground. Kavya sacrifices her throne to safe Varun and the surprise note is that Rajnandini also gives up her throne to save Karan Chhabra. In every episode splitsvilla season 9 takes a new twist and with each twist ,it become more interesting and received high TRP. Now Rajnandini will show her more evil look after cat fight with Kavya and Martina. This time book of fortune is lucky for Queen therefore she get back their thrones again. Now it will be interesting to watch these two fiery queens.

Wow!! Kavya is New Queen Of Splitsvilla 9

Yes this is true Kavya is a new queen of Splitsvilla season 9 , now show take a new turn because Kavya will surely take revenge on her enemies. As we all know that Kavya and Martia are friends and both are a strong contestant of Splitsvilla. Kavya will support Martina. Meanwhile, Martina and Varun spent quality time with each other and want to win this show with each other.  Now time will tell wheater feeling of this couple is genuine or fake!!

Splitsvilla 9 episode 6 August Episode

In the 6 August episode of Splitsvilla season 9, Two wild card hot entries are enter in a Splitsvilla house  Zain and Ayaan. All princesses are happy because now they have another option to link up with him. Meanwhile, the hot , sizzling Sunny Leone, announces the fight for the new queen. In splitsvilla 9  real entertainment begins when the boys’ talent show is interrupted by a vicious body shaming skirmish between evil queen Rajnandini and Martina. After this cat-fight for a throne of the queen is begin and the war gets fierce between Kavya, Martina, Shreeradhe, and Mia . We are all aware of Mia , who was last seen in the previous season of Splitsvilla. Recently she is in buzz because of liplock with Ishaan. In every episode splitsvilla season, 9 takes new twist and turns. Martina and Varun spent quality time in the villa and they come closer. The new evil queen Rajnandini is stuck with her throne and you will see her sitting on her throne with the new fairy queen. Who will become new queen of Splistvilla !! to know more stay hooked with us.

Splitsvilla 9 episode 10 (30 Jul)

In the 30th episode of Splitsvilla season 9 , all the queens prepare for her next task for the throne of a queen. We all know that Martina is a strong contestant of Splitsvilla 9 , so competition for rest of the girl contestant is really tough. Varon Sood is not confident enough about Martina and his bonding. In the season 9 of Splitsviall , all episodes are full of suspense and cat fights among all the queen are really horrible. Well, it is a part of this game and because this spice all the youngsters are love to watch splitsvilla show.

In 30th July episode of Splistvilla , Rajnandani will become an evil queen. She will dump Varun Sood and Martina will cry a lot. Everybody in the Splitsvilla start abusing Rajnandani. Rannvijay the super hot host of this show will get angry and pull one of the splitsvilla male contestants badly because he used some slang for Rajnandani. Now finally Rajnandani play with zeal of winning splitsvilla season 9. She is the full form and in the upcoming episodes of splitsvilla season 9 she will also reveal her new faces in front of Splitsvilla 9 contestants.

 The love connection of both Queens  Martina and Rajnandini are in the dumping zone. Martina quit her throne for her love Varun Sood. After so many high voltage drama finally, one boy get dumped.

Splitsvilla 9 episode 9 (23 Jul)

MTV Splitsvilla 9 episode 9 definitely going to be a big shock for all contestants in Splitsvilla9 as in the last episode we have seen after defeating Isha Anand, Martina again become the queen of Splitsvilla 9 she maintain her position on the throne. Rest od all the princesses are in the danger zone. Yes, this time one of the princesses got eliminated amongst splitsvilla 9 contestants from the Splitsvilla 9. But according to latest news of MTV Splitsvilla 9 one princess who will get eliminated will get a right to take a name from splitsvilla 9 contestants names (princess) who will become the second queen of Splitsvilla9. Yes, in the next episode of Splitsvilla 9 we will have two queens with the same right. Splitsvilla 9 23 July episode come with lots of twist and turns three Princess Mayuri, Rajnandani and Shree Radhe are in the danger zone come for the date with the queen to convince Martina to save her. In the danger zone Princess arguing with each other for Bajate Raho session Martina the queen of MTV Splitsvilla 9 open the book of fortune where Karan replaced Shreeradhe and get into dumping zone. Martina dumped Mayuri Mayuri expressed her feelings for Karan. Then the twist comes here Book of fortune i.e. from today there will a second queen in the villa Mayuri took Rajnandani’s name and Rajnansani becomes the second queen of Splitsvilla 9. Then two new Princesses entered in the Splitsvilla 9

Splitsvilla 9 episode 8 (16 Jul)

Splitsvilla 9 16 July episode – In the last episode we have seen wild card entry who promises to snatch Varun from Martina, take Karan Chhabra back in the Splitsvilla 9. And one more bad boys added in the list of splitsvilla 9 contestants names. She goes closer to Karan and showed intimacy in the pool with Karan Chhabra. In today’s episode of Splitsvilla, 9 girls will fight for the crown to become the second queen of Splitsvilla 9. Shreeradhe, Isha, and Kavya already won the golden bracelet it will interesting to watch who will challenge the existing Queen Martina to take away her crown. Shreeradhe and Karan Chhabra consider Matina as the biggest enemy in Splitsvilla 9. 16th July episode of Splitsvilla season 9 going to be very wild because of the task that was given by Sunny leone. All the contestants come closer after this task. Martina and Shreeradhe again argue with each other. More more interesting updates must watch Splisvilla 9 only on MTV.

After a thrilling scuffle with Martina for the Queen’s throne, all the princesses break some eggs over each other’s heads. All were throwing eggs like they were kill each other. This time a shocking twist, All the girls are also  in the ‘Dumping Zone’, too. Now Which hottie will make an exit , for knowing more must ready our daily updates

 Splitsvilla 9 episode 7 (9 Jul)

Splitsvilla 9, 9 July episode new Princess Shree Radhe uses her power to get an eliminated boy again in the Villa. Then Shree Radha and Kavya fight for the crown to fight with current Queen Martina. It will interesting to watch who will become the next queen of Splitsvilla 9? Now Sree Radhe chose Karan Chhabra to continue her journey in Splitsvilla season 9. Martina dumps 4 boys in which Karan Chhabra also included. Just because of Karan is a connection of Sree Radhe Martina wants to dump him. But all the beauties of Splitsvilla 9 save three boys and only one boy got dumped. Now it will gonna more interesting to watch Martina and Shree cat fight.

Now The Villian Of Splitsvilla Season 9 is back

Karan Chabbra is back on the race of Splitsvilla Season 9. Now Shree Radhe and Karan Chabbra are in one team and they are all set to take revenge from Martina. Now Martina and Shree Radhe will fight for Queen Crown. Now Splitsvilla house is divided into  two groups one is Martina group and another one is ShreeRadhe group.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 TV reality show

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Contestants

This time in MTV Splitsvilla 9 where women rules with 16 Male and 6 Female contestants. This time, women have more power than boys, Splitsvilla 9 contestants names are mentioned below

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Male Contestants

  • Gurmeet Singh Rehal Splitsvilla 9 Contestant
  • Varun Sood Splitsvilla 9 Contestant
  • Karan Chhabra Splitsvilla 9 Contestant
  • Karan Khanna Splitsvilla 9 Contestant
  • Aditya Singh Rajput Splitsvilla 9 Contestant
  • Zain Abideen Splitsvilla 9 Contestant
  • Harshit Tomar Splitsvilla 9 Contestant
  • Anuranjan Awasthi Splitsvilla 9 Contestant
  • Nikhil Sachdeva Splitsvilla 9 Contestant
  • Pratik kalsi (Archie) Splitsvilla 9 Contestant
  • Abhishek Singh Pathania Splitsvilla 9 Contestant
  • Akhil Kataria Splitsvilla 9 Contestant
  • Ricky Batra Splitsvilla 9 Contestant
  • Milind Manek Splitsvilla 9 Contestant – Eliminated
  • Sushant Mohindru Splitsvilla 9 Contestant – Eliminated
  • Ishaan Singh Manhas Splitsvilla 9 Contestant – Eliminated
  • Subhashish Splitsvilla 9 Contestant  – Eliminated

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Female Contestants

  • Kavya Khurana Splitsvilla 9 Contestant
  • Das Mayuri Splitsvilla 9 Contestant
  • Martina Thariyan Splitsvilla 9 Contestant (First Queen of Splitsvilla9 )
  • Isha Anand Sharma Splitsvilla 9 Contestant
  • Rajnandini Borpuzari Splitsvilla 9 Contestant
  • Niharika in Splitsvilla 9 Contestant
  • Shreeradhe Khanduja Splitsvilla 9 Contestant (Wild Card Entry)
  • Heena Singh Koranga Splitsvilla 9 Contestant
  • Priya Haridas Splitsvilla 9 Contestant
  • Mia Lakda Splitsvilla 9 Contestant
  • Priya Splitsvilla 9 Contestant

Splitsvilla 9 wiki

The makers of MTV Splitsvilla have all set to launch next installment of the show i.e. Splitsvilla 9. As per the predictions, Ranvijay Singh and Sunny Leone will again be seen as a hardcore host of the youth based show. Sunny and Ranvijay together did magic in the previous seasons as jury members and landed the show in the list of the top most TRP shows. Splitsvilla 9 is the most awaited reality show especially for the youth viewers because of the theme and concept. Makers are looking pretty much confident about the ninth season of Splitsvilla. splitsville 9 contestants are very entertaining and sports, girls are more powerful than the boys in this season. Splitsvilla season 9 always comes with an exciting twist which are fully enjoyed by the viewer. Book Of fortune is one of the new ideas of the maker of this show which was introduced in previous two seasons. Whenever the contestants of splitsvilla openedd the Book of fortune they get some twist some time it is in favour of contestent and sometimes come with a heavy storm.

In Splitsville season nine there will be  15 boys, as warriors and six girls who will be princesses. The theme of the series , this time, is “where women rule.”

Splitsvilla 9 episode 6 (3 Jul)

Splitsvilla 9 3 July episode come with lots of surprises or we can say shock where day started with the cat fight. Boys have to take a name of a princess who they wanted to eliminate from Villa amongst Isha and raj Nandini after the majority of votes Rajnandani nominated to fight with Niharika to save her position in the villa. After t-shirt tearing task Raj nandani won the task and Niharika bid goo bye to the villa. Then here comes the surprise where a princess entered in the villa with her hot and sexy bikini look. All boys got a chance to meet her and date her in the pool after the interaction Shree Radha the princess of Splitsvilla 9 chose Abhishek and Varun for one on one date where She tried on Varun and spent 45 min in the pool with Varun. Varun and Shree Radhe did the close romantic dance in the pool. And here come the next dumping zone where everyone teases Varun for dating Shree Radhe after that Martina the first queen of splitsvilla 9 got to know about Varun and Shree Radhe’s date she got angry of Varun. Then Shree Radhe enters and told Martina that she will like to date Varun and will make connections with him only. Martina told her that she is just wasting her time. After that, Martina eliminated Anuranjan from Splitsvilla 9 as he misbehaved with Isha. But because of Book of fortune which gave special power to Shree Radhe where she got the golden bracelet along with that she can bring one of male contestants of splitsvilla 9 who eliminated by the Queen.

Splitsvilla 9 episode 5 (2 Jul)

In Splitsvilla 9 episode 4 all MTV splitsvilla 9 male contestants go for the date with Martina after that all stand in the danger zone where Martina the first queen of Splitsvilla 9 have the power to eliminate two boys from the villa where she taken name of Harshit and Milind but because of Splitsvilla 9 book of fortune she got a power to take name of one of the princess whom she wanted to see in the danger zone then she took the name of Niharika. Next morning all contestants got an interesting task where male and female contestants not allowed to meet each other and female contestants have click their selfies without revealing their face. All princess clicked sexy and hot selfies then boys have to recognise the princess by seeing their selfies in this task Mayuri won the task and got save from elimination.

Splitsvilla 9 episode 3 (25 June)

Splitsvilla 9 running successfully on Indian TV channel MTV. In the last episode, we have seen two boys Sushant and Ishaan  eliminated from the show. In Splitsvilla 9, 25 June 2016 episode there was a huge fight between girl contestants of Splitsvilla 9 after beating rest of the girls Martina becomes the first queen of Splitsvilla with the help of Varun Sood. After getting the power of Queen she had rights to eliminate two boys by using her right she eliminated Karan Chhabra and Subhashish from the Villa.

Splitsvilla 9 episode 2  (18 June)

In Splitsvilla 9 episode 2 you will see all the participant will perform a task which is given by beautiful Sunny leone and Rannvijay Singh.In the previous episode, all the contestants are introduced to each other. Now they will perform the task in order to secure their position. Splits villa is all about love , fun and fight so keep watching its latest episode.

Splitsvilla 9 episode 1  (11 June)

Unlike other previous seasons of Splitsvilla, this time with Splitsvilla 9 Sunny and Rannvijay introduced all new concept of the most watched dating reality show this season give more power to girls. Where in the first episode after introducing and chatting with each other 6 girls have to select 2 boys each. Well, it will interest to watch which is the next secret Sunny and Ranvijjay will reveal in the next episode.

Splitsvilla 9 theme, concept

As of now, all the season have received much acclaim all around just because of its awesome concept in which participates compete for each other to find their true love. Some get success while some get failure in the beautiful race. It is said that in 9th Season the male contestants will rock the show. It will be very interesting to see who will be the lucky guys to mark his presence in the show and take place in the heart of the audience along with girl contestants.When we talk with a host of the reality show Splitsvilla Rannvijay Singha, about the concept of season 9 he said that ” the new season of the show will teach men how to behave with women and fight for them. “The theme of this new season is Where Women Rule and I and Sunny Leone (co-host) believe that in our country there is a need to talk about these things. To show it through an example, be it through entertainment or anything else. All our 15 celebrity guys had to behave with the girls because of which they saw a change in them,”

Mtv Splitsvilla 9 Host

  • Sunny Leone
  • Rannvijay Singh

Promo of MTV Splitsvilla 9

Promo of MTV Splitsvilla 9 is already launched and once again hot sexy and sizzling Sunny Leone and handsome Ranvijay will going to host this show.

Splitsvilla 9 Star Date and time

Splitsvilla 9 has been started from 11 June 2016 on every Saturday 7 PM. Like previous seasons this season of Splitsvilla 9 also started with a bang where all hot and sexy contestants ready to bring entertainment on the television in the journey of finding their love.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Audition dates, timing, place

The auditions of Splitsvilla 9 season have already been started and males are quite happy to hear the news that Sunny Leone will be the host of this season. So, boys and girls if you are willing to be the contestant of this season, grab the opportunity and mark your presence in the glamor world. Stay tuned to find more update about the show. Don’t forget to watch the real fun.

Splitsvilla 9 contestants with images Exclusively Available On

You can see the hottest images of Splitsvilla 9 contestants with proper description. splitsvilla 9 contestants names with images are only available on For reading  splitsvilla 9 wiki only thing you have to do is scroll you mouse because all the information about the contestant of splitsvilla is mention below.

Splitsvilla9 Wallpaper

splitsvilla Season 9 Coming Soon Tv Show

splitsvilla Season 9 Coming Soon Tv Show
splitsvilla Season 9 Coming Soon Tv Show

Aditya Singh Rajput In contestants of splitsvilla 9

Aditya Singh Rajput In contestants of splitsvilla 9
Aditya Singh Rajput In contestants of splitsvilla 9
splitsvilla Season 9 Coming Soon Tv Show
splitsvilla Season 9 Coming Soon Tv Show

Das Mayuri contestants of splitsvilla 9

Das Mayuri contestants of splitsvilla 9
Das Mayuri contestants of splitsvilla 9

Gurmeet Singh Rehal Splitsvilla 9 Contestant

Gurmeet Singh Rehal Splitsvilla 9 Contestent
Gurmeet Singh Rehal Splitsvilla 9 Contestent

Kavya Khurana contestants of splitsvilla 9

Kavya Khurana contestants of splitsvilla 9
Kavya Khurana contestants of splitsvilla 9

Martina Thariyan Splitsvilla 9 Contestent

Martina Thariyan Splitsvilla 9 Contestent
Martina Thariyan Splitsvilla 9 Contestent

Varun Sood Splitsvilla 9 Contestent

Varun Sood Splitsvilla 9 Contestent
Varun Sood Splitsvilla 9 Contestant



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