Naagin 2

Naagin 2 Upcoming Serial
Naagin 2 Upcoming Serial

Naagin 2 Serial 13 Nov episode

In the 20 Nov episode of Naagin 2 serial, Shivangi tells Avantika that she has a book in which there are names of Suryavanshis who can pick nagmani. Avantika gets excited and a number of questions were running on her mind. She asks Shivangi to show her the book. Shivangi tell her to go sesh nag mandir in which you will get that book. Shivangi thinks that in the Sesh Nag mandir, all the powers of Avantika are baseless therefore she send her there. Avantika reaches the temple of load Shiv and started searching that book and finds a book there. All the planning of Shivangi is going smoothly and she is about to kill her but suddenly Sasha enter in the temple and Shivangi hides. Sasha asks Avantika, what are you doing here, she replied she came here to find a Suryavanshi’s book for her guidance. Sesha says show me the book and finds it blank and says someone tricked on her. Avantika is confused , who wanna kill her. Shivangi gets angry that she lost her chance to kill Avantika. Yamini and her other four crime parters gather to make a plan so that they can steal the naagmani.

Naagin 2 Serial 12 Nov episode

In the 12 Nov episode of Naagin 2 serial, Rocky is lying on a bed, Shivangi also sits on bad and started alluring Rocky. Rocky’s eyes were close, she stares him with anger as Shivangi wanted to take revenge from everyone. Shivangi is unaware that Rocky was not involved in her mother’s death that’s why she also wants to kill him. Shivangi started tuning into Naagin , she gets afraid if Rocky will see her face that her whole plan will get fail. On the other side, Shasha is very angry and wants to kill Shivangi because she snatched her love just like her mother did. Rocky is not happy because he did wrong with Ruchika, Yamini tells him that don’t feel guilty, all this written in his destiny. Yamini tells him that your love is strong that’s why god saved her for you. She asks him not think too much about all this and gets ready for all rituals. Yamini asks Avantika about kali Sasha, she says she is locked herself and throwing her room’s furniture here and there because of anger.  Yamini and Avantika enter in the room of Sasha and Avantika holds her neck and asks  her to calm down and forgot everything. Shivangi is waiting when Rocky will sleep , she goes to shiv temple to learn powers of Naagin. She asks Guruji to teach her how to change her Naagin Avtaar to human easily. He says to Shivangi come on Krishna Purnima , that day all icchadhari nagins will come to learn powers of Naagin till than  chant 3 mantras and remember your mother while changing your form. Suddenly Sasha has come and ask guruji who is this new snake.  Shivangi changes her look and appears in a different look. She asked why you want to learn Power of Naagin? Shivangi told her I want to take revenge.

Naagin 2 Serial 6 Nov episode

In the 6 Nov episode of Naggin serial , Shivangi ask lord Shiv to take her back as she wants to go meet her parent. She asks him to say whether she is Icchadhari Naagin or not. Then she falls down from the mountains but nothing happens to her and then she turns into icchadhari naagin Avtaar. Nagmanis snake tells her that her parents slaughter their life to protect nagmani. The Snake tell her that she has to protect nagmani and take vengeance from her  enemies. Shivangi then started missing her parents and take pledge that she will kill her enemies at any cost.

Ruchika as Shasha stand up near her room’s window and sees rain outside. She thinks that she will make Lucky mad in her love and make him hers forever. The wedding ceremony of Rocky is going to start but suddenly Shivangi with inspector enter in Rocky’s house.Yamini gets shocked after seeing her in her house. Shivangi says a group of a killer , killed her mother now she want to take revenge from them. Yamini thinks Sasha killed her and even burn her dead body, how can she be alive. Shivangi tell everyone that her mother sacrifices her life for her , now it’s her duty to find out that murderers.

Naagin 2 Serial 5 Nov episode

Naagin 2 second installation of highest TRP grabber series Naagin also running successfully on colors channel. Initially it has faced low TRP but now again Ekta Kapoor’s magic star grabbing audience attention. Now Naagin is back in the list of highest TRP grabber serials. In the last episode we have seen Shivangi entered in the Haveli where she feel the presence of her parent she entered in the room where thousands of Snacks attacted her after seeing her mark they left her. While running out of haveli she got an album where she saw Badi maa (yamini) in the photos. in today’s episode of Naagin 2 we are going to see Shivangi get to know mystery behind her parents and Yamini’s connection she went to the Shiva’s temple where she get all of her power as Ichhadhari Naagin. To take revenge from Rocky in Naagin 2 serial Shivangi repalce Sesha and get marry. For more latest update watch Naagin 2 serial 5 Nov episode.

Naagin 2 colors

Naagin 2 Wiki

Colors popular show Naagin, which is aired on every weekend is going to roll up. Mouni Roy (Shivanya), Adaa Khan (Sesha) and Arjun Bijlani (Hrithik) in the lead roles in Naagin. The show will end on May.While according to the sources show will return with Season 2, and ready to hit the ground soon with some new twist and  star cast.

However, “Naagin” producer Ekta Kapoor has decided to take the lead actresses Mouni and Adaa for the second part. Both Mouni and Adaa have impress audience and gain lots of fame from the show Naagin and the makers don’t want to take a risk in the second season by replacing these actresses. Naagin 2 will be telecast on every Saturday and Sunday at 08.00pm – 09.00pm. Official Promo of the season 2 of Naagin Is not launched but it will be launched soon.

Naagin 2 Serial details

  • Start Date : 8 October 2016
  • Channel : Colors TV
  • Timing : 8 Pm
  • Days : Sun & Sat

Naagin 2 star cast

Shweta Kawaatra will play the role of Naagin in Naagin 2 , Yes, this is true! According to the sources, Shweta Kawaatra might be seen as a Naagin in the second season of the popular TV show, Naagin. She will play the role of an evil snake. Currently, She does not talk about her role as she said she is discussing with the production house about the scope of her role. Other than Shweta Mauni, Arjun and Adaa will also appear in lead roles. Another secret of naagin season 2 cast has been revealed that Mouni Roy will play dual role in Naagin2.

Naagin Season 2 cast

  • Shweta Kawaatra in Naagin Season 2
  • Mouni Roy in Naagin Season 2 – Shivanya and her daughter
  • Karanvir Bohra in Naagin Season 2 – Male lead
  • Arjun Bijlani in Naagin Season 2
  • Adaa Khan in Naagin Season 2
  • Aashka Goradia in Naagin Season 2
  • Nandish Sandhu in Naagin Season 2

Naagin 2 serial story

Naagin 2 is the second installation of most watched drama series Naagin by Ekta Kapoor in the second installation of Naagin the revengeful story is continued the leap of 25 years. Where Shivanya and Rithik’s daughter Shivangi fall in love with Rocky but Sesha and Yamini don’t want them to get married as Sesha loves Rocky and wants to marry him. Yamini and Sesha Killed Shivanya misunderstand her as Shivangi. Shivangi get to know her mother’s killers and wants to take revenge from them. On her 25th birthday she get to k now that she is also having all powers of a Ichhadhari naagin. Rocky marry with Sesha with the compelness of Yamini but Shivangi replaced Sesha and get marry with Rocky to take revenge from him. It will intersting to watch how Shivangi fight with all to take revenge from all her mother’s killer.

Naagin 2 serial episode updates

Naagin2 30 oct episode

In the 30 October episode of Naagin 2 serial , Yamini shouted on Sesha that she killed Shivangi, now how will they get nagmani now. Sesha says Shivangi died recently and now Rocky is dying because of her. On the other hand, Rocky’s cousins try to cheer him up and tell him that he should marry soon. He got angry after listening to this and started yelling his cousins. Shesha tells Yamini a Drama queen and tells him not to waste time. She wanna marry Rocky as soon as possible and after that, she will help him to find out nagmani.

Shivangi and Gautami pack their bags and leave the house. Gautami finds nagmani book in Shavangi’s bag and asks her what is this. Shivangi says this is moms book. Gautami notice a mark in the book which is also placed on the neck of Shivangis. She says they have to go in search of haveli because we only know the truth when we enter in the haveli. Gautami gets afraid after seeing dark and ramshackle haveli and asks Shivangi to go, she will wait outside. Shivangi enter in the haveli and hear the voice of Rithiks and Shivanya.

Naagin2 24 oct episode

In the 24 oct episode of Naagin 2 serial , Rocky and Shivangi are getting ready for their marriage. On the other hand Yamini kill Shivanya. Ruchika is smiling after seeing Shivnaya on the floor and counting her last breath. But this was her dream but she ready to execute her plan. Yamini and Shasha are very happy because they thing that on the marriage of Shivangi they will kill Shivanya. She takes Shivangi to the mandap, Shivangi and Rocky stares each other and the couple shares a romantic moment together.

Naagin2 Latest Updates

In the upcoming episode of Naagin 2 , we will see that the role of Shivanaya comes to an end because Yamini will kill her for her self profit. Yamini ans Shasha trickly convence Shivanya to come with them and when no body around them they kill her. Shivangi will break after seeing the dead body of her mother and Rocky try to console her. Shasha and Yamini is happy now because their huddle is now no more and now they will execute their plan successfully.

Naagin 2 is back with highest TRP

As we all know that Naagin season 2 started on 8th October but it fails to collect highest TRP but this serial is ranked on the TRP chart. Now we can say that Mouni Roy’s double role has started spreading magic by allure audience. Naagin 2 has shot number 1 position with 13848 points. The initially audience did not like the chemistry of Moni Roy and Karan Bohra but as the plot taking the new twist and turns audience enjoy watching Naagin 2 serial and once again it successfully win the hearts of viewers.

Naagin2 22 oct episode

Naagin2 successfully started on colors channel with all new revengeful story in the previous episodes we have seen Yamini and Sesha changed their identity and start living with another family. Where Sesha again falls with a boy Rocky who is a grand son of Yamini’s new family but Rocky in Naagin2 fall in love with Shivangi Shivanya’s daughter. Yamini who looking for the way get Naagmani feel happy after knowing the truth of Rocky and Shivangi’s relationship on otherhand Shivanya who wants to get her daughter Shivangi get marry before completion of her 25th birthday to keep the biggest secret of Naagin2 as secret. She wants to meet Rocky to take their relationship to another level. But As per Yamini’s plan in Naagin2 serial Shivangi attacked by some of the goons. In the 22 oct episode of Naagin 2 we will see Yamini met with Shivanya in the hospital Shivanya got panic and shocked after seeing Yamin in front of her eyes. What will be reaction of her will be known in the coming episode of Naagin2. Although people not giving as much love to the Naagin 2 serial cast as they given to Naagin serial cast but still Naagin 2 serial story attracting them alot.

Naagin 2 16 oct episode

In the last episode of Nagin2, we have seen Shivangi confessed her love for Rocky in front of Shivanya. Unexpectedly Shivanya got happy after listening to this that her daughter found her true love and wanted to meet him. Both Shivanya and Shivangi go to the temple to meet Rocky on another hand Yamini (Badi ma) in Naagin2 making a strategy to kill Shivangi  she also went to the temple where she met with Shivangi and got shocked after seeing her. In today’s episode of Naagin 2 we will see Yamini got shocked after seeing Shivangi in front of her she feels happy to see her alive to execute her plan but according to her plan Shivangi will be attacked Shivanya gets panic due to this atacked.

Naagin 2 Actor Karanvir Bohra Share his Happiness

Popular actor Karanvir Bohra who is playing a lead role in Naagin 2 serial soon becomes a DAD. He and his wife Teejay Sidhu who is a radio jockey are expecting their first baby. After a 10 year of married, they are all set to welcome their first baby in the world. Naagin season 2 actor Karanvir Bhora is very happy and excited and he always tries to make his wife happy. Nowadays he continuously throwing surprises for her wife Teejay. Recently the actor shared a photo with his wife and baby bump on social media and which got so many likes and blessing. We also wish his for his new change in life and pray that for a healthy baby.

Naagin 2 Serial Fails To Collect High TRP

This time, Naagin 2 fails to collect TRP as it used to collect in the season 1 of Naagin serial. The story of Naagin 2 serial is very flat and does not have that much spice that it used to be in previous season. Only the best thing of Naagin serial is Mouni Roy ,she totally justifies her character as Shivanya and Shivangi. Her action is mindblowing as both energetic girl Shivangi and as a calm mother Shivanya.
The new entry Karanvir Bohra is also wonderful portray his role in the Naagin 2 but his chemistry with Shivangi is not as perilous as Arjun Bijlani. Well, time will say whether Naagin season 2 win the heart of viewers or not.

Naagin 2 15 Oct episode

In the 15 October episode of Naagin 2 serial , untold secrets of Shivanya’s live is revealed. Shivangi ask her mother Shivanya that if Aditya will know my reality that I am a Naagin than he will leave me. Shivanya tells her that she will find some way by which you and Aditya get married easily. To know more about this Naagin 2 which is a thrillar show , must watch Naagin season 2 only on colors TV. In the 15 October 2016 episode of Naagin 2 serial, Rockey rejects to marry Ruchika as he loves Shivangi and promote her to marry him. Shivangi also love him and say yes to him. Ruchika gets angry and wanted to Kill Shivangi.Yamini shouted at her and tell her that if you kill that girl than police will arrest Rocky and you will loose Rockey forever. Yamini also asks her why you always like my family boy why don’t you leave us. Meanwhile, Gurudev said today is Badi Shivratri and every Naag and Naagiv would come to impress lord Shiva. Shivanaya is tensed because she knows that her daughter Shivangi is not safe now as Shasha is searching her everywhere. To know more about Naagin 2 serial must watch it every Saturday and Sunday only on colours Tv.

Naagin 2 9Oct episode

Shivanya and Rocky’s family worried about Shivangi and Rocky. Police searched and catch them. Shivanya is worried about Shivangi and wanted to get her married as earliest possible to save her from any misfortune. Then the makers of Naagin2 revealed that Hrithik has been dead. On otherhand secret revealed that Rocky is the grandson of Yamini who fixed his marriage with Ruchika (Sesha). But, Rocky is not happy with his engagement as he is attracted towards Shivangi. Naagin 2 come along with lots of secrets. Shivanya call a boy and his family to see Shivangi and fix her marriage with the boy. Both of them decided to meet once before going forward for that Shivangi’s friends take her to the pub and Rocky and Sesha already presents. Favorable thing happen with Shivangi as Ruchika didn’t see her with Rocky but Aditya in Naagin 2 saw Ruchika as Naagin and leave the place without meeting Shivangi. On Rocky’s birthday, Yamini announced his engagement with Ruchika, Rocky gets into shock after knowing this and denied to get engaged with Ruchika. Aditya tells everybody what he saw in the pub after listening the words of Aditya Shivanya got more worried and ask Shivangi about her feelings for Aditya, she ready to get married to Aditya. Every episode of Naagin 2 coming up with all new untold secrets and mystery and creates excitements in the mind of viewers. How Yamini and Sesha still alive? How did Rithik die? Who are the people with who Shivanya and Shivangi live? Well, All questions would be answered in coming episodes of Naagin 2.

Naagin 2 first episode (8 Oct)

Just a day left for most awaited second part of history maker Ekta Kapoor’s show Naagin going to start from tomorrow on 8th oct on colors channel at 8PM – 9PM. People eagerly waiting for their gorgeous ichhadhari Naagin Mouni Roy who surprising playing a double role In Naagin 2. In the first episode of Naagin2 makers will show the most popular Jodi of Indian television Shivanya and Hrithik sharing awesome chemistry with each other where after defeating Yaamini they live happily with each other they blessed with baby girl namely Shivangi. They are very happy with each other but at the same time Shivanya in Naagin 2 serial worried about originality, of Shivangi she doesn’t want her daughter to be Ichhadhari Naagin. Shivanya gave birth to a baby girl Shivangi just in 3 months than the story of Naagin 2 took a leap of 24 years and 11 months. Shivanya always tries to keep Shivangi away from Rocky in the first meet they fall in love with each other. Ichhadhari Nag and Nagins and let her live the life of a common girl. Shivangi met with an accident and to save her Rocky and Shivangi stuck in storm. For more episode update please watch Naagin 2 first episode on colors channel at 8 PM and ready updates on Bollywoodbindass.

The popular serial Naagin 2 starts with a flashback, which is a recap of Naagin Season 1. In the first episode of Naagin 2, Shivanya tells Ritik that she is pregnant and After three months she gave a birth to a baby girl named Shivangi. As she only takes three months to born therefore Shivanya doubts that her daughter is also a naagin. Then the serial take time leap of 24 years and 11 months. Viewers like Naagin 2 first episode very much and got high TRP on the first day. Naagin season 2 is an amazing serial and Moni Roy is looking amazing in her outfits of the first-day episode. We wish Naagin 2 will receive same popularity as it received for its first season. For more latest news stay tuned with us.

Naagin 2 – Today is “the day”

Well, I know you are all excited for the launch of the second installation of Naagin serial i.e. Naagin 2 which is going to start from today onwards. With the grand finale of Naagin season one producer, director promises to come up with Next season in oct  and now by fulfill her promises Ekta has launched Naagin 2. All only audience eagerly waiting for Naagin season 2 but the lead actress Mouni Roy, Adaa Khan also very much excited for their show. Naagin 2 is going to start from today 8th oct every Sat- Sun on colors channel at 8 PM. Stay updated to get more updates of your favourite Naagin Mouni Roy to play double role in Naagin 2.

Now wait is over because Naagin’ season 2 will premiere today only on colours channel. Its first season was received huge popularity, we hope that season two will also stand on the expectation of viewers. Many new star casts join Naagin 2 like Karanvir Bohra and Aashka just to add more spice in the serial Naagin 2. Today once again Naagin 2 is ready to entertain you with more suspense and twist. It will gonna interesting to watch Aashka once again in a negative role after the Maharana Pratap serial. She is very happy for being a part of such an amazing and popular show. So we ready for Naagin 2 tonight only on Colors TV.

Naagin 2 latest Promo

Ada Khan and Yamini the spoiler of Naagin again coming with more drama, more deadly strategies, more mysterious and offcourse more entertainment in the previous Naagin 2 promo we have seen Mouni Roy in double role Shivanya praying to god to not make her daughter as Ichhadhari naagin. But in the latest Naagin 2 promo Ada Khan and Yamini spoiling everything right from the Shivanya’s life to Nagmani. Ada Khan will see in her all popular Ichhadhari Naagin Avtar. Just 3 days remaining for the biggest mystery to reveal with Naagin season 2 which is going to start from this Saturday 8 oct 2016.

Naagin 2 first episode

Well, the previous news of Naagin 2 has disappointed the audience which says Arjun Bijlani will not appear in the second season of Naagin. But, now Arjun’s fan will take sigh of relief as Arjun Bijlani will definitely appear in the Naagin 2 but for first few episodes as now Shivanya (Mouni Roy) and Hrithik (Arjun Bijlani) will give birth to a baby girl namely Shivangi, the character of Shivangi in Naagin 2 will be also played by Mouni Roy. Karanvir Bohra will play the male lead against Shivangi. Naagin 2 will take generation leap for 25 years where Shivangi will get to know that she is also a Ichhadhari Naagin from where her struggle will start. Naagin 2 will also reveal deadly secrets, mystery revenge and off course show will serve all of the entertainment for you. Arjun Bijlani and Mouni Bijlani already shot for the premier episode of Naagin 2. Naagin 2 will telecast from this Saturday 8 Oct 2016.

Naagin 2 starts from 8 oct 2016

Most awaited the second season of Blockbuster Tv show Naagin 2 going to start from 8th oct 2016. But, this time with new excitements, drama, romance all the factors of entertainment will be seen in Naagin 2. But the unfavorable part of the season is that most popular Jodi of Indian television Mouni Roy and Arjun Bijlani saw together in the Second season of Naagin. On one side where Mouni Roy playing two roles to represent generation gap Arjun Bijlani skip the show and will be replaced by the popular face of television Karan Singh Bohra. Yes, Karan Singh will play male lead against Mouni in Naagin 2. For more latest Naagin 2 updates keep reading.

Naagin 2 Latest News

As we all aware about the news the Naagin serial is back with its amazing supernatural tale. All the star cast of Naagin serial will be seen in the second part of the Naagin i.e Naagin 2. Some new faces join this serial to make this season more scary and entertaining. On 8 October 2016 , Naagin 2 , the thriller show will be back only on color Tv so that you can again feel the life of Ichhdhari naagin. This is the second part, therefore, its story somehow connected with part one. In the Naagin 2 serial. Ekta Kapoor this time work more deeply on this show because her few last shows are not working well on television.

Naagin 2 Start Date

With the latest news and currently released Naagin Season 2 Promo Naagin 2 has been started from this October 2016. Naagin 2 promo seems equally promising like Previous season which going to be the most entertaining series on Indian television Naagin season 2 will be started from 8 Oct 2016 right after the end of Kavach Serial.

Naagin Season 2 Promo

Promo of Naagin season 2 is launched , it is full with the thriller. Beautiful Moni Roy , who was playing the lead role as Naagin now not going to play a lead role in season 2. The new face of television Industry going to play this foremost role. Moni role as Shivanya call another Naagin and tell her to save Naagmani. Burning Temple with the Murti of load shiva adds more thriller in the promo. Season 2 is going to very excited and full of twist and turns. In the latest promo of Naagin2 biggest secret has been revealed that Shivanya’s daughter character also play by Mouni Roy. In the last season of Naagin we have seen Arjun Bijlani’s dual role but in the 2ns season of Naagin we will see Mouni playin both Shivanya and her daughter’s role.

Naagin 2 Tv Serial on colors

Actor Lalit Bisht, who currently appears in colors tv serial Kasam, will soon seen in the Naagin 2. According to the sources, Lalit is started shooting for the serial. The other actor and actress who will appear in Naagin 2 are Karanvir Bohra, Mouni Roy and Adaa Khan in the lead roles. Ekta’s supernatural serial Naagin 2 is a most awaited serial , fan of Moni and Adaa is eagerly waiting for the launching of this show. Naagin 2 will release on 8 October 2016, so tight your seat belt to sit once again in Naagin rollar coaster.

Biggest block buster show of colors channel who has broken all the TRP records now coming back with all new season i.e. Nagin2. Latest promo of Naagin2 has been launched with this Ekta Kapoor assured that Naagin2 will also serve great entertainment for viewers. In the latest promo of Naagin 2 serial will take 25 years leap, where Shivanya (Mouni Roy) worried for her daughter. She is praying to god Shiva to don’t make her daughter a Ichhadhari Naagin but gurudev tell her that she will get to know her truth on her 25th birthday. On other hand Shivanya’s daughter who always feel some extra power in her body got to know the truth that she is also a Ichhadhari Nagin with great Power. Naagin 2 is scheduled to started from 8 october 2016 Naagin 2 will replace the currently running not so popular show Kavach.

Naagin 2 Wallpaper

naagin 2 latest new poster

naagin 2 latest new poster
naagin 2 latest new poster

mouni roy in naagin 2

mouni roy in naagin 2
mouni roy in naagin 2

naagin 2 episode coming soon

naagin 2 episode coming soon
naagin 2 episode coming soon

naagin 2 serial photos

naagin 2 serial photos
naagin 2 serial photos

naagin 2 serial images

naagin 2 serial images
naagin 2 serial images


naagin 2 serial photo
naagin 2 serial photo



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