Nora Fatehi promises to bring Entertainment, Entertainment & Entertainment in Bigg Boss 9


New wild card entry Nora Fatehi promises to bring Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment in most controversial show of Indian television Bigg Boss 9.

It’s the biggest entertainment reality show of television as we seen 9th series of the show so we can imagine the popularity of the show. As we all know that it’s the time comes when the show has left limited episodes so it’s necessary for the makers to add more drama into the show. We are discussed the most controversial reality show of the television hosted by Bajarangi Bhaijaan of the industry Salman Khan, Bigg Boss 9.

The new term added into the show is wild card entry to spice up the show.  After five wild card entries in the house one after the other, it’s time for another one to enter the house. The Moroccan beauty and model turned actress Nora Fatehi is all set to enter the Bigg Boss house as the wild card entry. Nora Fatehi was seen in Emraan Hashmi starrer ‘Mr X’ and was last seen in ‘Bahubali’

“Nora Fatehi promises to bring Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment in Bigg Boss 9”


Nora is tagged as one of the hottest item-girls of the south.  She is fun loving and revealed that she is in love with Salman Khan and he is the main reason for her to do the show. The actress hopes to raise the glamour quotient in the reality show and she wants to bring in some life to the season touted as one of the dullest till now.

When asked about her strategy to enter the Bigg Boss 9 house, the hot actress said: “I am entering the house with a hope to raise the entertainment as well as glamour quotient. But, I will entertain the audience with my ability to do tasks, I love doing physically challenging stuff and not the unnecessary fights. I want to uplift the mood of the people inside the house as well the viewers. My biggest strength is to make friends and I hope this will be an advantage for me inside the house.”

The model considers “Bigg Boss” as a great platform to showcase her talent and believes the show will be an advantage in her career. Fun-loving and bubbly Nora also shared that she wants to get along with everybody and has no expectations from anyone.

On being asked the reason of joining the show which is well known for controversies, difficult tasks, cat fights and the very fact that the contestants are cut off from the outside world, Canada-born star said: “It will be off course difficult. I will have to work hard to win hearts and prove myself. I have done a lot of crazy things in my life. It is kind of similar to the first film that I did. We shot in the middle of the Sunderbans and were cut off from the world for 40 days… So it is quite the same. I always cherish that experience. I would never regret that. I am an adult. When you go in, you have to go in with that competitive mind,”

Nora has followed last two seasons of the show religiously and says there is no point in preparing before entering the house as anything can happen there. In ‘Bigg Boss’ house, anything can happen. Anyone can react in the most unexpected way.

We wish as you expect everything is going well into the house after your entrance, Nora.


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