Revealed: The suspense behind the bonding of Ssharad and Kratika!

As we all know that now a day’s colors channel boost up with new shows and with the fantastic story line and new concepts the shows becomes super popular. The channel and the producer, Ekta Kapoor enjoys the fantastic TRPs of the shows. For example the super natural show of the colors Naagin.

The channel has launched the new serial on 7th March 2016 which is titled as Kasam…Tere Pyaar Ki, produced by Balaji Telefilms. The show will take viewers on a whirlwind journey into the altruistic love story of Rishi and Tanushree. The show is air every Monday to Friday at 10:00 PM on COLORS.

The male lead of the show is characterized by very talented and handsome Ssharad Malhotra and female lead is well known face of the telly industry gorgeous Kratika Senger.

Revealed: The suspense behind the bonding of Ssharad and Kratika!



“Kasam…Tere Pyaar Ki” redefines every known shade of love. It explores a deep-rooted connection between souls, binding Rishi and Tanushree’s hearts from childhood and continuing, across lifetimes, long after destiny separates them. The show instills freshness through its intensity of emotions, which combined with a distinctive backdrop, will find appeal amongst romantics and convert non-believers.

As the show is a love story, so that the duo main cast of the show must have great on screen chemistry for the success of the show and the best thing is that they have great bonding on screen as well as off screen. Both the actors of Kasam: Tere Pyaar Ki seems to have found an amazing way to build up their bonding.

The duo share a good rapport and love indulging into fun stuff while they’re not facing the camera. I know you think why so, Let me reveal the secret here….The character of the Ssharad, Rishi is the lover of Bikes and Zooming around the riding on the other hand the character of Kratika, Tanushree is mild and shy. She loves to stays away from speeding dirt machines.

This is the on screen shade but in reality, Kratika is not the shy and simple charcter she loves experiments. And during the break Kratika is usually seen by taking the biking lessons from Ssharad. Kratika Senger Vedant enjoys bikie riding with her co-star and Ssharad also known to be very patient and has managed to fulfil a friend’s wish by giving her a few biking tips.

Well, as they have fantastic off screen chemistry so impact of their bonding also comes on the on screen and also benefits for the makers of the show.



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