Rocky Handsome first look: John looking more than handsome with gun in hand

Yes, Readers we are talking about the handsome hunk of the Bollywood John Abraham, he is all set for the new upcoming Rocky Handsome which is a remake of South Korean film The Man From Nowhere. Makers revealed the first look of the Movie where John Holding a gun I even don’t have enough words to explain John looks.

After force John Abraham have again teamed up with the director Nishikant Kamat for Rocky Handsome. Rocky Handsome also stars Shruti Haasan. John Abraand Shruti Hasan return as a lead couple after the movie welcome back.

John looking more than handsome with a gun in Rocky handsome first look


The film is choreographed by world renowned action directors and embellished with “never been seen hand to hand action sequences” and also have four superlative musical tracks.

The first look of the John Abraham is revealed with an intense look on his face as he aims a gun with this look the hunk definitely looks the most handsome one indeed. Pointing a gun while being decked up in a tuxedo, John Abraham gives that mean look in the film.

Rocky Handsome is about a heart touching story of the one man army who is on a mission to find the one he cares about the most – a seven year old. Rocky Handsome’ is the heart touching story of Rocky (John Abraham) who rises against the drug mafia after they kidnap his eight-year-old friend and he is on a mission to find the one he cares about the most. The character played by child actor Diya Chalwad.

The film is a journey of an unforgiving man who embarks on a lethal rampage when the little girl is kidnapped and taken away from him. It is also an adrenaline pumping action film with its backbone being a very emotional and romantic love story in the protagonist’s past.

Set in Goa, Mumbai, Pune & Seychelles the actor has really worked hard and underwent extensive training for his role in the film. In one of his interviews he said that- “We went to Bangkok and we trained there for over a month. I trained in different art forms. I trained in Aikido, Hapkido which involve a lot of hand-to-hand combat. I also trained in Krav Maga.”

The movie is set to release on the Holi-Good Friday Holiday of 25 March 2016.



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