Rocky Handsome Review- Is It Worth To Watch This Movie?

Rocky Handsome
Rocky Handsome

Rocky Handsome Story Review

The story of this movie is weak, and the script did not emphasize primarily on making the strong bond between Rocky and the 8 yr old girl. So, the passion of Rocky fighting for her actually does not feel credible. One more disappointing facet of the script is its Villains. The negative characters of the movie, i.e., Pereira brothers appear overly energetic and annoying. The humour punches from them also appeared like they are emphatically fed into the story. A core serious treatment to the story could have made the movie more interesting and conversant. The dialogues are not at all memorable and unique.

The good thing about the story is that Rocky’s past is shown in brief. No long tales and emotional drama is linked to it. Furthermore, in the post half, the bond between Rocky and the girl develops that was lacking primarily. The story is filled with action scenes and makes you enjoy the movie.

Rocky Handsome Movie Review And Ratings

Rocky Handsome movie photos
Rocky Handsome movie photos

What’s Good About This Movie: John Abraham’s vigorous and powerful fight scenes are a tidbit for action movie lovers.

What’s Bad About This Movie: A very weak plot and typical storytelling make the movie a simply avoidable one.

Watch or Not?: You should watch only if you love action movies, but if you want the movie to entertain you to the core, then avoiding it would be worthful.

Rocky Handsome Star Performance Review

John Abraham’s performance is good as Rocky Handsome. This is a splendid role for him. A silent hero whose only work is to fight and kill people. His macho body enumerates solemnity to the character. His fights are effective and dialogue delivery is relevant.

Sharad Kelkar and his team has given the best performance as the Goa Police team. Their sincerity, fun and fighting spirit give the movie an honest flair.

It would be a sin not to specify the 8 yr old girl Baby Diya Chalwad. She is the heart of the movie who runs the show. Her inculpability and cuteness works magically and the audience sympathize with her.

Rocky Handsome Music, Direction Review

After movie Drishyam, Nishikant Kamat has become a popular name in the film industry. There are much expectations from the audience for his dexterity over the direction. But, he comes to nothing with Rocky Handsome. The storytelling of the movie was very typical, lacking any innovation. It seems like an ordinary revenge movie where Rocky Handsome wants to fight for people. The direction of Kamat was totally confused. Sometimes, a core serious movie gets quickly humorous with funny punches, which disregard the audience. There is no clarity in direction.

Action scenes of Rocky Handsome are exemplary. In the whole movie, the fights are stunning and rapid editing between the fight punches makes it more impactful.

Rocky Handsome’s music is worth avoiding. Some background music during the fight scenes is quite good, but the songs in the movie only disturb the storyline.



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