Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii

Shakti Astitva Ehsaas Kii Serial Photos
Shakti Astitva Ehsaas Kii Serial Photos

Shakti Serial on colors

Shakti Serial wiki

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii is a new show on Colors channel. Colors channel is launching a number of new tv serials in the year 2016. Shakti-Astitva Ehsaas Kii is a Punjab-based tv show. This show is produced by Rashmi Sharma under the banner of Rashmi Sharma Telefilms.Rashmi Sharma is already  famous for her show  Saath Nibhana Saathiya on Star Plus. the shakti colors new show is a family based drama , full of emotions connection between a Chacha and Bhatija. This show includes the dedication of love and care in family members.The show will soon hit the ground soon. Shakti serial is a fully entertaining serial of colors channel and the character of Surbhi received so many appreciations because of her kind nature.

Shakti Serial Latest Episode

Shakti serial is running successfully on colors channel which portraying the story of a little innocent girl Surbhi who’s father and other relatives don’t like her. Only her mother take a stand for her. In the Latest episode of Sakti serial Dadi drawn a line in the house where Nimmi and Surbhi have to live on another side of a line. By seeing this separation Surbhi and Saumya ask a question to their mother and father. Surbhi crossed the line to meet Saumya a both of them erase the line. It will interesting to watch will Surbhi got punished for her doing or not.

Shakti Serial Story

Shakti Serial is an upcoming show on colors channel. The story of shakti serial colors  show is based on the Punjabi family. This shows beautifully portray the relationship between Chacha and Bhatiji. Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii is a family drama show where makers show an unusual story of a girl who lives in the joint family with her mother. But, her mother does not let her go in the society outside from the house because of some compelled. Society does not accept her as an individual. The whole story of Shakti yet not revealed stay tuned for more updates.

Roshni said that Shakti – Astitva ke Ehsaas Ki’ will have an interesting storyline that would entertain the viewers. Without revealing too much, the only thing I can say is that Surbhi’s character is a strong one and will play a crucial role in shaping up the storyline,”. Every episode of Shakti serial comes with an excitement and thriller and it becomes a most favorite serial of colors channel. The audience is enjoying the story of this serial.

Shakti Serial 6 October Episode

In the 6 October Episode of Shakti serial, Preeto arrested Harman so that could not go to Bhatinda in order to find Soumya. On the other hand, Maninder takes Surbhi for shopping  as her wedding day draws near. However, Surbhi convinces Abhishek to take her to Bhatinda for wedding shopping and  hoping that she may find out Soumya there. Meanwhile, Guru Maa is impressed with Soumya’s  preparations for the ‘batis’

Shakti Serial 5 October Episode

In the latest episode of Shakti serial, Everyone brings Soumya at home. Soumya asks them to leave her and tell them she will not gonna try to run this time because my family will come to take me. Saya says maybe she is right and if they come, we will not be able to hind  Soumya from them. Guru maa asks her to wait till Navratri Pooja. Harman saw Saumya in the van and started running after that van.

Shakti Serial 29 September Episode

In the latest episode of Shakti serial , Preeto meet Soumya and started shouting on her because she is irritated by Soumya’s phone call. She raised her hand at Soumya but Guru Mata Stopped her. Preeto started arguments with Guru Maa and both of then have a clash. After watching all these drama, Soumya get into another zone as she has nothing in her body. She lost all her hope, now she has to live here for her whole life. On the other hand, Maninder informs Nimmi that he finalized the Surbhi’s wedding.


Shakti Serial 28 September Episode

In the serial Shakti , Preeto gives a chance to  Harman to find Saumya and reunite her with her mother Nimmi. Preeto put a condition in front of Harman that he has to find Saumya before ‘Navratri’. And if he is not able to find her within a given time limit then he has to forget Saumya forever.  Later, Soumya calls on Harman’s phone and tell him about her location but his phone is not received by Harman. If he is not Harman than , who answers the call?

Shakti Serial 27 September Episode

In the 27, sept episode of Shakti serial After a distraught search, Soumya finally finds the mother of abandoned baby. But baby’s mother refuses to accept her and after listening to her words, Saumya’s dream to  reunite them is shattered. She puts all her efforts to convince baby’s mother but all are fails. Meanwhile, Surbhi tracks the location of Saumya and reaches the abandoned baby’s home.

Shakti Serial 26 September Episode

In the 26 sept episode of shakti serial , Maninder tell Nimmi to tell Surbhi not to search Soumya. But Surbhi does not want listen anybody and try her all affords to search Soumya. Finally Surbhi manages to track the location of Soumya. Later , veiled woman give all the list of missing babies in the area. Harman is very upset , he try hard to find the location of Soumya from many days but not able to find it. And his mother is against him , she doesn’t want that Soumya will return home. To know more about Shakti serial must read our daily updates.

Shakti Serial 25 September Episode

In the 25 episode of Shaki Serial , Soumya questions Guru Maa’s traditions when she trying to involve the infant in their family. After listening to that Guru Maa gets angry  puts  a condition in front of Soumya  that if the infant’s family doesn’t take back the child then she will perform all the ritual in her place. Meanwhile, Maninder whale out at Surbhi for her  efforts to find Soumya and Harman is also missing Soumya badly.

Shakti Serial 19 September Episode

In the 19 sept episode of shakti serial , Harman finally traces the location of Saumya and he and Surbhi reach Bhatinda. Here they start searching Saumya in the nearby locality with her photo. One man claims to have seen Soumya. Harman and Saumya get relief and ask him the location where he saw Saumya. On the other hand, Harak Singh is very upset over his unfulfilled desire to have grandchildren. Maninder meet  Harak Singh and warn him that  if Soumya returns then he will ruin his reputation.

Shakti Serial 16 September Episode

In the 16 September episode of Shakti serial, Soumya called so many on Harman’s mobile using Raveena’s phone. She drops a message on Harman’s number but he did not a response to her call. Next day when he saw several miss calls on his mobile , he responds to the missed calls and calls Raveena Now Guru Maa becomes extra care full and plans to hide Soumya. However, Harman understands that Saumya called him last night for help. Harman started searching that number and  Harman meet Surbhi. Finally, they detect Soumya’s location.

Shakti Serial 29 August Episode

In the 29 August episode of Shaki serial Soumya tries to convince Harman to do something for Raavi’s relationship with her husband instead of getting her a divorce.  The shakti serial suggestion of Saumya exasperate him and he asks her not to interfere in his family matters. Earlier, Varun goes to Surbhi’s house and expresses his feeling to marry her. When the family rejects his proposal, he tells every one that they both are in love, to which Surbhi disagrees.

Shakti Serial 26 August Episode

In the 26 August episode of Shakti seria , Preeto wants to know about the truth of rift between Soumya and Harman, therefore she make a  plan to uncover the truth about their marital life. Harman sence that Preeto is making somthing fishy  and intervenes in the nick of time. In the Shakti serial Preeto demands Pota from Harman and Soumaya. Will Preeto know the truth about Soumya and Harman’s relationship? Elsewhere, Nimmi tries to cajole Surbhi to get married.

Shakti Serial 25 August Episode

In the 25 August episode of Shakti serial , Harman anger is burst out when Preeto demands for a grandchild. Earlier, Harman is angry with Soumya as she reveals the truth about the fight to his family and he asks Nimmi to keep Soumya away from his family matters. Soumya is very disaapointed with her life and want kill herself but when she saw efforts of her mother and sister she stop her self. She has no option to live her curse life withour Harman whom she love a lot.

Shakti Serial 24 August Episode

In the 24 August episode of Shakti serial , When few hoodlums try to harass Soumya, Harman comes to her save and protects her. Later Soumya inaugurates the factory which started by Harak Singh who is her father-in-law. Without and trouble and problems she attend the factory function. On the other hand, Nimmi and Surbhi are tens about Soumya as there is no news from her.

Shakti Serial 21 August Episode

In the 21 August Episode of Shakti Serial , every thing is wrong between Harman and Soumya. Harman is still angry with Soumya and don’t want to continue his merrige for long. Preeto has doubt that they are hinding some thing big from the faily members and now she wanted to know every thing. Harman wants to tell every thing with his mother about Soumya’s truth but somehow stopped himself because he still feels for Soumya.


Shakti Serial 19 August Episode

In the Shakti serial 19 August episode , Harak Singh is announcing he has transferred all his property to Soumya , all family members are shocked after listening this announcement. next day Soumya is going to inaugurate the factory but Harman refuses to let Soumya inaugurate the factory the same day. However, somehow Preeto convinces him and he is ready to go with Soumya. Will Harman reveal the truth about Soumya to his family?

Shakti Serial 18 August Episode

In the Shakti serial 18 August episode , Veiled woman haunt Soumya and force her to join them but Soumya refuses to go along with them.  Harak Singh saw veiled woman and Saumya .  Earlier, Nimmi, Surbhi and Maninder come to in the ‘Puja’ which is going smoothly. Pandit tells Nimmi that Soumya goes to tuck the holy items outside the house, when the veiled woman arrives.

Shakti Serial 17 August Episode

In the 17 August episode of Shakti serial ,  Nimmi and Surbhi went to their house. Meanwhile ,Preeto asks Soumya  to prepare breakfast. All the family members like the breakfast. Soumya served food for Harman but he insults her at the dinner table and refusing to eat the food served by her hands. Earlier, Varun decides to marry Surbhi to gain respect in the family. All the family members decide to take harman and Soumya’s photo’s but Harman snaps while having his picture taken with Soumya.

Shakti Serial 16 August Episode

In the 16 August episode of Shakti serial, Soumya is scared after sees the transgender woman and her group of ‘kinnars’ arrive at the house and ask for gifts and money. The veiled woman worn Soumya about the dangerous future where she has to join her community them when Harman’s family knows her secret. Elsewhere, Maninder has a heated spat with the veiled woman. Later, Soumya is in trauma when a drunk Harman pushes her away.

Shakti Serial 13 August Episode

In the latest episode of Shakti serial Harman and Soumya’s family play a game of ‘musical pass the parcel’. All family members are happy because Saumya is safe now but Nimmi and Soumya are still tense. When Harman uses this opportunity and proposes to Soumya in front of all family members. Soumya is confused and can’t express her feeling because she knows that her relationship will not gonna stay for a long time. Will Soumya express her feelings in front of the family?

Shakti Serial 11 August Episode

In the latest episode of Shakti serial, Soumya gets discharged from the hospital. Harak Singh is very happy because he signed a new business deal and gave all credits to Soumya for the lucky break. Later,Soumya look at Nimmi’s face helplessly after she sees a delightful apology on her bed from Harman. Meanwhile Preeto asks Soumya the reason for attempting suicide, but Soumya is quite and started crying.  What will happen when all family membes know the reality of Saumya??

Shakti Serial 10 August Episode

In the 10 August Episode of Shakti Serial Soumya is back to her consciousness, Soumya recollects all memories that how his father Maninder mistreated her and always cursed her birth. But when she got to know that his father gave blood to her, she asks Nimmi some blunt questions and snub her away. Earlier, the veiled woman warn Nimmi, Surbhi that when Soumya will recover her health , she will take her away but Surbhi support her sister. To know more about Shakti Serial stay hooked with us.


Shakti Serial 9 August Episode

In the Shakti Serial 9 August Episode, Soumya’s Father Maninder shocks everyone by refusing to give his blood to save Soumya, who still is in a critical condition and fight for her life. Earlier, the transgender woman tells a senseless Soumya that she will take her away. Preeto suspects something is wrong and ask Maninder about Nimmi’s reason to drop by late at night.

Shakti 8 August Episode

Unable to come to terms with her reality, Soumya cut her wrist. Harman and her family take her to the hospital, where she fight for her life. Meanwhile, the transgender woman arrives at the hospital to take Soumya away, once she is well. How will Harman react after knowing the true reason behind Soumya’s suicide ?


In the 5 August episode of Shakti serial, As we all know that Soumya is a Transgender but in her life she is not alone in her fight. Aradhya is with her and will fight for her right to live in this society. Soumya can’t realize the shocking truth that she is a transgender and group of Kinnars orders her to join them.  Saumya is very sacred and fant after knowing her truth. Nimmi try to save Soumya from the  veiled woman and confesses the truth to her.

Shakti Serial 5 August Episode

In the Shakti Serial 5 August episode, Soumya is in shocked after knowing the truth about herself. Soumya cut her wrist, Harman and her family take her to the hospital, where she fight for her life. Meanwhile, transgender leader arrives at the hospital to take Soumya away, once she is well. How will Harman react after knowing the reason behind Soumya’s suicide attempt?

Shakti Serial Latest News

The shocking news about Shakti serial is that TV actress Rubina Dilaik who is playing the role of Soumya Harman Singh will be seen as a transgender in the upcoming episodes. Her mother Simmi hid this biggest secret of her life, and when she learns about it, she is just held back for a while. For her role, Rubina Dilaik said that “Yes, I will play a transgender and it is the biggest revelation on the show. Soumya is going to react to it because it is the biggest secret of her life that has been kept from her.”

Shakti Serial 1st August  Episode

In the 1st August episode of Shakti serial Harman menace Soumya with a divorce if she gives another excuse for calling off their ‘Suhaag Raat’. He comes up with a plan to do away with the camphor box, while listening Soumya and Nimmi’s word. Soumya gets confused and she has no idea what to do to  Harman.

Shakti Serial 30th July Episode

In the Shakti serial 30th July episode ,Harman is immensely excited for his first night and confesses his feelings to Soumya. Harman tries to get closer with Soumya but she stops him by telling him about the camphor box.  Harman gets upset with Soumya and she try to make him happy. To know more about Shakti serial stay tuned with us.

Shakti Serial 29th July Episode

In the shakti serial 29th July episode, Nimmi worried that veiled women will take away Soumya therefore, she comes up with a plan. Nimmi asks Soumya that no need to come closer with Harman for 20 days and  keep Harman away from her until the camphor balls she gives her dissolve. Later Surbhi decides to live with Soumya to save her and by listening that Maninder’s get suprised.

Shakti Serial 28th July Episode

In the 28th July episode of Shakti serial, Surbhi returns at her home and confronts Maninder about the savage attack on Soumya. Meanwhile,  Soumya’s mother Nimmi is worried about her challenge with the veiled woman and tells Surbhi to live with Soumya for 20 days and protect her from veiled women.

Shakti Serial 27th July Episode

In the Shakti serial latest episode Soumya is asked to sit in the ‘Pooja’  and after completing Pooja ‘Pandit’ finally declares that Saumya is free from any unpromising influence. Harman and his family are glad for the news and welcome Nimmi to their home. However, after listening that Maninder is extremely angry.

Shakti Serial 26th July Episode

In Shakti serial Nimmi does not want that Soumya and Harman spend their golden  night together. Meanwhile, She makes some plan  and ruined Soumya and Harman’s first night. Then in colors serial Shakti Preeto feels that Soumya is a doomy person bringing bad luck for Harman’s life. Harman can not spend  the night with Saumya until the ‘Pag Phere Rasam’. Later, Maninder refuses to bring Soumya.

Shakti Serial 22th July Episode

Soumya and Harman enjoy their reception party. Nimmi was very worried and prays continuously to ‘Mata Rani’, fearing that Soumya’s truth will not be revealed. The mystery woman is eager to take Soumya away. Now in the next episode, you will see Soumya’s past ruin her future with Harman?

Shakti Serial 19th July Episode

Finally, Harman takes Soumya at his house after marriage and Soumya carry the gift given by Maninder. Nimmi is apprised by the veiled woman that if Soumya is thrown out of her ‘Sasural’, then she will take her away. Later, Surbhi is very excited to open Soumya’s gift box.

Shakti Serial 13th July Episode

Maninder speck Soumya on the roof top of the house and he is  about to push her off, but suddenly woman stops him and  warns him to keep away from Soumya. All women disclose Maninder intentions to Nimmi and Nimmi get tensed. Later, Harman is relieved when Preeto agrees for his marriage.

Shakti serial 6th July Episode

Nimmi is not ready to accept Soumya’s accidental marriage and get angry over Somya. She  tries to wash off Somya’s ‘sindoor’. Later Soumya tells Nimmi about the good side of Harman, but Maninder takes the advantage of the situation and makes some evil plan up his sleeve. He wants to Adieu Somya somewhere else , now finally his planning seems to be completed.

Shakti serial 30 June episode

What? People accusing Saumya? yes in the latest episode of Shakti serial people starts blaming to Saumya for not in the house whole night. Harman saved Saumya to get kidnapped. But she returns back to her house everyone starts blaming her for adultery with Harman people around her residence starts throwing stones on her and abuse her she get injured in this incident. Saumya not even getting what is happening with her, her family watching all these helplessly. How she and Harman get out from this situation? Will Harman help her or left her in this situation? These questions will be answered in next episode of Shakti serial.

Shakti Serial updates

Shakti Astitva ke ehsaas ki has been started from Monday 30 may its promos and characters looking promising to entertain the audience. People are waiting to watch the another typical family drama on television screens.

Shakti serial 29 June episode

Harman called family and promised them that he will return Saumya by next day. Nimmi and Surbhi call the cop Nimmi went with the officer in search of Saumya.  Harman gives his jacket to Saumya who shivers in the cold both of them sharing some romantic feeling without saying anything.  Police visited the place but didn’t find them on the location. After that, a group of veiled women trying to kidnap Saumya will Harman save Saumya from them or left her in that situation For more latest updates of Shakti serial keep reading Bollywood bin dass story.

Shakti serial 28 June episode

28 June episode of Shakti serial come up with lots of drama where Harman got to know that he kidnaped the wrong girl. Saumya gains her consciousness and got to know that she had been kidnapped by Harman. He promised her to take her back to the home safely by next morning. This misfortune takes both Harman and Saumya closer both falling for each other.

Shakti serial 27 June episode

Harman decided to kidnap Surbhi to make her learn and take revenge he entered in the Surbhi’s house but by mistake he kidnapped Saumya. Surbhi planned a surprise party for Saumya on her birthday and the whole family celebrated her birthday. Pammi started to panic after not seeing Saumya in the house. Harman getting afraid after hearing the sound and seeing Police’s van approach them.

Shakti serial colors 24 June episode

Shakti serial 24 June Harman made Surbhi afraid by putting a gun on her head that she used pepper spray and run away. Saumya helped her pammi misunderstood Harman and scolded him and tell him a goon. Harman again falls in love with Saumya for her innocence and simplicity. Later, Harman  follows Surbhi to take revenge from her he has decided to kidnap her but by mistake he kidnapped Saumya.

Shakti serial colors 23 June episode

In the shakti, serial Harman confused the police and escapes from jail yet again, and his father gets angry again. Later, Harman meets Surbhi at the temple to provoke her. But what happens when Surbhi tease the angry young man? For knowing much about shakti serial keep reading our daily updates.

Shakti serial colors 22 June episode

The story of Shakti Seral can be depicted well here, where both girls Surbhi and Saumya fall in love with a similar boy. It would be interesting to watch where the story will take next turn in the Shakti serial.

Shakti serial colors 21 June

In today’s episode of Shakti serial, we will see a new entry of a boy Harman(Vivian Dsena) in the Shakti serial. Harman who beat all goons who misbehaved with a girl and help Surbhi. Harman meets with Surbhi, where she is getting impressed with Harman’s style and dialogues. Afterward, he met with Saumya at her house, he can’t put his eyes away from her and put the knife on her neck to save him from goons.

Shakti serial colors 20 June

In the last episodes of Shakti Serial of colors channel we have seen the marriage celebration of Saumya which have ruined by An Aunty who accused Saumya of stealing her gold chain but Surbhi stand by her and fight for her respect in 20 June episode we have seen Nimmi is worried about Saumya and she is getting afraid to loose her. On another hand Surbhi at college protects a girl who is mistreated by boys.

Shakti serial colors 18 June

The story of Shakti serial on colors channel become very interesting with the lap of 10 years. It will interesting to watch when the secret on Saumya’s life will reveal.

Shakti Serial colors 17 June

In between wedding celebration of Soumya in Shakti serial A woman accused Saumya, for stilling her Gold chain. Surbhi stands up for Saumya and  found out the real culprit after that she rushed out on family for discrimination with Saumya. Shakti serial is the story of two girls Saumya and Surbhi. After 10 years Surbhi becomes the extroverts and full of life who can fight with everyone for her rights. on other hand, Saumya becomes very conservative and simple.

Shakti Serial colors 16 June

After the dangerous act where Surbhi pushes Surbhi in the river. Shakti serial takes 10 year’s lap. The bond between both sisters Surbhi and Saumya become strongest. After 10 years story started from Saumya’s wedding where Surbhi performed awesome Dance in the wedding celebration. In between the celebration, a mysterious woman keeps eye their family and want to spoil the celebration.

Shakti Serial colors 15 June

After separating the family with a line where Surbhi living with Pammi and Saumya living with her father. Surbhi is really disappointing with this separation while Saumya is very happy to stay with her father. Surbhi fight with Saumya. In the last episode of Shakti, Serial Surbhi tears off the letter given by Saumya to her and denied to go school with her mother. Dadi put fork on Saumya by seeing this Pammi get angry and don’t let Saumya wear the frock. On another hand Surbhi by showing her haterade, push Saumya in the river of Gurudwara. Who will save Saumya and will Surbhi realize her mistake? Well, for more detail watch next episode of Shakti serial colors.

Shakti Serial on Colors First Episode 30 May

Shakti serial has been started from 30th May with all new concept. Shakti is a story of a girl Saumya and her mother Nimmi. Saumya took birth in a Punjabi family as an elder girl child of the family. In the Shakti serial, she is also having a younger sister Surbhi. Surbhi gets all importance from the family where Saumya gets nothing but ignorance and anger from her family. her Father Mahendra Singh not happy with her presence. In the full episode, Saumya asking her mother to leave her and let her go to school, to a party and make friends but her mother won’t let her do so. Well, the secret yet not revealed why the family not treating Saumya as a family member. In the coming episode, we will see some biggest secret will be revealed.

Shakti Serial Star Cast

Popular Tv actress Rubina Dilaik(Chhoti Bahu fame) plays a lead female character in this show.She said that “I am very much excited about the new project. I can assure my audience that they will get to witness a new side of me, through this character,”. And Vivian Dsena Play the lead male role.

Vivian Dsena is a popular actor of the television industry. His first tv serial was  Kasamh Se. The Actor only did  three TV serials but all the serial were a big hit  and  were at the top of the Chart in the TRP List. His last Serial  Madhubala was a super duper hit this show run for two years . Now Vivian will be seen in the lead male role in Shakti Serial on Colors.

Another cast is not finalized right now. Other than Vivian and Rubina , Ayub Khan, Reena Kapoor last seen in Badi Devrani, Roshni sahota will be seen in the important roles in Shakti TV serial on Colors.Vivan won many hearts with his best dance performance in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa and  the  hot and romantic RK of Madhubala will now back on TV with shakti colors tv serial. shakti serial cast is very experienced will surely entertain viewers.

Actor Sudesh Berry will play the role of Vivian’s Chacha in Shakti. He played the role of Parshyuram in Star Plus show Siya Ke Ram and &TV’s Begusarai.

Shakti Serial cast

  • Harman in Shakti – Vivian Dsena
  • Soumya in Shakti – Rubina Dilaik
  • (Rubina’s Sister) in Shakti – Roshni Sahota
  • Harman Uncle in Shakti – Sudesh Berry as
  • Reena Kapoor Last Seen in (Badii Devrani)
  • Ayub Khan Last saw in (Badtameez Dil)
  • Kamya Panjabi

Shakti Serial Releasing Date

The most awaited serial of shakti new serial on colors– Astitva ke Ehsaas Ki is finally going to  release on 30th May 2016. So keep watching shakti colors serial the fantastic and entertaining Tv serial based on the bitter truth of society.

Timing / Telecast

Timing details of the upcoming serial of colors serial Shakti-Astitva Ehsaas Kii. This show is going to replace color’s super hit serial Balika Vadhu , which recorded its name  in the ‘Limca Book of Records’.

  • Show Name :-  Shakti-Astitva Ehsaas Kii
  • Show Channel :- Colors Tv
  • Genre :- Daily Drama/Family Drama Show
  • Language :- Hindi
  • Producer :-  Rashmi Sharma
  • Production House :-  Rashmi Sharma Telefilms
  • Launch Date :- 30 May 2016
  • Timing :- 08.00pm
  • Replaced Show :- Balika Vadhu Lamhe Pyaar Ke

Shakti-Astitva ke Ehsaas Kii Latest Episode

In the latest episode of Shakti serial Soumya is sad , she wants to go to  school. An  electrician  comes to her house to repair a fan , she started talking with him. Nimmi dislikes it and asks him to leave. Later, she playing   outside the house and  goes missing. For more latest updates stay tuned with us.

Latest news of Shakti-Astitva ke Ehsaas Kii Serial

In the new serial of colors channel, Shakti Astitva ke Ehsaas kii  Kamya Punjabi has been roped in to play Vivian’s mother. She is very fun loving and modern mother.

Kamya said that, “Age does not matter on-screen. What matters is how you play the character. I have always been offered important roles on screen and when this was offered to me, I knew that this too would be a powerful character.”

Shakti Hd Wallpaper

Ayub Khan in Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii

Ayub Khan in Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii
Ayub Khan in Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii

Vivian Dsena in Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii

Vivian Dsena in Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii
Vivian Dsena in Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii

Reena kapoor in Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii

Reena kapoor in Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii
Reena kapoor in Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii

Roshni sahota in Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii

Roshni sahota in Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii
Roshni sahota in Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii Kii

Rubina Dilaik in Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii

Rubina Dilaik in Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii
Rubina Dilaik in Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii Serial Photos

Shakti Astitva Ehsaas Kii Serial Photos
Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii Serial Photos

Sudesh Berry in Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii

Sudesh Berry in Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii
Sudesh Berry in Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii

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