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shani serial images
shani serial images

Shani Serial 9 Feb episode

In the 9 Feb episode of Shani serial, Kakol calls Shani as a Surya-Putra Shani but he replies I am only Chhaya-putra Shani and I have connected with Surya Dev and Dev loka. Indra dev is upset but he hides his reaction and folds hands and leaves. He told Surya Dev, today is your day enjoy it when he will not come back I will celebrate afterward. Kakol tell Shani not do lose your hope, Mata Chhaya is disappeared in shadow, I how tough it is to image but I am always with you. Shani says you are the only person who is associated with my identity. Kakol tells him to come with him and his place is free from negativity. Shani turns his back to him, Kakol understands that he is not interested in coming with him. Shani tells him I will go away far away and will never return, Kakol emphasizes at it again. He moves toward Shani and falls down, Shani says to him cannot walk even two steps without falling. He told him now I found my direction where I have to go, now you go in your own way and will go in mine. Shani ask him to allow him to be with him once again, he holds his hand and they fly together.

On the other hand, Yam is angry and thinking about what Shani did to his mother. Her mother had a bear so much insult because of Shani. He breaks the mirror with his hand and blood comes out in his hand. Indra Dev comes and tells him not to become so angry, Yam says the Kid who saw his mother’s insult in front of her father is bound to be angry.

Shani Serial 7 Feb episode

In the 7 Feb episode of Shani serial, Shani is very angry and hit Sandhya’s stomach badly. Sanghaya shouts in a pain when Surya Dev got known about this, he gets shocked. Shani says to Sanghay how dare you to disrespect my mother. You cheated your husband, Yam and Yami rush to their mother. A son can do a mistake but a mother can never be wrong. The whole world believes in it but you proved it wrong. You insult the womb of every mother. Now I will do justice. Yam gets angry with Shani and stares at him angrily. He is all about to hit Shani but Sanghaya stops him.

Surya Dev tries to say something but Sanghya stopped him and says I am a mother but don,t deserve to be, This is what you say, now a mother, wife of Surya dev cure you, the leg through which you hurt my womb will break away from your body right away. Shani screams out in pain, Sanghya says shout as much as you can, I want to hear your scream.

Shani Serial 5 Feb episode

In the 5 Feb episode of Shani, Serial Devi Sanghya is getting worried after thinks of Dev Vishwakarma’s words. She says that I would throw Shani out of the Surya Loka Today but mu father does not allow me to do so. Sanghya is very tensed and tries to find out the way. Chhaya sings Lori for Shani so that he could sleep peacefully. Devi Sanghya also hears it and check out the place from where this noise is coming! Devi Sanghya enter in the room of Shani is see that Shani is sleeping and Chhaya is also not there. She checks out whole room but never finds Chhaya. Chhaya hides.

Devi Sanghya is sure that someone was there, Chhaya is trying to hide fully. Devi Sanghya says I know it is you Chhaya, why are you playing this game, come before me and don’t make me angry. She warns her and says don’t forget I am your creation and I can also destroy you. Chhaya gets tensed and goes out in a different direction. Chhaya ends up falling down and Devi Sanghya spots her. She tells Chhaya, you are stupid, you think, you can hide from me?

Shani Serial 18 Jan episode

In the 18 Jan episode of Shani serial, Devi Sanghya announced that she only punish Shani. Surya Dev, Chhaya, and Dev Vishwakarma are shocked after listening to the decision of Sanghya. She holds Shani’s hand tightly and pulls him. Surya Dev is in confusion. Shani is also equally shocked at his mother’s behavior. On the other hand, Chhaya watches all these views with teary eyes. Shukracharya comes to Indra Loka and sees Indra Dev is looking upset. She asked him the reason for his unhappiness. She told him you have come to sprinkle salt to his wound. He told her, how dare you to come here? I will finish you. Shukracharya tells him I am giving you the way to protect your position. You are going to lose it very soon. I was right about Shani. I am going to do Tapasya to meditate as to how I can give humans maximum negative qualities. He asks Vyaktagandha to wait here. You will be responsible for protecting Asuras in my absence. Be careful to Devs. He nods. Indra Dev thinks to make use of this in Shukracharya’s

Shani Serial 4 Jan episode

In the 4 Jan episode of Shani serial Devi Sanghya comes to Shani’s room. He smiles after seeing her, he tell her I was sure you will come after putting Yami to sleep. He said Mata Lep is here. Sanghya says I didn’t come here to apply lep on your wound. I wanted to talk to you about something else. Suddely dev Vishwakarma comes and asks Sanghya I know you come here to put lap on Sahni’s wound, she nods her head. Dev Vishwakarma gives her lep and says mother’s touch is more effective than any medicines.

Shani Serial 3 Jan episode

In the 3 jan episode of Shani serial, Chhaya says dharma says I should leave. It says Devi Sandhya should take care of her kids. She folds hands before Devi Sandhya. I have only one request. Allow me to meet my son once. I just want to meet him, hug him once. I will leave for forever then. Devi Sandhya says I won’t give permission for this. Chhaya accepts her word. Take care of my son, please. My Shani does not want other than little love. Devi Sandhya says fine. You may leave now. Chhaya is in tears and so is Dev Vishwakarma. Chhaya holds the stone in her hand and seeks Dev Vishwakarma’s blessings. Sandhya looks on puzzled. Chhaya thinks of all the moments spent with her son as she walks out of Surya Loka. The door closes behind her automatically. Shani walks in the moment she steps out. Kakol tells him to go and meet the mother.

Shani Serial 27 Dec episode

In the 27 episode of Shani serial, Dev Vishwakarma steps forward and asked her where are you coming from? She did not say anything, he again asks her same question but she remains to keep quiet. Meanwhile, she said that she went to do a tapasya for her kids Yam and Yami. Chhaya told him that she is coming back only for her kids. Dev Vishwakarma says I know the love of a mother for her children’s But does a daughter forget her father? You did not come to meet me for many years. She thinks that Dev Vishwakarma is unaware about her Chhaya. He asks her to come with him as he wants to talk with her but she denies as she wants to see her Kids Yam and Yami first. She told him that you can understand there can be nothing bigger than her kids for a mother. Dev Vishwakarma nods her head.

On the other hand, Lord Vishnu comes before Shani in impersonating, Shani greets him with folded hands. He asks him for his introduction and Lord Vishnu replies that it is not important to know me if have to know about your destination.

Shani Serial 16 Dec episode

In the 19 December episode of Shani serial, Shani meets with his friends and Yam. One of the Kid noticed that one fireball coming to their way and moves forward. Shani spots that another ball is coming from the different side and they duck. Yam started a panic and ask Sahni that he cannot live here and want to get out as soon as possible. Shani consoles him that there must be some way through which they can get out from here.
On the other hand, Kakol takes permission of Devguru to meet Shani. It is really important. Devguru tells him, you can not meet Shani, Kakol kneels down before him and requests him to allow him to meet Shani.  Kakol tells Devguru I have to tell some important to Shani but guru dev fumes and leave. Indra dev comes and asks him to sit down and tell what is the problem. He tells Indra Dev that Shani is Dev Putra, he should know t is important for him to know. Meanwhile, Brahma Dev appears and all the children greet him. Brahma started the first round of the competition. All the kids started giving their answers but Brahma dev like the answer of Shani.

Shani Serial 16 Dec episode

In the 16 Dec episode of Shani serial, Shani tells everyone that he cancels the plan to go for the competition. Surya Dev asked him what happened suddenly? Previously you said that you will go for the competition now you are denying. Dev Vishwakarma also asked Shani reason behind changing his decision. He said I don’t want to go because mother’s wound is stilled not healed , Chhaya hinds her hand. Suryadev asked Shani what is this stupid reason, you have to go in the compitetion. Shani replied him that if a kid’s concern for his mother appears to be a mitigate to someone then I don’t care.
Surya Dev comes and checks Chhaya’s hand, he tells her that why don’t you even tell me about this wound, She fumbles. Surya Dev asks Dev Vishwakarma why this wound is not healing. Indra Dev comes and tell that it is wound and will heal but at that competition is more important than anything else Surya Dev stops Indra dev and repeated his question to Dev Vishwakarma. He said there is nothing to worry but Shani tells when a wound will heal, I will join the competition. Indra Dev fumes.

Shani Serial 15 Dec episode

In the 15 December episode of Shani serial, Indra Dev tells to Shani that he will have to go away from Surya Loka for 6 months. He ask Shani Do you understand? What I am saying, Shani nods his head. He reply him that understand your intention and purpose completely. Indra dev tells him that maybe sometimes Parents can differentiate their kids and can love either more but their intention for doing this is always right. Similarly, my responsibilities for my Kids are same for all kids hope you understand. Shani said i am totally agreed with your decision and I will take take part in the competition. After listening that Yam gets upset and tell him, that ou proposed my name that why you are ready to go yourself? Shani tells him don’t take me otherwise and not keep any fragility in your heart. Yam told him, why I will afraid with you? I am sure I will become the Dharmaraj. You would nor able to stay here more than six months. Indra dev tells them why don’t you also go with Shani. I will he happier when both sons will participate in the competition.

Shani Serial 9 Dec episode

In the 9 December episode of Shani serial, Chhaya and Shani talking with each other, she says to Shani that now it’s your turn. Will you choose your mother or not? And she breaks down. Shani moves to her side and wipes her mother’s tears. Don’t cry, I can not see you crying. I will stand your side and no one can do anything. Shani said that he won’t go in Devsabha and leaves .
On the other hand in the devsabha, Shukracharya demands to present the witness who was present there at that time. He should have been present here for the verification. He asks where is Shani? Indra Dev says to Shukracharya that he will surely get the witness. The door opens and everyone covers their eyes because of the bright light. Dev Vishwakarma enters and he greets everyone. He said I am here as a witness. Shukracharya says, he is not the one whom I am talking. Narad Muni interrupts him by saying that you only spoke for proof and when the storm attacked. We must listen to him and he is also an eye witness. Surya Dev asks him to tell every on about that incident.

Shani Serial 8 Dec episode

In the 8 December episode of Shani serial, Written Episode, Shani hugs his mother Chhaya and holds her hand.He says that no one can separate me from you whether it is the darkness of storm or light of Surya Dev. Chhaya looked at his face and thinks that How I tell you that Surya Dev will definitely do what he has decided. I can not see my son going away from me. Chhaya decided that she will talk to Surya Dev in this matter.
Guru Shukracharya’s followers tell him that he will go with him as a witness. Shukracharya says that I want only one person to be there and It is only Shani. He says that Indra will feel guilty if Shani will come there tomorrow. His follower asks him why he trusts Shani so much. He is also a God. Shukracharya says I only trust Mahadev and I have seen Shani’s eyes, he is very loyal. He will only take the side of truth. He asks him are you sure about him ? Shukracharya nods his head. Shani will support truth and not Gods. Chhaya comes in Surya Dev’s room , he say I know why your are coming here.

Shani Serial 7 Dec episode

In the 7 Dec episode of Shani serial, Shani dev is very angry and enter in the Mahal of Surya Dev. He tells Indradev that he would be punished for his wrong Karama. His father Surya dev who is unaware that he is his son tells him that, he will be also punished for supporting Shukracharya. Because Shukracharya already knows the name of the culprit. He tells Shani that he won’t let him see his mother ever again. Shani dev gets shocked. Surya Dev leaves and Shukracharya looks at the face of Shani. He tells him that I know Indra did wrong but you also dis wrong by supporting Asuras. Shani points out that he is not on the side of Devata’s nor on the side of Asuras. I am a Karamfaldata, I will always do justices without any bias. On the other hand, Surya Dev asks Chhaya about her health, she hides her blackened hand with Surya dev. But he noticed in tensed and ask her Is there any problem? Then he says that I know Shani is the reason behind your tension. I will not accept him as my son, his birth is a curse for me.

Shani Serial 6 Dec episode

In the 6 December episode of Shani serial, Indra Dev is very happy that thank lord Mahadev for sanding justice God who will take their side. On the other hand, Kakol apologizes to Shani and tell him that he did not do this intentional. He says that I only went to inform Surya Dev but everyone hears that. Shani tells him It’s ok, I already know that it will happen. I have nothing against you so keep calm. Kakol as him how that strom end? Shani replies I did this with my weapon. Kakol ask him how did you do this? Shani says I don’t know, I only know that i save my other which means a lot for me.

Vishwakarma says slowly slowy you will understand your power. Just remember that what ever is happening is happen because Mahadev wants to do this. Shani reply him that if Mahadev want that I will say away with my mother then I will not accept it! Storm at the Sky is over but storm in my mind is never end until i will found that who was behind it and we will be definitely finish.

Shani Serial 5 Dec episode

In the 5 Dec episode of Shani serial, finally, Shani lifts the glowing weapon, all the lords, and Dev Vishwakarma looks at him happily.Guru Shukracharya and Indra Dev also looking at Shani dev. Mahadev says this is beginning of Shani Dev’s journey and lord Vishu said that the second chapter is now begun. Tridev says Karamfaldata Shani Dev followed by Dev Vishwakarma.
On the other hand, Shani looks at the sky and angrily screaming out and aiming his weapon towards the sky. A massive spark emits from the weapon and everyone get shocked after seeing lights in the sky and the storm comes to an end. Chhaya begins to fall down and Shani shouts Mata. Chhaya drops down on the ground and becomes unconscious. Shani holds his mother on his arm and asks her to open her eyes. He gets tensed after seeing his mother’s condition, suddenly her finger movies and she look at Shani. On the other hand, Indra Dev is exhilarated after knowing the truth of Shani. He said that Karamfaldata, Dandnayak is a God! That means he is our side , God Mahadev sent him on our side. He challenged Asuras that now he will destroy them.


Shani Serial 2 Dec episode

In the 2 Dec episode of Shani serial, Shani is attracted towards the box and started searching it. On the other hand, Chhaya is walking in the garden and thinking about shani with wet eyes. Shani looks at the weapon , which is designed for him by lord Shiv. Chhaya says Sani that I want to tell you something, Shani stops his hand in the mid-air after sensing his mother’s presence. He gets tensed after seeing her mother crying and wipe her tears. Chhaya tells him that today I am going to tell you one secret which I had been hiding from you for many years. She started telling Shani and fumbles in her words. Suddenly Lightning strikes in the cloud and storm pulled up Chhaya. Shani shouts mother. Guru Shukracharya asks Indra dev why he is doing this, he replies that he want to see whether Shani will pick the weapon or not. He wants to know that Shani is Karanfaldata or not. Shukracharya tells Indra Dev it is enough, Devi Sandhya’s life is in danger, now stop your game. He told him that he now stops all this nonsense. Intra dev tells him to wait for some more time.

Shani serial running successfully on colors channel alike other color’s serial Shani on colors also attracting viewer’s attention with all new twists and turns of God Shani’s life. Sani colors serial has broken all previous records of TRP. Shani colors cast doing the really fantastic job especially the kid Shani Kartikey Malviya showing the brilliance of acting along with him other shani serial cast also making the history. Other than story line and Shani cast performance VFX and virtual or real sets of serial Shani grabbing the attention of viewers. to know more about Shani Serial watch latest episode of Shani serial on colors channel.

Shani Serial 19 Nov episode

Shani Serial 18 Nov episodeIn the 21 Nov episode of Shani serial, Shani reached the Mahal to search his mother. He opens the door of Chhaya’s room with a shaky hand. Tears come down in his cheeks by seeing his mother singing a lorry for Yami. Chhaya feels the presence of Shani and turns but Shani hides behind the door. He goes into the Jungle with teary eyes. Yam enters the room of Chhaya and notices the bird Kakol which he saw in the Jungle. Yam is thinking that this bird in connected with that kid and this kid is connected with Jungle. Something is wrong.

In the 18 Nov episode of Shani serial Shani challenge Vykthagandh, he tells Shani that he invited his death by challenging him. Shani attacks him and she falls down. By hearing the voice of their fight Yam and Yami come to stop them. Kakol attack on Yami and She falls down before he could do something, he flies away. Shani tells Vykthagandh, It is good to obey the order of Guru but it’s wrong to misuse your power. Right now I am leaving you but remember if again you did the same Shani will definitely punish you.

Chhaya is with Yami,she notices sunset and thinking that Shani must be waiting for her. She asks Yami how she is feeling now, she replied he s feeling better now. Chhaya asks her that she will come back after doing her prayer but Yami requests her not to go anywhere. She told her that my daughter is a brave girl and will back before morning. And guard is also there for her protection. Surya Dev reminds Chhaya that you promised me that you will take care of her kids now you are breaking you promise. He asks Chhaya is your prayer bigger than your kids? She said this is only for my kids, you know it very well. Surya Dev walks away angry and Chhaya started crying. She prays lord Shiv to take care of her child Shani as today she is not abe to meet him.

Shani Serial on colors

Shani serial Wiki

Colors channel is now coming with show title “Shani” produced by the famous producer Siddharth Kumar Tewary under Swastik Productions who is well Known for his biggest hit mytho shows like Mahabharat , Suryaputra Karn, and Big Magic’s Baal Krishna. Shani will be telecast on every Sunday on colors channel. The timing of the show yet not decided. Star cast of the show yet not decided. But whenever we receive any information about the star cast we will update you soon.We will update you soon about time and release date of the show.But it is confirmed that is will release in Oct 2016. Shani Serial promo has been revealed serial will replace Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial on colors that will be aired at 9 PM.

Shani Serial Details

  • Channel Name : Colors
  • Timing : 9 PM
  • Days : Mon – Fri
  • Start Date : 7 Nov 2016

Shani serial cast

much awaited mythological series on color channel Shani serial going to start from 7 Nov 2016 in the promo of Shani colors serial some of the cast have been revealed but not all. All the Shani serial cast seems promising and perfect for their roles.

Kartikey Malviya as Shani
Suryadev in Shani Colors Serial – Salil Ankola
Shani’s mother (lead role) Chhaya and Sandhya in Shani Colors Serial – Juhi Parmar
Vishnu in Shani Colors Serial – Diwakar Pundir
Indra in Shani Colors Serial – Kunal Bakshi (TV actor)
Shiva in Shani Colors Serial – Tarun Khanna
Akshat Singh in Shani Colors Serial
Shukra in Shani Colors Serial – Tinu Verma
Narrator In Shani Serial – Saurabh Raaj
Akshat Singh
Kamaljeet Rana

Shani Serial colors Promo

With the starting of most awaited second installation of Naagin serial colors channel has launched the promos of another mythological serial Shani. Shani Serial on colors going to reveal the story of God Shani who known his deadly punishments. Shani serial promos seems promising with ultimate VFX and characters.

Shani Serial Episode Updates

Shani Serial 17 Nov episode

In the 17 Nov episode of Shani serial , Indra dev asks Surya dev why you are hiding the truth. Think about your image , if every body got to know that every night you wife go outside, what will they think of you. Surya Dev looks at him angrily , he warns him no need to come closer to me you will get burn. Indra says you are threatening your friend? Surya Deb said no I have only reminded you, don’t forget your limits. It is my family matter I will solve it, don’t try to interfere in it.

Shani Serial 16 Nov episode

In the 16 Nov episode of Shani serial, Guru Shukracharya closes his eyes to see the powerful kid Shani.   He asks him who are you? Are you the same who created by lord Mahadev.  Guru Shukracharya told his spy eye to find out Shani. On the other hand, Shani is playing with kakol and ask him to leave as Mata Chhaya would be coming. Chhaya finds Yam and Yami waiting for her and they ask her why you do Pooja every night? Chhaya asks them I do pooja for my family and my kids. Yam and Yami follow their mother.

Shani Serial 15 Nov episode

Color’s mythological serial Shani serial is running successfully on Indian television. Serial’s story, concept based on God Shani. Shani serial cast, VFX, dialogue attracting the huge audience to the channel which results in the success of the show. In the last episode we have seen God Shani is the buzz everyone is looking for a boy who bring everyone in the shock because of his powers. Today Indra Dev will send his eyes in the search of God Shani It will intersting to watch will his eyes get the god Shani or again fails. To get more information watch Shani serial of colors channel. In the 15 Nov episode of Shani serial, Indradev says I want to know who was that kid who attacked my Gandharvas. I am sure he is not an ordinary kid. Yam enters in the Kingdom of Surya dev and greets him. He says I completed the work that was given by you, Surya dev blessed him. Indra dev tells whole story to Surya dev and he also said that this boy is not an ordinary boy only Surya Putra can do this.Yam looks confused and asks Surya dev you did this? Chaya enters into the discussion and says your son will become eminent Surya Dev. Surya Dev angrily looks at Chhaya and Indra Dev observes the reaction of Surya dev.

Shani Serial 14 Nov episode

In the Shani serial 14 Nov episode, Indra Dev, and all Assur dev wants to know about the newly born magical baby who will decide the destiny of the universe. On the other side, Surya Dev is unaware about the truth that the baby who is in buzz is his own baby and lord shiv gave him a name Shani. Surya Dev tells his wife Sandhya that remember nobody got to know about that baby, I don’t want that universe to call him as my son. Sandhya answered him don’t worry I will not reveal this truth and go back in her room.

Shani Serial 11 Nov episode

Shani serial star with a bang, viewers are excited to know deeply about Shani Dev. The infant who did the role of Shani is eye catching, he is just like real Avtaar of Shani Dev. The colors serial Shani successfully entertaining viewers and got highest TRP on its premier. In the 11 Nov Episode Bhagwan Indra want to know about the new Dravya Shakti who was created by lord Shiv. Suryadev is unknown that his own son is the new Shakti of the universe who will punish the whole world for their curse. All the Devta’s are curio to know about Shanidev.

Shani Serial 9 Nov episode

In the 8 Nov episode of Shani serial, Suryadev is very excited to seeing his son, when Chaya opens the face of the son , Suryadev shocked and denied to accept him as his son. He questions on Chaya’s character, Meanwhile, an eclipse is occurred over the sun, which make Suryadev angry. Due to his anger, he curses the newborn to die when the ray of sunlight falls on him. Chaya takes her baby and run towards the forest so that the sun’s rays can’t reach him. In the forest, Chaya prays to Lord Shiva where he gives him the name Shani.

Shani Serial 8 Nov episode

Shani Serial of colors channel revealed untold secrets of God Shani’s birth Where Surya Dev’s wife Sandhya leave her clone Chhaya who gave birth to Shani Dev. Surya Dev who have pride for his look do accept Shani as his son and question Chhaya’s character. At that time an eclipse is cast over brightening Sun Everyone went into the shock Surya dev blame new born baby reason behind this and throw his ray on him Chhaya saved him and left the place She prayed God Shiva to help her to give a name to baby and save him. God Shiva gave baby name as “Shani” Every episode of Shani Serial come with new secrets related to Shani Dev’s life. Shani color cast doing really well all are perfectly complimented their roles in Shani serial.

Shani Serial first episode

Most awaited mythological Shani serial going to start from today 7 Nov. In the first episode of Shani serial makers will introduce the character of the serial. And will show the story of god Shani before his birth how all gods decided to create him to make justice. Shani serial on colors will show unknown facts of Shani’s life. For more watch Shani serial on colors today at 9:30 PM. Shani serial has been started from this Monday in the first episode of Shani serial makers introduced the story of God Shani’s origin and beliefs. Shani who is the son of god SuryaDev took birth to order the things which are going in the wrong to give the results(Punishment) of everyone’s doing. The story starts from lakhs of years ago when there was no existence of human being and earth whole universe divided amongst Dev and Danav where in division Dev got swarg and Danav got Patallok they always fight for their right and demands. Because of this the rate of sin, misdeed had been increased to make the thing in order again god Shiva decided to summon who can arrange the things back in order for that he selected Suryadev to give birth to God Shani.  On Other hand Surya dev’s wife Sandhya can’t bear the power and heat of her husband Surya Dev so she decided to leave him. To save her family She created her clone with her own shadow i.e. Chhaya who gave birth to God Shani with Surya Dev.

Shani colors serial starts from 7 Nov

Much awaited Mythological serial on colors channel Shani serial is going to start from this Monday i.e. from & Nov 2016. Shani serial coming up with all new story and secrets related to God Shani. Who took birth for Justice. In the latest promo of Shani serial glimpse of the Shani serial story have been revealed how God Shani took birth and unaccepted by his father God Surya because of ugliness. He even punished his father Surya Dev for Justice. Well, number of serials came which revealed the life story of God Shani but this time with Shani colors serial makers promises to reveal untold secrets of God Shani’s life. Shani serial on colors going to start from 7 Nov 2016. Only few days are left in the broadcast of most awaited mythological show Shani , its new promo is also launched in the colors Tv. In the promo you can see the fight between Devtas and Rakshas for heaven. The promo of the show Shani is very attractive and viewers are waiting to see in this just because they wanted to know more about the lord Shani. On 7 Nov the Shani show will hit the ground only on colors tv.

Shani serial story

Color’s new serial Shani will be based on the life of God Shani. The show will be another big budget project of the production house.

Birth Story of Good Shani (According to ‘Scandal Poorana’ of Kasi Khanda)

“ God Soorya was married to Daksha Kanya Sadnya. Sadnya could not absorb the radiance of God Surya. She used to feel that by doing penance she could increase her brilliance. Or, by the power of her penance, she could diminish the glare of God Surya. But for God Surya, she was a spouse worshipping wife. she had three children with God Surya

One was Vaivastahva Manu , the second was Yama Raj and the third was the Yamuna. Sadnya loved her children very much. But, she was very upset with the anger of God Surya. One day, she waa thought about the separation with God Surya, she goes to her parents’ home and undertakes great penance. And if any one going on the opposition, she would go far away to a lonely and undertake great penance.

By strength of her worship, Sadnya created a ‘Chaya’ (shadow) of herself and named her Suvarna and then the shadow of herself became Suvarna. After handing over the children to Chaya, Sadnya told her that Chaya would thereafter play the role of womanhood and nurse her three children. She told her if any problem arose, she should call her and she would come rushing to her. But she reminds her that she must remember that she was Chaya, not Sadnya, and nobody should know this difference.

Sadnya gives her all responsibilities to Chaya and went away to her parent’s place. She went home and told her father that she could not stand the radiance of God Surya. And therefore, without telling her husband she had come away. Listening to this, her father scolded her very much and told her that without being called, if the daughter returns home, both she and her father would be cursed. He told her to go back to her home immediately. Then, Sadnya began to worry that if she went back, what would happen to the responsibilities which she had given to Chaya. Where would Chaya go? And their secret would be exposed. So, Sadnya went to the dense jungles in Uttar Kurukshetra and took repose there.

She was fearful of her safety in the jungle because of her youthfulness and beauty. And she changed her form into that of a mare so that none could recognize her and started her penance. Elsewhere, the union of God Surya and Chaya begot three children. God Surya and Chaya were happy with each other. Surya never doubted anything. The children of Chaya were Manu, God Shani and Putri Bhadra (Tapti).”

About  God Shani

1) The God Sun is a father of God Shani
2) The mother of God Shani was Chaya of Devi-Suvarna.
3) The Siblings of God Shani are Yamaraj , Yamunadevi.
4) The guru of God Shani was God Shiva.
5) The God Shani was born in Saurashtra, Gujarat.
6) Gotra Of God Shani was Kashyap.
7) Colour – Dark.
8) Nature – Sacrificing, worshipping-gaze,angry, serious,
9) Friend Of God Shani is Hanuman, Kaala Bhairav, Balaji.
10) Other names of God Shani are Chayasuta, Suryaputra, Kokanastha, Pingalo, Babhru,
Raudrantak, Sauri, Shaneshchar, Krushnamand, Krushno etc.

11) Friendly planet of God Shani is Jupiter, Venus, Rahu and Mercury.
12) Friendly Rasi of God Shani Gemini, Virgo, Libra, and Taurus.
13) Dear Rasi of God Shani Sagittarius and Capricorn.
14) Dear Star of God Shani Pushya, Anuradha, Uttara, Bhadrapada.
15) The high Rasi of God Shani is Libra
16) The low Rasi of God Shani is Aries.
17) The area of God Shani is Petroleum, iron, steel, business, press, medical, factories,
coal, leather, court, transportation etc.

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Shani Episode

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