One Night Stand Movie

One Night Stand Movie Review

May 6, 2016 Gaurav luhadia 0

One Night Stand Movie Review After all this flirting , they spend the night together. It’s a crazy hot night with a lot of hot and intimate scenes.Sunny use her boldness well for shooting bed scene with Tanuj.but she moved out in the next morning. Urvil too moves on and returns to his city Pune where his wife is waiting for him. Yes, he’s a cheater, He cheats her wife.However, coincidentally he misses Celina while he is with his wife. He is upset with the guilt that Celina passes towards him and wants to confront and clear things. But that’s not the only twist. Turns out Celina too has a side he isn’t aware of. Let’s watch how the second half of the movie unfolds! Review of this movie is very good and audience like the story and performance of the actors.