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Satyamev Jayte
Satyamev Jayte

The term ‘casting couch’ is very common nowadays and always cover headlines in newspapers and news channels.It also creates high curiosity among the people. In Aakash Aath’s popular soap ‘Satyamev Jayate’ , forthcoming episodes will emphasize on this scandalous happening.

Viewers must have realized that the journalist Sreemoyee (Shampa Banerjee) is on a sting operation spree.
After unmasking several criminals of the society and exposing the scandal of a nursing home, now she is ready for her next mission.Now she is planning to expose a producer, who is involved with casting couch.

The reality about casting couch in Satyamev Jayate

Satyamev Jayte
Satyamev Jayte

According to the sources, “Next, Sreemoyee will prepare herself to catch Ronojoy Mitra (Debasish Nath) red handed. He would be someone who exploits newcomers with the promise of bagging them the lead roles in films.”

They also said that “She will groom herself to be a glamorous model and then with her portfolio, she will come face to face with Ronojoy. Upon coming across such an attractive girl, he would start staring at her with his lecherous eyes, unaware of the fact that his actions are getting caught in the camera,”

Well Whether she will succeed in her planning of casting couch or not is depend on the viewers to find out.
When we ask her experience and what she feel about casting couch she said that “I strongly feel casting couch should not exist in the film industry and the casting must be done purely on the basis of talent.I thoroughly enjoyed doing this sting operation on screen,”.


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