Tiger Shroff A real Baaghi: Already impressed with unbelievable tiger Shroff stunt’s dialogue and by his amazing performance in Baaghi movie

Baaghi Movie Dialogue promo trailer
Baaghi Movie Dialogue promo trailer

As we all love the first trailer of the movie Baaghi, and with astonishing performance of Tiger Shroff in the trailer made us to wait for the movie that will launch on 29th of April 2016…

The first trailer of the movie Baaghi is launched, tiger Shroff has amazed all of us with its mind blowing stunts and by his amazing dialogues. Believe it or not, all the stunts that we have seen in the Baaghi movie promo and Baaghi movie trailer is done and performed by the martial artist man tiger Shroff only. The Baaghi movie plot is based on the romantic love and full of action and drama.

It’s a story of two love birds Shraddha Kapoor and tiger Shroff, who loves each other more than anything, separated by the villain, who has building full of Chinese goons, but the real love can’t be separated and get effected with any of the goons, is perfectly shown by tiger Shroff and Shradhha Kapoor in the Baaghi movie.
Unlike other movies, the lovebirds are usually separated by the villains and in the end they met each other, but in this movie, it is shown in a different manner, that will surely gona amaze you.

The hero tiger Shroff son of real don Jackey Shroff does not let her girl go, the circumstance was all opposite to him, but his passionate love turned all the situation in favor. These all things demands some action, but in this movie, its not some. This movie is full of action and drama, performed by Tiger Shroff only for his love Shradhha Kapoor. The Actions were so mind blowing that we have not seen this kind of actions in Bollywood before, we all have made this image by seeing the trailer and promo only, but the real picture to Abhi baaki hai, which is coming to our close theaters on 29th April.

Tiger Shroff A real Baaghi

Baaghi Movie Dialogie promo trailer
Baaghi Movie Dialogue promo trailer

Talking about the Dialogue promo, which is launched recently starring Shraddha and tiger astound us with their brilliant performance. This movie is full of action, we shouldn’t make this movie image much higher, because he himself told in the Baaghi promo dialogue that “ Itni jaldi bhi Kya Abhi to maine start kiya hai”, Picture to Abhi baaki hai….jokes apart its a dialogue which is delivered by tiger saying to his rivals.
The Movie is full of romance, fight, drama, action, thrill, separation, and togetherness. In this movie, there will be so many obstacles, that will come into the love story of Shraddha Kapoor and tiger Shroff, which will make them fall down once, but they will stand and rise and again fight for their love…

In the Baaghi movie dialogue promo tiger has performed a finger stand at the starting of the promo itself. Which was so astonishing that ahead in the promo you can’t move your eyeballs away from it. The two fingers stand and some of the real martial art stunts made this movie dialogue promo mind blowing.

The action performed in this movie by TIger and Shraddha is the USP of this movie, which is attracting the audience. The Audience is looking to see what more surprises this movie has stored for them. They are so keen, to wait for this movie. The trade mark of Baaghi movie dialogue promo “Abhi toh maine start hi kiya hai” made the audience more eager to wait for this movie.

This movie is going to release on this coming weekend (29th April 2016)…

Baaghi movie Dialogue promo teaser:



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