Top 10 Bollywood erotic and bold scenes movie- which offend into the eyes of censor board

Nasha movie hot image
Nasha movie hot image

Bollywood movies always use to amaze their fans by its bold and erotic content. The time has gone when Bollywood uses to lag so behind from Hollywood movies, by it’s hot and erotica sexy scenes. Before kissing has been a taboo and now it’s been prolific in Bollywood screens. Now the Indian cinema has also developed their mind, they do not hesitate to try new things, they are now more adventurous with their sex scenes. But the story does not end here, the censor board is the one, that use to pass the Mature and outrageous movies. Each time when some erotic and hot Indian Bollywood scene movie is passed censor board and the public use to offend it, and the person those who used to offend it are the one only, who use to watch these type of movies first.but now by seeing the public demand, censor board is also become lenient and use to pass some of the Indian hottest movie scenes. Let’s look up on some of the bold, explosive hot scenes, which are filled with so passionate romance, the explosive hot bollywood scenes which will surely gonna take your heart beat up.

Top Hot Scenes Bollywood movies:

1) Kamsutra: A tale of love: A Sex teaching movie.

Kamasutra A tale of love movie image
Kamasutra: A tale of love movie image

This movie is directed by the iconic movie maker Mira Nair, this movie is world famous for its erotic text written and sex performed scenes in the Bollywood history. This movie was firstly banned, but after deleting some of the mature content and sex scenes from the movie, censor board has passed it. This movie is written by the Indian saint Vatsyayana.

2) B.A pass: A soft porn Flick

BA passed movie image
BA passed Movie image

The actress Shilpa Shukla from the movie Chak de India, who has offered herself to shahrukh khan in the movie, has amazed their fans by performing bold and so hot Indian bedroom scenes in the sensuous film B.A pass. In this movie she has played a role of an older woman, who is so indulge in sex activity , seduces a guy who is much younger than her.

3) Nasha: Poonam pandeys bold scenes In Nasha

Nasha movie hot image
Nasha Movie hot image

This movie starred the famous Poonam Pandey, the one who is always ready to expose herself. In this movie she has shown some of the best and boldest Indian Bollywood hot scenes. She also says that she is always ready to shed her clothes at the drop of a hat.

4) Jism2: A Sunny Leone movie

jism-2 movie sunny leone hot pic
Jism-2 movie Sunny Leone hot pic

Jism movie starring sunny Leone, one of the gorgeous sex symbol worldwide. She was used to be a porn star before landing herself in the bollywood industry. This movie had collected a huge collection worldwide. Sunny Leone attracted their fans by performing bold and sexy erotic hot scenes in the movie.

 5) Sins: An Adult movie

sins movie sexy scene image
Sins Movie sexy scene image

Many of us didn’t know about this movie, because the censor board didn’t approved this movie, but somehow after deleting some of the outrageous bold scenes, they have passed this movie. This movie pulled out of the theatres for its extremely controversial script. Actor sunny Ahuja performed so erotic scenes in the movie, that has grabbed so much attention from the audience, which propelled her career into the great extent.

6) Murder: A soft porn Flick

mallikasherawat and emraan Hashmi in murder hot scene image
Mallikasherawat and Emraan Hashmi in Murder hot scene image

The great lip locker Emraan Hashmi has collected all the attention from the audience, by banging over the Malika Shrewat in the movie. These both the actors performed so outrageous moves in the movie, which made audience to call this movie a soft porn movie. This movie scenes were so bold, that gave the Emraan Hashmi, A title “ serial kisser”. This movie is one of the first few Bollywood flicks in which body of the actress is completely revealed.

7) Mastram: A bold scene bollywood movie

mallikasherawat and emraan Hashmi in murder hot scene image
Mastram Movie  hot scene image

This movie is written by the hugely popular fictitious erotic tales writer. He is so famous especially amongst the erotic lovers. This writer struggled a lot to get his explicit content published. This movie shows the hypocrisy of Indian society, especially with regards to sexuality.

8) Girlfriend: The  Lesbians Movie

Gilrfriend movie lesbian image
Gilrfriend movie lesbian image

This movie deals with the content of homosexuality. The Girlfriend movie featured some of the quite few bold erotic love making scenes involving the gorgeous actress Isha Kopikar and Amrita Arora.

9) Matrubhoomi: A sexual Assualt

Matrubhoomi movie image
Matrubhoomi movie image

This movie is applauded by critics from worldwide, and too earned many awards in the film festival. As this movie script is written to reveal the harsh truth of our society, of our Indian girls. which they always use to face. In this movie so many bold scenes are also performed. This movie exposes the sexual assault, which many women have to deal with.

10) Ragini MMS 2: Sunny Leone Porn Flick

Ragini MMS 2 movie sunny leone sexy pic
Ragini MMS 2 movie sunny leone sexy pic

Again the sex bomb sunny Leone performed so hot bedroom scenes in the movie. Sunny made this movie so hot, that her sex scenes are now world wide recognized. Her scene made this movie recognized as a soft porn flick. She has performed so steamy scenes and proved herself that she is so good at performing Indian style sex and hot scenes in the movie effortlessly.


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