trideviyaan serial photos
trideviyaan serial photos

Trideviyaan Serial First episode

Trideviyaan Sab Tv serial will be a treat for all comedy and action lovers as after launching almost all genres of comedy like core comedy, silent comedy, comedy reality show, comedy drama, sci-fic comedy now Sab tv all set to enter in another genre with brand new series Trideviyaan. Trideviya serial is going to tell the story of three women who are working on a secret mission to save the country. Trideviya cast has been revealed where all three girls looking amazing in action avatar beautiful Aishwarya Saluja who known for her beautiful smile going to play the lead in Trideviyan serial. In the first episode of Trideviyaan, serial makers will introduce the characters of the serial every character of the serial have their different identity, looks, and way of delivering dialogue which seems intersting. For more watch Trideviyaan serial on Sab tv starting from today on 15 Nov 2016.

Trideviyaan Serial in News

Trideviyaan serial is an upcoming action comedy serial on Sab TV concept of the show based on Charlie’s Angel. In the serial head of the Chauhan family, Dinanath Chauhan run a secret mission to save the world where his daughter and Daughter in laws possess special powers that make them superwomen. They secretly help their father in to save the country. News come out that Samaira Rao replaced Jayshree on the serial and playing one of the leading lady in Trideviyaan. Sarasvati Chandra serial’s fame Anshul Trivedi and Winy Tripathi playing brothers in the serial as husbands of Aishwarya and Samaira respectively. In the latest news of Trideviyaan people protesting against one of the posters of Trideviyaan serial where all three women holding keychain weapons while dressing up and agents. Sab Tv serial Trideviyaan staying in the news before its release and facing lots of controversies. Trideyaan serial is going to start from 15 Nov 2016.  The Trideviyaan serial will soon hit the floor of SAB TV, in this show three girls who are not only beautiful and gorgeous but also intelligent and powerful. This show is the woman-centric show, which tells the whole world that women are most powerful in this whole earth and has the capacity to fight with all the odds. Trideviyaan is a perfect combination of action and laughter. It is quite similar to Chadramukhi Chotala show. This slapstick yet thriller show will broadcast at 9 :30 PM only on SAB TV. So be ready to welcome one more sitcom serial on your house.

The first look of Trideviyaan serial is out. The maker of this serial wanted to show that Indian women can be something else as homemakers. In the poster of Trideviyaan serial, you can see three television actresses in bold look in which you never see them before. The story of this serial revolves around a father-in-law and three women in which one is a daughter and two are daughters-in- Law. All these three women are secret agents. They are strong enough to handle goons and fight to save the Nation. The show will premiere on 15 November only on SAB TV. Today Trideviyaan serial will hit the floor of SAB TV, this sitcom plus action serial will definately entertain you with its new and interesting story. In is totally woman based show, so donlt forget to watch it only on SAB Tv at 10:30PM. If you some how forgot to watch this serial, then don’t worry , we will update you with thie latest news of Trideviyaan serial.

Trideviyaa serial starts from 15 Nov

Sab TV upcoming serial Trideviyaan going to start from this November 15 where three women who are housewives but at the same time they work for country’s welfare as secret agents. It will interesting to watch how they manage both two different avatar. In the latest promos of Trideviyaan Serial on Sab TV Aishwarya Sakhuja who is playing the lead is an ideal Bahu of a family everyone in the family loves her but all of them unaware of the fact that she is a secret agent doing job to save our country. Trideviyaan serial is starting today, this action thriller serial is totally based on women. If you are bold enough to handle your all problems then this show is dedicated to you. Because in this serial, all the women are self-dependent and strong enough to take care herself and the society. They are the sicret agent and work for the public to find out goon of the country. The actresses who gonna play the lead role in this serial are the popular face of the indian television industry and first time poteray the action role in the screen. To know more about this serial stay tuned with us.

Trideviyaan SAB TV

Trideviyaan Serial Wiki

Trideviyaan is an upcoming comedy serial of SAB Tv which is well known for comedy serials such as Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma, May I Come In Madam , Chidiyaghar and many more. Trideviyaan serial is produced by Amir Jaffar and Sonali. This is a woman-centric serial based on the life of three women and will release on November 2016. According to the sources, Trideviyaan is a supernatural serial based on God women.

Trideviyaan details

Channel – SAB TV
Star Cast – Aishwarya Sakhuja, Jayshree Venkatramanan, Shalini Sahuta
Days – Monday – Saturday
Time – 10.30 PM
Start Date – 15 November 2016
Genre – Comedy
Language – Hindi

Trideviyaan Serial Star Cast

  • Aishwarya Sakhuja in Trideviyaan
  • Shalini Sahuta in Trideviyaan
  • Tanuja Chauhan in Trideviyaan – Samaira Rao
  • Dinanath Chauhan in Trideviyaan – Rituraj Singh
  • Anshul Trivedi in Trideviyaan – Aishwarya’s Husband
  • Winy Tripathi in Trideviyaan – Tanuja Chauhan’s husband

Trideviyaan Serial Story

The story of Trideviyaan serial is based on the life of three powerful yet beautiful girls who worked as private investigators. It is comedy serial which will soon hit the floor of SAB TV. We all know that SAB tv always try to launch different type of comedy serial , this time also it is all set to release totally unique serial. We don’t know much about the story of this serial but it is confirmed that Trideviyaan serial will definitely make you laugh from Monday to Friday.

Trideviyaan Serial Timing

The date of Trideviyaan Serial is not revealed yet but it is confirmed that it will release in November 2016. It will telecast on Colors channel from Monday to Friday at 10 : 30 PM.

Trideviyaan Wallpaper

jayshree venkatramanan in trideviyaan

jayshree venkatramanan in trideviyaan
jayshree venkatramanan in trideviyaan

aishwarya sakhuja in trideviyaan

aishwarya sakhuja in trideviyaan
aishwarya sakhuja in trideviyaan

trideviyaan serial photos

trideviyaan serial photos
trideviyaan serial photos

Shalini sahuta in trideviyaan

shalini sahuta in trideviyaan
shalini sahuta in trideviyaan




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