Wedding drama of Bahu Humari Rajni_Kant- Rajni will also put vermilion on Shaan’s forehead

The well known producer of the Television Sonali Jaffar bangs with newest television venture for her banner Full House Media Pvt. Ltd titled Bahu Hamari Rajni_kant. The show Bahu Hamari Rajni_kant has already been buzzing due to its unique title that has superstar Rajinikanth associated with it.

The show has Karan V. Grover and debutante Riddhima Pandit in the lead, the show revolves around a loving but dysfunctional family, with their cultural differences. Shaan, a gifted scientist who immersed his life in science and Robotics and creates an advanced humanoid named Rajni and introduces her to his family as his wife. Their cultural differences cause hilarious and unusual situations.

 Wedding  drama of Bahu Humari Rajnikant- Rajni will also put vermilion on Shaan’s forehead


The show takes an interesting turn when Shaan gets married to Robo Rajni. The fun riot starts as Rajni (Randomly accessible job network interface) embarks her journey as a married woman. Now, the situation has come, recently the promos of the show indicates that in coming days Rajni (Ridhima Pandit) and Shaan (Karan V. Grover) will get married to each other.

A source shares, “Unknown about Rajni is a robot, the entire Kant family will start preparing for her marriage with Shaan. But, before the marriage the Kant family will celebrate all the pre-wedding rituals, where all the family members will shake their legs during sangeet ceremony”.

The actual fun comes when in  the wedding vows unaware of the customs prevailing in human society, Rajni will also put vermilion on Shaan’s forehead. Shaan will try to cover her act by stating that Rajni believes in equality between the husband and wife, hence, she will also perform all rituals like Shaan.

A source shared one more funny movement comes when- “Post wedding, during grihapravesh ritual, Rajni will not be able to understand Shaan’s instructions and will end up hitting her mother-in-law”.

How funny, so viewers don’t miss the fun of comedy sitcom Bahu Hamari Rajni_kant.



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