What Bigg Boss 9 wild card entry Kanwaljeet thinks about contestants?


The slow going face of Bigg Boss 9 has been changed after two wild card entries in the house with Rishabh and Punit now makers going to introduce another wild card entry into the house, Designer Kanwaljeet Singh who going to bring another entertaining twist in the tale.

Kanwaljeet who will enter the show this week is although he is the eldest contestant, but his entry will definitely energies the house with his exuberant personality, good sense of humor and loving nature.

What 3rd Bigg Boss 9 wild card entry Kanwaljeet Singh thinks about contestants


When asking about his entry in the Bigg Boss 9 house he said, “I feel as if my nine year itch has finally been relieved. I have been an ardent fan of Bigg Boss since season one and cannot wait to bring in some excitement in the show.”

When talk about the contestants in the house, He like Mandana in the house and said she is very strong and honest where he says Rimi is just portraying a fake in front of audience “The day she was given the false ticket to the finale, she started crying. But soon when Salman told her she is safe, she was all smiles. It was so funny; she is just making a fool of herself. Rather than criticizing and cribbing about Bigg Boss, she can just move out if she so hates it there.”

When asked about how will he like to live in the house, befriend or just want to play and fight with others. “No one can fight day night in the series, so I would rather just chill. I really like Mandana Karimi, and think she is strong and honest. I am really hoping to bond with everyone and have loads of fun.”

As everyyear LGBT contestants always proved very strong in the bigg boss house Bigg Boss 9 also supposed to have a gay contestant, but this time maker introduced LGBT with wild card entry of Kanwaljeet Singh he belongs from LGBT he want to promote gay fashion he said, “I really want to represent the gay fashion community through Bigg Boss and definitely want to come out as the winner. I believe for a show like this, one need not do any preparation and just follow your own instincts.”

Entry of Rishabh and Puneet didn’t changed huge in the season we just hoping that entry of Kanwaljeet Singh will make this season Bigg Boss 9 lit bit entertaining.



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