What Rishi to do romantic dance with Neha???

Kasam serial rishi and neha
Kasam serial rishi and neha

Kasam Serial become more excited day by day. Well we all know that Rishi (Sharad Malhotra )is very happy after listening that Tanvi (Kratika Sengar) wore wrong Ring, I mean the ring that Tanu wore was purchased by Rishi’s father. Bijji tells him that Tanvi is yours because she wore a ring of our house. Rishi was so happy and could not stop to show his happiness.He started dancing. Neha Khurrana who is a fiancee of Rishi tensed and wants to know about the reason of happiness of Rishi.After all this drama

Rishi and Neha Khurrana (Renee Dhyani) will perform a couple dance in romantic song.
Rishi become so comfortable and touchy with Neha to make Tanvi jealous.

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We all know that Tanvi also love Rishi but did not want to accept this truth but she is confused because whenever she was in trouble Rishi always with her. She never shows but always care and feel for Rishi.Same in this situation she is very jealous and want not stop dance of Rishi and Neha but couldn’t do this.By watching Tavi jealousy, Rishi is very happy and try hard to make her feel jealous.

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