What’s the actual reason for Kapil opted out From Comedy Nights With Kapil?

The comedian Krushna Abhishek now replaced Kapil Sharma in a new version of the same show, which titled as a Comedy Nights Live. After a successful two-and-a-half year stint on Colors channel, ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’ came to an end a few days ago.

The first episode of Comedy Night Live also premiered this Sunday and the results have been disastrous, with a lot of backlash from the viewers and lack of good comic content on TV. The audience feedback hasn’t been too encouraging for Krushna Abhishek’s show.

What’s the actual reason for Kapil Sharma opted out of colors Comedy Nights With Kapil?


The question pumping up in the mind of audience that what is the actual reason behind the Kapil’s ouster from the show. Clearly, there was a huge fallout between Kapil Sharma and the channel. Apparently, the real reason behind Kapil’s exit from the show is a bigger businessman who has invested in the colors channel. The said businessman is a prime stakeholder for the colors and he has a lot of say in the matter.

The news also comes that the standup comedian Kapil had ticked off this important businessman, which results as a big friction between the Kapil and the channel and the show was closed. The confusion is still the same that what exactly was the issue between the two, but it definitely has something to do with him quitting it.

Anyways, we are waiting for the next step of Kapil. Krishna Abhishek tried so very hard that we forget Kapil that the efforts showed. Tame jokes, sad gags and not enough laughter – that’s what Kapil’s absence did to the show. The only saving grace was Bharti Singh. We hope that the Kapil will come back with something new for his fans.


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