Will Rimi leave Bigg Boss 9 when Bigg Boss open the doors?


Bigg Boss 9 turning interesting day by day, the most controversial show of Indian television getting difficult for contestants to survive become more entertaining to watch.

In today’s episode of Bigg boss 9 contestants go through with the biggest storm where for the first time in Bigg Boss history Bigg boss open the door and give a chance to contestants where one can leave the house who want to.

Will Rimi leave Bigg Boss 9 when Bigg Boss open the door?


After the entrance of wild card entries of Priya Malik and Kanwaljeet. Both guys trying to create some buzz in the house the last luxury task we have seen how Priya accused Kanwaljeet of doing alleged things while doing the task.

The last episode come up with great entertainment where Priya Malik seems to make people understand her point in the house, but nobody seems interested in to listen to her. On other hand, Rochel cried for Keith absence on her birthday unknowingly the actual fact why he left the game.

Bigg Boss 9 immunity task
Bigg Boss 9 immunity task

Then Bigg Boss announced the biggest immunity task in the Bigg Boss 9 according to which contestants have to retain themselves in the car as much time they can one who retain for the longest period will win the task and winner will get two week’s immunity and captaincy.

In the task Prince, Rochell, Priya and Kishwar doing so well where Priya Pee in the car but won’t left task. Let’s see who will win the task. But, this Friday going to more interesting when bigg boss open the doors of the house where the contestant who want to leave the house free to leave.

So, what will be the decision of Rimi? Is this a task to reveal Rimi’s strategy or She will actually leave the house? Well, the secret will reveal just after few hours stay connected for more updates.


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