Will Sesha & Shivanya save Sangram Singh from Yamini in Colors’ Naagin?

The most popular show of the colors Naagin still keeps their viewers under the mystery and making curtains for their interest in the show. As we revealed you that Yamini and Ankush will try to break the unity of the Naagin sisters Sesha and Shivanya.

Yamini plot to trap Shivanya and Sesha on the occasion of Ritik-Shivanya’s sixth month wedding anniversary. Shivanya would go to kill Ankush, Sesha will get into the avatar of Shivanya and will be present at the party.

Will Sesha & Shivanya save Sangram Singh from Yamini in Colors’ Naagin?


Sesha will receive a shock when Yamini will choose a moment when Shivanya is away, and will plan for a surprise ghatbandhan and wedding yet again for Ritik and Shivanya (Mouni Roy). Now, the makers are gearing up for the next instalment of the show.

The upcoming episodes show us that when Sangram Singh comes to Ritik’s house and Yamini spots him over there. Yamini holds and threatens from behind and the mastermind of the show Yamini will try to kill Ritik’s father Sangram Singh, and will push him off a cliff.

The situation reached when the Sangram Singh has probably died suddenly the two saver Sesha and Shivanya will come at the right movement and helped the old man to save his life.

As per the source revealed, “Shivanya and Sesha will get a doubt the real identity of the old man as he is just similar to Ritik in his looks. This way, Shivanya and Sesha will sniff out the fact that Ankush might not be the real father of Ritik.”

Sangram Singh also revealed the suspense of Yamini when Sesha takes Ritik avtar to know about the Fifth culprit of their parents. Ritik’s real father becomes so happy when he meets with Ritik and he revealed the suspense of Yamini that she is the culprit of Sangram Singh as well as Shivanya and Sesha.

So, let’s watch how will Shivanya and Sesha deal with this situation now?



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