Yes Its happening!! Shahrukh and Salman sharing quality time in Bigg Boss 9


Most successful Bollywood rivals are sharing one show and one stage for the dance performance. The occasion was the promotion of movie Dilwale starred by Shahrukh and Kajol after long waiting. Shahrukh and Salman now patch up their rivalry, we don’t know what the actual reasons is but whatever is happen is very nice for us. We can see a good chemistry again on stage and on the big screen. Ones there was the time when they even don’t want to see each other, they were avoiding each other’s parties, and they didn’t like to face each other.

But, today they not only forgot everything and but also sharing their friendship publically, they start with taunting on Media about their relationship. Shahrukh said now media lost their work because from last few year media got a job about gossiping Shahrukh and Salman rivaling. In past years, they both got new shows and one biggest thing happens that Big Boss got its permanent host as Salman khan, and audience cheers this and nonstop clapping was there.

Shahrukh and Salman sharing quality time in Bigg Boss 9


Shah rukh and Salman showed a comic drama about their past fighting or whatever happen in the party and how media were showing which is not happen in reality.

Salman arrange a numbers of games for shah rukh khan, in that series first was Sir Pe Chadana, during this game they both did mimicry about name shows on board which is on each other’ head. Most funny part of game when they were doing a mimic of each other.

Next game plan was India Janana Chahta hai. A party was organized somewhere for celebrating the reunion of Salman Khan and Shah rukh. During questioner, one girl asks how much you both missed each other, when you’re not in contact with other, so shah rukh replied very beautifully we don’t miss each other because we never far from each other we were together just busy in our life. There was one very funny question by a lady that, did they bought vegetables for their kitchen, Salman told no and never, this don’t suit us, we sell the vegetables told Shah Rukh. You will be surprised when you become to know that they don’t know what is Dabeli, Salman thought it’s kind of sweet. Then one public audience told them its bhaji that is pressed between Pav.

One audience demand to sing song for her, salman and shahrukh sang ye bandhan to pyar ka bandhan hia janmo ka sangam hai.

One very entertaining game was to do lip singing and dancing on rang de tu mohe geruha and Chikni chameli.
After all this dancing and singing the most elegant sensuous, beautiful Kajol came on the stage. No words to explain her beauty and grace. They all enjoyed their past movie scenes and memories a game of dumb and Shiraz which they all three played during the shooting of Kuch Kuch Hota hai.

Then shahrukh and kajol went inside the bigg Boss 9 house, with Karan Arjun type entry and what will happen we will see tomorrow.



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