Advertisement Of Maggi

maggi ad
maggi ad

Advertisement Of Maggi

Maggi wiki

Maggi is a popular international brand of seasonings, instant soups, and noodles that manufactured in Switzerland. In 1947, Maggi was acquired by Nestlé company. The company originated in Switzerland in 1885, by Julius Maggi. In 1947,several changes in ownership and corporate were made in Maggi company. Maggi is very popular not only among kids but all age group like its taste and eats it with happiness. It 2 minutes recipe is very popular in every kitchen of India.

maggi ad

maggi ad
maggi ad

Maggi Advertisement

Maggi add is very unique and it always runs a campaign. In a few days back Nestle India’s forerunner brand run a campaign which defines Mom care about her daughter yet remain connected to the hunger bond between mother and child. Advertisement of Maggi always comes with an emotional concept which some how connected with hunger.


Maggi  AD HD Video – 2 Minutes

Maggi New Ad Details

Brand Name: Nestle
Brand Ambassadors: Model
Theme Of Ad: Meri Maggi
Technologies Used: General
Product Name: Maggy
Ad Agency:
Duration: 0.35 Sec
Campaign Name: 2 Minutes

Maggi ad 2016

There are many Maggi ad campaigns some of them are ‘Mummy’s Khushiyon Ki Recipe’ for its Masala noodles , Mummy Bhook Lagi Hai” and “Bas Do Minute and Many more. Many Bollywood celebrities are endorsing the Maggi brand. Amitabh Bachchan Maggi ad was gain huge popularity because of his stardom. Maggi always a favorite taste of Indians. Currently, a Maggi new ad is focused on the Kidz hunger and how tasty Maggi satiates their hunger in 2 minutes.

Maggi Products

Maggi Soupy noodles
Maggi Atta noodles
Maggi Oats Noodles
Maggi Noodles
Maggi Tomato Soup
Maggi Catch up


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