Bigg Boss 9 Grand Finale : The Countdown Begins


So, readers, the time has arrived when your favorite show is near to its end. We are talking about the most controversial show Bigg Boss 9 double trouble on the Indian television hosted by the superstar of the industry, Salman Khan.

Bigg Boss 9 is gearing up for the Grand Finale that’s been scheduled this Saturday evening. One of the five contestants- Keith, Mandana, Prince, Rochelle or Rishabh is headed the crown of the winner of Bigg Boss season 9, he or she will walk away with the cash prize and the coveted trophy. There are guesses on few contestants as the Bigg boss 9 winners of this season, but it’s not easy to win the Bigg Boss because it’s the Double Trouble.

Bigg Boss 9, the countdown begins: just four days left 1, 2, 3, 4….. Boom & the winner is….???

Bigg Boss 9 Grand Finale
Bigg Boss 9 Grand Finale

In the run-up to the finale, Bigg Boss has planned a surprise twist for all the inmates. A source reveals, “There will be a surprise midweek eviction happening either on Tuesday or Wednesday early morning.” Not five, but only four of the finalists will zoom to the Grand Finale episode. One will be shown the door before Saturday itself.”

But prior to the surprise evictions, we have got some exclusive update right from the Bigg Boss sets. On the basis of a number of votes received, contestants are eliminated and eventually the winner is crowned on the show.

Prince Narula is considered as a strong contestant of the show. The voting lines last week were closed for Prince as he was the only contestant safe from the penultimate evictions before the Finale. Rochelle Rao managed to receive the highest number of votes and was lead by quite a nice margin. Rishabh Sinha got the second highest votes on the show. Mandana Karimi is one of the most controversial celebrities of this season manage to the sit in position of no.3. Keith Sequeira you can understand his status.

The Bollywood actress and Salman Khan’s ex-girlfriend, Katrina Kaif will also join him on the Bigg Boss 9 stage for the grand finale on Saturday to promote her upcoming flick Fitoor.


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