Fan movie Box Office collection

fan movie Box office collection
fan movie Box office collection

The fan is the Shahrukh khan’s first  movie of this year 2016, so his expectation will be much higher from his movie. The  Fan is a double role unique story, in which SRK is playing a double role of Aryan and Gaurav. Aryan is a blockbuster hit superhero and Gaurav is his world’s biggest fan, as he praise Aryan as God, and he always wants to be like him. But the things didn’t go according to his way, so he was highly obsessed with king khan and wanted to take a revenge.

Fan movie first-day box office collection

fan movie Box office collection
Fan Movie Box Office Collection

Fan movie  got  released today  on 15th of an April 2016, and till now by seeing the audience part, it is well responded and highly applauded. By seeing the response and considering the expectation of Shahrukh Khan, he expected that this movie will cross over the 600+crore worldwide. In India as we expected that today it will manage the business of more than 25crore and on weekdays it will be estimated to cross over 30cr+.

As this movie is facing the competition with everyone’s childhood memory movie “The Jungle book”, which already rule the box office kingdom with $70 million and currently running in theaters now. So let’s wait and watch that how much money did king khan’s movie Fan can collect from the box office and what kind of competition he is facing from the movie “the jungle book”.


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