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Actor Karan Wahi says he decided to be a part of “Hate Story 4″ because the upcoming film doesn’t just feature sex and is basically a thriller story.

“I think the most special thing about ‘Hate Story 4′ is that the franchise is very successful. I don’t know about the other parts because I haven’t done them. But when they came to me with this story, their entire perspective was just not to sell sex,” Karan said in a statement.

HATE STORY 4 | Karan Wahi & Urvashi Rautela

“It’s a thriller, there is a quotient of sex in it. But we don’t want to make it look like erotic thriller. We rather make it look like a thriller which has a story.

“In ‘Hate Story 4′, I am playing the son of a very affluent tycoon who works with his father. His name is Rajveer and is in his mid-20s. He is more flamboyant and expressive than his father or his brother,” he added.

Directed by Vishal Pandya, “Hate Story 4” will also feature Urvashi Rautela, Vivan Bhatena and Gulshan Grover.


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